1. P

    Amazon S3 backup transport failure (Amazon responded with 403 Forbidden)

    I am facing an intermittent issue with backup transport to Amazon S3. The majority of accounts copy across just fine, however one or two accounts fail with the error message: Upload attempt failed: Amazon::S3: Amazon responded with 403 Forbidden at...
  2. H

    Help Restoring full cPanel Backup via username

    Hi, i have generated a Full cpanel backup from cpanel to remote ftp(new server's cpanel) . now to full backup file is available in new cpanel and i want to restore it fully, like we do with cpmove full backup. Now can anyone guide me how to do without uploading again from WHM. as backup file is...
  3. H

    Can I cancel a restore?

    So I started a full restore, but it was like two hours ago and it is still processing, is there a way to cancel it so I can try restore specific parts? My website broke and I can't get into wp-admin at all, but the restore is still on processing hours later.
  4. WebHostPro

    When you transfer a site does it include the trash folder?

    I just wanted to make sure when you do a server to server transfer that cPanel also grabs the trash folder and it's contents or does it ignore the trash folder?
  5. D

    Restore .tar.gz backup file instead of uploading it

    Hi, my hosting provider sets transfer quotas that affect uploading files (including the backup/restore UI from cPanel to upload from a local backup file). It allows though, to transfer files via FTP without affecting the quota. Therefore I have already uploaded the 3 backup files (home, SQL and...
  6. W

    Moving All Accounts to New Server Questions

    Hey. I've got a task to handle and here's my full scenario. Any help would be much appreciated! A shared hosting plan managed with CPanel exists and now I need to move them to a new (more featured) hosting plan with CPanel in the same provider. The current hosting plan contains about 170...
  7. J

    Backup options for user disabled on Host

    Looking to find a way to make a backup copy of my website and I will explain in brief detail my problem. I am using CPanel because it had all the features I needed but I did not realize that my hosting service had removed some of the features that made me want use the program in the first place...
  8. G

    Replicate server for disaster recovery?

    Hello. Is it possible to replica the whole server? Example: Working server1 Backup server2 I use rsync to "/" the whole server 1 to server2 I replace hardware hdd or the whole server then i use rsync from server2 to server1 to back all files. Is this scenario is possible? If is not how it is...
  9. 5

    Backup "local" en unidad NFS

    Buenas tardes, Últimamente estoy teniendo caídas en mi servidor debido a las operaciones i/o de los backups. Al estar todo en la misma unidad todos los servicios se bloquean y toca reiniciar en frio. La cosa es que en el proveedor que estoy no veo la opción de añadir un disco adicional para...
  10. J

    Full Backup to an SCP Destination using Key Authentication

    I am trying to use cPanel's Full Backup tool to generate and send the backup to a remote server. The remote server supports the following connection methods: FTPES (FTP with Explicit TLS) SFTP (Key authentication only) The cPanel Backup tool allows me to select from the following remote...
  11. G

    Do backups contain apache userdata?

    Does a full WHM backup include the files in the /etc/apache2/conf.d/userdata/ directory? I am looking inside system_files.tar but can't find these files anywhere.
  12. M

    Combine two cPanel servers into one ?

    Dear cPanel member, i write this message as i would like your professional opinion. What i need to do is to combine two cPanel servers into one. [Both of these servers are using WHM/cPanel software]. Let me explain what i would like to do. Server1 hostname: Server 2 has the...
  13. N

    SOLVED Transfer Tool didn't copy .htaccess

    Hi, I have transferred 3 accounts from one server to another but the public_html/.htaccess was not copied. So, this files doesn't exist in the new server and in the old server it exists and has this new line at the end: RedirectMatch...
  14. N

    Errors on Transfer Tool

    Hi, I have made a Transfer of 3 account from one server to another and both are v82.0.9 At the site of TRANSFER, at the end of the 3 accounts, all gave me these 3 errors. Here are the last lines: ... Progress 97% Progress 98% Progress 100% Done Verifying cpmove file checksum … Checksum...
  15. M

    Backups and pkgacct failing

    Automated backups started failing about a week ago. I have found that pkgacct fails on every account. The error message is: [2019-08-18 06:40:47 -1000] Copying Dns Zones....warn [pkgacct] The system had to unexpectedly restart dnsadmin because it could not connect: The system failed to connect...
  16. J

    Move existing account to new server

    Hello, I have an account created in WHM from WHMCS , now I need this account to pass a migration from another Cpanel, I have the cpanel login data of the other hosting and I also process a backup in the home folder of my server.The username on my WHm is different from the one I had in the old...
  17. F

    Backup Restoration Dates Not Clickable

    ISSUE: I am getting BLACK color dates on Backup Restoration page. I would appreciate if someone can help me figure out where the issue is. I have enabled Incremental Backups to a remote CentOS 7 server using Rsync transport. I have Daily Backup enabled with also Back Up System Files selected...
  18. D

    Transfer Tool Error

    Hi Guys, I read few topics about this error but none seems to relate to my issue. I cannot connect to another server with correct details. ERROR: The remote basic credential check failed due to an error (The password that you provided is not correct, or the SSH key is not permitted access...
  19. maintest1991

    SOLVED Backup Failure Notification - Can't locate object method "failure_is" via package "Can't call method "selectall_arrayref"

    Hello I get following error : [2019-08-08 18:24:20 +0430] info [backup] Setting I/O priority to reduce system load: best-effort: prio 6 Can't locate object method "failure_is" via package "Can't call method "selectall_arrayref" on an undefined value at...
  20. Z

    SOLVED Backup restoration page fatal error or timeout

    Hi, When I try to open WHM > Backup Restoration page, the page loads for a minute and then I get "A fatal error or timeout occurred while processing this directive. [show] [close]" On clicking "show" link: (XID wp6ksk) The system received an error from the “SQLite” database...