1. M

    SOLVED Add elastic ips from AWS to WHM?

    i need help or a quick guide to add dedicated ips to whm from amazon, already allocated a few ip addresses, but it doesnt work, any help will be really appreciated.
  2. L

    Autoscaling cPanel on AWS?

    Hello i want to set autoscaling instance's to my whm system. in case the server will be with 80% busy another instance will be active and when the system load will be low the addition will stop working or in case the whm that run stop working another instance will takeover. my whm is base on...
  3. S

    cPanel on AWS Change the root directory?

    I have installed cpanel on aws and now created a new domain within Cpanel. The folder where the domain is home/domainname However, the web directory default in AWS is /var/www/html How do I change and make sure that the domain is available from browser, as everytime the default page inside...
  4. E

    AWS Installation Error

    I have the same proplem,who can help me on this. _______________________________________________________ [2018-04-23 01:42:54 +0000] E The install encountered an error: (XID v4xtdk) The system failed to load the module “Cpanel::SafeFile::LockInfoCache” because of an error: Can't locate...
  5. C

    DNS for subdomain on AWS problem

    i can logon to the ip address but not to the address. details: --------- 1 - domain regisger: isoc 2 - dns set to amazon aws Instance 3 - file: /etc/sysconfig/network ------------------------------------ NETWORKING=yes NOZEROCONF=yes
  6. I

    cPanel AWS License Question

    Hello, Concerning the WHM Cpanel instance install at Amazon AWS Amazon Web Services Sign-In does it entitles automatically for a WHM Cpanel license or the license must be purchased separately? Rgs IM
  7. P

    Setup WHM with 2 DNSONLY servers on AWS

    Hello all, I want to setup a WHM server on AWS with 2 dedicated nameservers. I have installed WHM in server and DNSONLY server in servers 2.2..2.2 and I haven't completed the initial setup in my WHM as well as 2 DNSONLY servers Since, I'm new to WHM & cPanel, so I've no idea...
  8. A

    Permission Issue on AWS EC2 instance

    Hello, I am facing permission denied issue while creating new file or folder on cpanel file manager also I am unable to edit, delete folder/files on cpanel file manager...In addition to that issue, I am unable to open phpmyadmin,it shows "Error during session start; please check your PHP and/or...
  9. O

    cPanel License on AWS EC2 instance with EFS

    Hi I have two questions regarding AWS auto-scaling 1- In auto scaling you have to setup an AMI (an image file) from your current machine (which by the way has your actual cpanel license key). Each newly launched machine within the auto-scaling scheme will boot-up using the provided AMI (which...
  10. P

    Amazon EC2, Elastic IP, NAT and license problem

    Hi, I'm build Centos EC2 instance on AWS. On clean installation I was installed CPanel. I used few days of trial period before I bought license. Right before I bought license I was change IP address of EC2 instance on Elastic permanent IP. License was bought for that permanent IP but for...
  11. G

    SOLVED AWS EC2 cPanel & WHM for Linux

    Hi, Just tried for the first time on AWS via marketplace to use cpanel AMI. I was able to setup the EC2 and it gave me a link to How to Log in to Your Server or Account - cPanel Knowledge Base - cPanel Documentation But where do i get the username and password. No email on...
  12. J

    Recommended AWS Instance Type?

    cPanel Community, I have a AWS cPanel server with an On-Demond Instance Type t2.large. What Instance Type is recommended for a web-hosting server with 100+ sites which don't need much bandwidth? Thanks, Jim
  13. N

    cPanel - AWS Infrastructure question

    Hey guys, I recently installed cPanel / WHM on an Amazon EC2 instance just to see how it performs. I have a general question though. 1. Would cPanel automatically utilise RDS for the databases that are created in cPanel accounts of the EC2 instance? 3. Would cPanel automatically utilise S3...
  14. T

    Limitations of cPanel and AWS?

    I have a general question about running cPanel in AWS. I plan to use cPanel in AWS as a hosting reseller with DNS, SSl, WP hosting, etc. What are the limitations that I should be aware of when using cPanel in AWS?
  15. eva2000

    AWS S3 backup validate timeout

    Just moved to a new cpanel/WHM 64 build 24 server and resetup backup via AWS S3 but validation times out even with 300 seconds timeout set On the AWS S3 bucket i do see a validate.tmp text file timestamped with This is a test file created to determine if backups are operable:: awscli and...
  16. H

    Nameservers not responding to queries

    I have recently launched an EC2 instance running the official cPanel/WHM AMI. I will not be running separate instances of cPanel DNSONLY and would like to run BIND on the cPanel/WHM instance. From my understanding I need to have three separate IP addresses: 1. Main Server IP 2. NS1 IP 2. NS2 IP...
  17. K

    cPanel subdomain not working

    Hi All, I haven't used cpanel in many years so bear with me... I've installed a trial version of cPanel on AWS for testing and setting up, however I'm having some issues. I set up my own account from the root account using my domain. However I'm having issues with subdomains, I have added a...
  18. S

    New Install Can't Connect

    After a few years of using VirtualMin I am considering coming back to cPanel and have a 15 day trial. My servers are in AWS. I have installed Centos 7 and cPanel but now I am unable to connect to the admin on either port 2086 or 2087. My AWS security group is set to all allow all incoming...
  19. D

    Problem with EC2 AWS & cPanel

    Hi All, I have created an instance in EC2 AWS and installed WHM / Cpanel through Linux. Now I am able to access through SSH and Putty, root. As well WHM is working fine. But when I click on Cpanel, its going to blank page. Cpanel is not opening. Can anyone help me here. WHM login is working...
  20. B

    Encrypting Backups & Sending to AWS S3 Bucket

    There's an ongoing feature request to enable encryption of Amazon S3 backups. Amazon has an option to turn on encryption so unsure why cP have not simply done this by default - however something's obviously causing problems so... An option I'm investigating at the moment is to: 1) Configure cP...