1. BlueSteam

    SCP Backup not working

    Hi All, My host is not being very helpful at all and I am not sure what to do... I don't have root access which means my hands are very tied! I have ssh access though and I have tested the scp transfer to my remote server and it works perfectly from the command line. See below. However...
  2. D

    Backups to AWS S3 not working after changing daily to weekly

    I have just been looking through some backups for one of our server son AWS S3 and to my horror Ive found that the weekly backups have been failing for months and months. We used to have all accounts backed up daily but found it unecessary so changed to weekly in mid January. I can see in the...
  3. D

    SOLVED Can't locate install/ in @INC

    Starting on May 30th, which coincides with the first day after was upgraded to, the Cron Daemon has sent this message as it's running /scripts/cpbackup: Can't locate install/ in @INC (you may need to install the install::LegacyBackups module) (@INC contains...
  4. M

    Problem with remote FTP backup

    Hello, I'm having a problem getting my weekly WHM backup to an external server via FTP connection. FTP usually connects and even creates the validation file, but when validating it it returns the following error: Falha na validação de transporte “FTP”: Could not list files in destination...
  5. U

    Unble to Restore Database from R1soft Backup

    Hi all, I'm just putting this out there as I"'ve not found an answer anywhere else and R1soft have not offered any solution. Also the license provider have seen the issue before but have no idea how to resolve. There will be Cpanel hosts who also offer R1soft backups. Have any of you started...
  6. L

    In Progress [CPANEL-25619] The system could not prune backups

    Hello guys, my problem is simple. Everything works but I still get an error saying that "The system could not prune the "amazingfolder" (yesterday folder), but actually that folder don't exist anymore after the backup routine. The first time I tried there was an error on some site (cpanel...
  7. P

    SOLVED [CPANEL-27679] Backblaze B2 - large file not reassembled

    Posting this as a new thread, as it appears to be different than [CPANEL-25247], where not all parts were uploaded. We have been testing backups to Backblaze B2. Last night for the first time, we uploaded a file larger than 5GB (the tar.gz size was about 11GB). According to the transport log...
  8. J

    Backup button missing

    Hello, I like the flexibility of CPanel but the version I am using does not have a backup button or a backup wizard button in File Manager for some reason. I have a website is it possible the hosting service removed the buttons? Thank you.
  9. M

    You cannot remove the domain because it is still configured for HTTP use error

    I have two servers, one runs on a CentOS 6.1 system, this is an older server and I am migrating accounts across to a newer server on CentOS 7.6 . Up to today, my process has been: 1) Transfer account; 2) Update DNS wth name registers 3) Set a email forward from the account email to a server...
  10. B

    Migrating to new VPS

    Hello, I want to migrate from my old VPS to my new VPS. My old VPS has CentOS 6 and cPanel&WHM, now I got new VPS server and installed CentOS7 and cPanel&WHM. So logically my next step is to move all data from old to new server and shut down old server. What would be best way to do that with...
  11. darjohn

    How to encrypt backup copy to Google Drive

    Hello, I set a backup configuration to send a copy to a Google Drive destination, but when I fill the necesary data, I see a Warning: System Backups contain sensitive security details. You should transfer System Backups over encrypted methods. All WHM services are protected through ssl...
  12. K

    [CPANEL-26887] Amazon S3 backup destination validation times out upon initial setup

    Hi all, I have an issue backing up to S3 - I've read the threads about bucket names not containing dots and V4 bucket support - but I'm still seeing the following in the transport log: [2018-12-14 11:49:18 +0000] info [cpbackup_transporter] Validating destination path...
  13. S

    Restored emails now have wrong received timestamp

    Hi. I changed servers and had several websites and multiple emails accounts for each of those websites to migrate to the new server. As there was so much data I have been doing it in parts rather than one full go. I have just uploaded 1 of the websites with all email accounts and previous...
  14. P

    Migrate email from another hosting to cPanel?

    Good morning. I am very apologize for my poor english. I would like to know if it is possible to migrate email addresses and their contents to my cpanel. Currently, these email addresses are on 1and1 hosting. thank you in advance for your help
  15. S

    WHM Transfer Tool Issue-Unable to Abort

    I'm running version 64 of cPanel. Server CENTOS 6.9 x86_64 virtuozzo. The transfer tool is stuck running, and I'm unable to abort it. When I hit the abort button it states, "Alert, Failed to abort the session." Since I'm unable to kill the transfer, it is also not allowing my server to update...
  16. Z

    cPanel backup not valid format

    I am a new convert from plesk to WHM/cPanel. I have backed up the hosting using cpanel full backup and downloaded the file. (this server I had no access to WHM and this server is NO more exists) this is slightly older version of the cPanel I can not confirm the version. I would like to restore...
  17. W

    SOLVED Transfer Tool Failure

    When attempting to migrate an account from a remote server, the transfer tool is giving the following error ( is substituted for the real IP and port): I know that the key and everything is correct as I'm able to SSH into the remote server from the command line. Is the...