1. R

    Bandmin Cron Error

    My server had somehow scrambled it's exim server so that my clients couldn't log in to download their email. Here's what my server company did to fix the problem: =============================== "I have reset the authentication configuration in this server by using the " authconfig"...
  2. H

    Bandmin is not updating

    Hello, I have just got the new server adn I tried to check bandwidth usage via 'Bandmin' but it seems like not updating because its all 0, Last updated Fri Feb 2 21:00:04 2007 Ip Possible Domain(s) Transfer in gig Transfer in meg Transfer in kbit/s Transfer in kb/s Transfer in mbit/s...
  3. S

    bandmin vs. awstats

    I know awstats is looking at apache logs while overall bandwidth reporting comes from bandmin. And I know that awstats shows only one domain/subdomain at a time, and doesn't show email or FTP bandwidth. That said, I'm seeing extremely large disparities where there shouldn't be. One customer...
  4. E

    question what about bandmin ?

    hi cpanel, I see in my logs upcp trys to download bandmin but it always get's a 404 not found and this is normal.I mean this url My Server runs Fedora Core 5 but there is no "/5".Cpanel needs to either remove those checks because it uses bandwith for *nothing* and this costs money or you...
  5. B

    bandmin not installing

    I have just performed a fresh install of FC5 and cPanel. After all is done, I noticed that bandmin is not installed. I tried upcp --force and also /scripts/bandminup but it does not get installed. I get the following error over and over: This is the bandmin 1.6.1 installer release number...
  6. C

    Bandmin and iptables conflict

    Hello there, I have recently ordered a new dedicated server from, it's great. I've just got this one and VERY annoying problem. It seems that iptables has messed up after I did a kernel upgrade. I get the following error in an email about every 5 minutes: iptables v1.2.11: can't...
  7. Saeven

    Bandmin hacked? Do you have this problem too?

    If I issue these commands: iptables -F service bandmin start I see a pile of mystery -acctboth chain rules appear.. I'm wondering if this isn't a slip up of that gaming platform cpanel is working on, as these appear to be gaming networks. Can anyone try to see if their account chain...
  8. Saeven

    Bandmin assistance appreciated.

    Checking the iptables rules whilst working on the firewall, I found these crazy rules in the acctboth chain: I must say I'm not too happy they're there, apparently I'm taking care of mail for these slackers. I've banned their IP from the server outright, and poking around, have discovered...
  9. G

    Bandmin question

    After rebuilding Apache (using easyapache) with the failsafe option, I noticed that all the /cpanel, /webmail, etc. aliases were missing from the httpd.conf. Well, except for one I wasn't aware of: Alias /bandwidth/ /usr/local/bandmin/htdocs/ Interestingly enough, my system does not have...
  10. E

    Quick question about bandmin

    I posted this in the WHM forums but I don't think it was the correct area, so I'll go ahead and post it here as well: I noticed in the statistics software configuration section it says: All of the bandwidth information is updated every 6 hours. Are they talking about bandmin? Is...
  11. jackal


    Anyone have any ideas why this directory would just disappear from /usr/local/ ? Only happened on one server
  12. R

    Bandmin stopped working

    Bandmin shows only zero's: 08 6.397595 6551 12 0.000000 0 13 0.000015 0 Running: WHM 10.3.1 cPanel 10.5.0-C26 CentOS 4.1 i686 - WHM X v3.1.0 Linux 2.6.9-5.0.5.EL #1 Tue Apr 19 23:50:27 BST 2005 i686 athlon i386 GNU/Linux CentOS release 4.1 (Final)...
  13. D

    Cron bandmin iptables: Table does not exist

    Received this email after a Cron <root@server> /usr/local/bandmin/bandmin iptables: Table does not exist (do you need to insmod?) What could be wrong there
  14. P

    Threads Merged - Bandmin stopped on Feb 6th

    Bandmin stopped on Feb 6th Has anyone else noticed this? I'm seeing this on five (5) RH/CentOS servers.
  15. F


    I am able to login to bandmin, but when i login it just shows the top bandmin banner and a blank page. What should i do?
  16. S

    Bandmin error!

    Bandmin is no longer loggin any acticity i just get 0.00 next to every domain and IP. Any idea on how to fix it? Thanks Stuart
  17. C

    Bandmin question

    Is there an automated way to install bandmin with whm or cpanel? I tried doing it and keep getting errors and can't get it to work.
  18. A

    bandmin not working it seems

    bandmin not working it seems. it shows all zero zeo for quite a long time. I am on lates CURRENT TREE, but bandmin seems to have stopped working since 5th October 2004. I rarely check that as most of the sites are inhouse with third party sites really not that high traffic. Anyone else...
  19. A

    bandmin error

    Suddenly on a box of mine i am getting iptables errors in cron. iptables: Module is wrong version Anyone any clues ? This is a fresh fedora core 1 install. WHM 9.9.0 cPanel 9.9.2-S8 Fedora i686 - WHM X v3.1.0
  20. F

    bandmin question....

    For some reason my bandmin totals and the bandwidth used from my datacenter is always off. The odd thing is its off by the exact number it hows that the "brodcast" has used. My router shows I have used about 350GB of bandwidth this month, and bandmin says the sever has used 800GB. I look a...