1. J

    Adding Dedicated IPs in AWS

    I have an AWS installation of WHM. I was using it for web hosting. I want to give a few accounts dedicated IPs because they have their own greenbar SSLs. Is there a way to do it?
  2. D

    Reverse DNS Problems Exist error

    Hi, All I need help with the configuration of a reverse DNS, I have it configured as they indicate me in the documentation of cPanel / WHM but I still can not validate the registration. I have an instance hosted on AWS and a registered domain name. Centos 7.6 and cPanel v78.0.23 Email...
  3. B

    The system sends this domain’s outgoing mail from a private IP address

    I have a problem with Email Deliverability I try create a rDNS but the system says: The system sends this domain’s outgoing mail from a private IP address, “”. Reverse DNS does not work with private IP addresses because DNS does not store PTR records for them. The server is on...
  4. N

    AWS and EC2/EBS upgrades

    Will cpanel licenses require re-activation upon upgrading ec2 instances or ebs storage changes? Trying to be pre-emptive with my move.
  5. J

    Installer checks fail for RHEL on AWS

    Due to the way RHEL licensing works on AWS the cPanel installer fails. Is there any way to get it to work with the AWS licensing model? I don't want to use CentOS or the official cPanel Linux AMI provided - as we need to use RHEL for compliance purposes. Thanks! # cd /home && curl -o latest...
  6. C

    AWS Hostname Not Preserved

    Hello I've been trying to start a subscription in AWS using at t3.xlarge configuration, but when I get to configure this software it always shows t3.xsmall. It doesn't matter what I select. After creating the VM, I have no way to increase its resources (not a cpanel problem obviously), and after...
  7. E

    AWS y cPanel license

    Buenas tardes a todos, tengo el siguiente inconveniente, he adquirido un servicio de AWS, el cual ya cuenta con WHM y cPanel, lo extraño es de que cuando empecé a utilizar WHM estaba utilizando una licencia de prueba, pero ya venció, ahora adquirí una nueva IP para poder realizar unas pruebas...
  8. D

    SOLVED Pure-FTPD Timeout on Amazon EC2 instance

    One of our servers is an EC2 instance hosted on AWS. For some reason, pure-ftpd connections do not work. Logins are successful but upon trying to retrieve the directory listing it hits a timeout every time. Firewalld is configured to allow passive mode. Even with the firewall off it is still an...
  9. O

    cPanel on AWS - data retention

    Hello, I wonder how does it work cPanel over AWS, using the official supported AMI. Since EC2 disks are volatile, is cPanel resetted if I stop and restart a server? Is it possible to change instance type after the installation (for more CPU/RAM)? Thank you!
  10. R

    SOLVED Domains redirecting to default web page

    I've recently setup a WHM/cPanel instance on an AWS EC2 instance using the official AMI. I used the transfer tool to migrate an account from an existing WHM server and everything appears to have made it over to the destination server successfully. I have updated /etc/hosts on my machine to...
  11. N

    AWS configuration/setup

    Hi 3 days back i created Instance . created elastic private IP .. also associated with instances Elastic IP address ([removed]) Private IP [removed] that day i installed WHM and cpanel. everything done prity well.. using IP address i am able to login everything.. but when trying to run HTML...
  12. O

    EC2 backup issues

    HI I have an aws EC2 machine (running cloud-linux) with WHM installed on it, an elastic IP is attached to the machine as well. Daily snap-shot is created for the machine, my machine crashed today so I decided to boot-up the snap-shot, so I: 1- Created an Image from the snapshot and launched it...
  13. J

    AWS Instance Usage Tracking?

    I currently have (4) AWS EC2 (M4-Large) Instance running with WHM/cPanel. Each instance has with about 500 to 1,000 domains hosted for a total of about 2500 cPanel accounts on them. I would like to try and track and determine what amount of usage each domain (account) is using on AWS. The main...
  14. B

    AWS C5 (and other) instances

    Hello, I went to launch a cPanel instance on AWS using the cPanel AWS AMI but it will not let me launch it on a C5 instance? I have successfully manually installed cPanel on a C5 / CentOS 7 but wanted to use the "official" AMI. Ay idea why it isn't allowed? The message given is: "This instance...
  15. C

    Installation of cPanel from AWS marketplace

    Hello everyone, I need assistance to know why the installation you do not work. Attached the screen of the instance, thank you for any guide me in this process. regards
  16. S

    Creating new server from existing instance (image) AWS

    Hey Guys, I created a new server by replicating existing server through image, our existing sever was created using cPanel & WHM for Linux AMI. But as i replicated the existing server and created new one i am facing issue with regards to changing IP and domain settings in new server(instance)...
  17. J

    New AWS instance with cPanel questions

    I am setting up a webserver running cPanel and WHM on Amazon AWS for a client. I am experienced with using AWS, but not cPanel or WHM. I have all the necessary licences. I have used this AMI image from the AWS marketplace, cPanel & WHM for Linux: AWS Marketplace: cPanel & WHM for Linux The...
  18. jimlongo

    AWS cPanel machine image

    We're considering purchasing an AMI with cPanel. I have a couple questions for anyone who has experience with these products. Either AWS Marketplace: cPanel & WHM for Linux OR AWS Marketplace: CloudLinux 7 cPanel Q1: Both of these seem to be very attractive if I'm understanding this...
  19. M

    SOLVED Add elastic ips from AWS to WHM?

    i need help or a quick guide to add dedicated ips to whm from amazon, already allocated a few ip addresses, but it doesnt work, any help will be really appreciated.
  20. L

    Autoscaling cPanel on AWS?

    Hello i want to set autoscaling instance's to my whm system. in case the server will be with 80% busy another instance will be active and when the system load will be low the addition will stop working or in case the whm that run stop working another instance will takeover. my whm is base on...