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    Bandmin not recording transfer

    problem sorted [Edited on 12/28/01 by M@tt]
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    Bandmin - causing errors on startup of bandmin - crashes ser

    I\'m having problems with bandmin. Whenever bandmin starts up it encounters the following error, and then the server begins to have problems processing packets on the network. ------------------------------- Nov 30 22:49:19 brutis bandmin: Starting bandmin: Nov 30 22:49:19 brutis...
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    Bandmin and Bandwidth Traffic

    Hello, Anyone know if the latest version of Bandmin supports namebased accounts? For example, if there are various accounts on 1 IP.. Is it possible to see how much bandwidth each account consumes with that 1 IP? The version I have (.85) combines all the site together.. Need a fix...
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    We\'re currently running Bandmin version 0.92b7 and we believe it could be displaying the wrong amount of data transfer for one of our clients? The client swears he is only using the site for web pages etc, little ftp usage or email, and is as far as we can see. Cpanel reports his transfer...
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    Bandmin going crazy

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    Bandmin measures ftp, telnet traffic??

    I have just updated my bandmin to bandmin-0.92b7-0.noarch.rpm I am just wondering what exactly does it measure? Does it include telnet, ftp, email traffics? Or do I still have to rely on my MRTG? [Edited on 9/7/01 by besta]
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    Bandmin - How do you get it working?

    Hi, I have 2 dedicated servers, and recently found out Bandmin is installed on it :) Trouble is, when I go into and select the month, I get no data. Any ideas how to get it to work? James