1. H

    SOLVED CPANEL-38651 - Cpanel transferred from home2 to home directory from another server

    i have transferred cPanel's full backup from a hosting which shows Home2/username but where i transferred that shows /home/username so my site is not connecting and not working. can anyone tell me how to move from directory home2 to home? i have root access of /home/username server but would...
  2. B

    Deactivate old CPANEL account from sending out newsletter without deleting files?

    Hello folks I would appreciate some advice What I Did so I have just copied 1 cpanel account (let's call this CPANEL-1) and the copied version (let's call this CPANEL-2) from one WHM to another WHM account, using the transfer tool and everything seems to be working fine so far. I intend to...
  3. Y

    Restore backup from 'Additional Destinations'

    I've configured Additional Destination(Blackblaze) to backup and unticked 'Retain Backups in the Default Backup Directory' backup configurations since I don't have much disk space left and backups are consuming a huge amount of dis space. Backups have successfully transferred into Blackblaze...
  4. D

    How to limit the number of backups users can store locally?

    Hi, Is there a way to limit the number of cPanel backups users can store on their hosting account? Regards, Mechanic
  5. P

    In Progress [CPANEL-32760] Amazon S3 backup transport failure (Amazon responded with 403 Forbidden)

    I am facing an intermittent issue with backup transport to Amazon S3. The majority of accounts copy across just fine, however one or two accounts fail with the error message: Upload attempt failed: Amazon::S3: Amazon responded with 403 Forbidden at...
  6. andrew.n

    SafeAdmin Certified EmergencySupport - System Administrator Services with a Personal Touch

    EmergencySupport - Server Management & One-time Support Services Are you tired of the big server management companies? Different agents every time? Long waiting times? I offer you a hassle-free server management service for one affordable price which covers everything you may need...
  7. H

    Help Restoring full cPanel Backup via username

    Hi, i have generated a Full cpanel backup from cpanel to remote ftp(new server's cpanel) . now to full backup file is available in new cpanel and i want to restore it fully, like we do with cpmove full backup. Now can anyone guide me how to do without uploading again from WHM. as backup file is...
  8. H

    Can I cancel a restore?

    So I started a full restore, but it was like two hours ago and it is still processing, is there a way to cancel it so I can try restore specific parts? My website broke and I can't get into wp-admin at all, but the restore is still on processing hours later.
  9. WebHostPro

    When you transfer a site does it include the trash folder?

    I just wanted to make sure when you do a server to server transfer that cPanel also grabs the trash folder and it's contents or does it ignore the trash folder?
  10. D

    Restore .tar.gz backup file instead of uploading it

    Hi, my hosting provider sets transfer quotas that affect uploading files (including the backup/restore UI from cPanel to upload from a local backup file). It allows though, to transfer files via FTP without affecting the quota. Therefore I have already uploaded the 3 backup files (home, SQL and...
  11. W

    Moving All Accounts to New Server Questions

    Hey. I've got a task to handle and here's my full scenario. Any help would be much appreciated! A shared hosting plan managed with CPanel exists and now I need to move them to a new (more featured) hosting plan with CPanel in the same provider. The current hosting plan contains about 170...
  12. J

    Backup options for user disabled on Host

    Looking to find a way to make a backup copy of my website and I will explain in brief detail my problem. I am using CPanel because it had all the features I needed but I did not realize that my hosting service had removed some of the features that made me want use the program in the first place...
  13. G

    Replicate server for disaster recovery?

    Hello. Is it possible to replica the whole server? Example: Working server1 Backup server2 I use rsync to "/" the whole server 1 to server2 I replace hardware hdd or the whole server then i use rsync from server2 to server1 to back all files. Is this scenario is possible? If is not how it is...
  14. 5

    Backup "local" en unidad NFS

    Buenas tardes, Últimamente estoy teniendo caídas en mi servidor debido a las operaciones i/o de los backups. Al estar todo en la misma unidad todos los servicios se bloquean y toca reiniciar en frio. La cosa es que en el proveedor que estoy no veo la opción de añadir un disco adicional para...
  15. J

    Full Backup to an SCP Destination using Key Authentication

    I am trying to use cPanel's Full Backup tool to generate and send the backup to a remote server. The remote server supports the following connection methods: FTPES (FTP with Explicit TLS) SFTP (Key authentication only) The cPanel Backup tool allows me to select from the following remote...
  16. G

    Do backups contain apache userdata?

    Does a full WHM backup include the files in the /etc/apache2/conf.d/userdata/ directory? I am looking inside system_files.tar but can't find these files anywhere.
  17. Michaelit

    Combine two cPanel servers into one ?

    Dear cPanel member, i write this message as i would like your professional opinion. What i need to do is to combine two cPanel servers into one. [Both of these servers are using WHM/cPanel software]. Let me explain what i would like to do. Server1 hostname: Server 2 has the...
  18. N

    SOLVED Transfer Tool didn't copy .htaccess

    Hi, I have transferred 3 accounts from one server to another but the public_html/.htaccess was not copied. So, this files doesn't exist in the new server and in the old server it exists and has this new line at the end: RedirectMatch...
  19. N

    Errors on Transfer Tool

    Hi, I have made a Transfer of 3 account from one server to another and both are v82.0.9 At the site of TRANSFER, at the end of the 3 accounts, all gave me these 3 errors. Here are the last lines: ... Progress 97% Progress 98% Progress 100% Done Verifying cpmove file checksum … Checksum...
  20. M

    Backups and pkgacct failing

    Automated backups started failing about a week ago. I have found that pkgacct fails on every account. The error message is: [2019-08-18 06:40:47 -1000] Copying Dns Zones....warn [pkgacct] The system had to unexpectedly restart dnsadmin because it could not connect: The system failed to connect...