1. C

    Bandwidth / bandmin all incorrect.

    in WHM it shows about 16gig which would be correct. in the cpanel's it shows 0.05 MB on all, bandmin also doesnt update itsself properly, I need help / need a fix, asap... WHM 9.4.0 cPanel 9.4.1-R64 Fedora - WHM X v3.1.0
  2. Radio_Head

    new bandwidth system will replace bandmin ?

    Hello just to know if the new bandwidth system will replace bandmin. Anyone knows it ? Thank you
  3. F

    Locks during boot at Bandmin

    I was close to the heart of Hurricane Charley, and my server lost power due to dead battery's and then when FPL got thier act together, it went up and down a few times. Right now, during boot, my server locks at Loading Bandmin, and wont go any further. Its not necesarrily locked, but just...
  4. M

    Bandmin problem

    How do to install bandmin again? :( Thx
  5. Radio_Head

    please someone can fix bandmin ?

    bandmin - bug 749 bandmin is not working (internal server errors) . Thank you
  6. F

    Bandmin problems after update

    After a recent update, Bandmin started returning 500 Internal Server Error. I checked the logs, and it is the typical "Premature end of script headers". However, when I run index.cgi, it gives me proper headers, and looks like bandmin is working. Anyone have a solution? If not, I'll file a...
  7. E

    [Bug] Bandmin gets internal server error

    I get the same internal server error message I got with /cpanel with the /bandwidth/ address on my server. I know the /cpanel was fixed after it broke when apache was upgraded, so I'm thinking /bandwidth/ suffers from the same problem. I'm running: WHM 9.4.0 cPanel 9.4.0-R21 Fedora -...
  8. R

    Bandmin Cron

    I have been receiving the following emails from a cronjob. Any suggestions on how to get it to stop? I attempted to reinstall iptables and the emails still keep coming. Thanks! Rick iptables: Memory allocation problem iptables v1.2.7a: Couldn't load target...
  9. S

    Where is Bandmin??

    Hi All, I have a link t change the password for bandmin. Server Setup --> Set Bandmin Password but where is bandmin?? When I click on the link above it it shows as http://myip/bandwidth and I get a blank page. Can anyone tell me where the page is? Thanks, -Alon.
  10. G

    Bandmin for resellers

    Hello! The resellers can access the bandmin too or only the root user ? Thanks
  11. J

    Disable Bandmin

    Anyone have any idea how to disable Bandmin?
  12. J


    Is it just me, or is Bandmin not present in FreeBSD?
  13. Nameless

    FreeBSD and bandmin

    Hello. I have server with installed FreeBSD and CPanel. I also want to see how we are use our trafik. Our ISP don't provide for us consuption of trafik, so i tried to install bandmin to my server. But by default, bandmin doesn't support FreeBSD and therefore i made some modifications on it and...
  14. K

    Can bandmin be turned off?

    I was wondering if disabling bandmin would cause any trouble. I still want users to be able to see their bandwidth usage, and have it displayed in WHM but the load of bandmin is just too high. Or are these 2 different things and can it just be turned off? I'm using MRTG with SNMP to track total...
  15. T


    Does bandmin support iptables ? Thanks.
  16. R

    bandmin and custom iptable rules

    It would be nice if bandmin didn't remove my iptable rules. Is it possible to add my rules to the bandmin scripts ? So it would add my rules and whatever rules it needs?
  17. C

    How to access Bandmin?

    I went into WHM set the bandmin user/pass. I read to try slash /bandmin on my main server IP. At first it prompted me for user/pass but then said bandmin is not configured. Now when I go there I just get a 404 error and no prompt for a user/pass. How can I fix this?
  18. S

    Using bandmin over SSL

    What changes do I need to make to my configuration to allow me to view /bandwidth/ over an SSL connection? I have an SSL certificate configured and am able to access WHM @ I am also able to access bandmin @ When I try to...
  19. P

    bandmin issue

    I am getting the following e-mail from root every 10 minutes: "Can't find a backend (ipchains or ipfwadm or ipfw or ipf) at /usr/local/bandmin/IP/ line 55." Any ideas as to why this might be happening? Thanks! -John Support Ticket Number:
  20. J

    Bandmin stopped

    Bandmin stopped reporting traffic a few days ago. I've been going through support but the problem hasn't been resolved. They had me run the fixquotas and cleanbw scripts but it did nothing. They logged in and have manually started bandmin twice, but it stops reporting in 5 minutes. They are...