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    Support for multiple network interfaces (overcoming AWS private IP addresses limit)

    Setting up cPanel/WHM 11.40.x in AWS and apparently AWS has limit of 15 private IP addresses per interface for the instance type we used. The server has to support around 40 SSL certificates (so we need around 40 IPs) and thus I am having problem resolving this 15 IP addresses (per interface...
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    cPanel on EC2 AWS .. Cant access main site after cPanel installlation ..

    Dear All, i am new to cPanel and trying to configure it on our EC2 CentOS server so we can start our own hosting server for our clients and company sites, i have followed all the instructions written on cPanel for installing it on CentOS , it goes well normally it takes 180 to 200 Minutes...
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    will cpanel run on aws?

    I have seen a lot of posts about this, but many are from 2008. I am wondering if in 2010 things have changed specifically using a single elastic ip can cpanel manage a server with several domains (shared hosting) ? Any help would be greatly appreciated.