1. J

    Best Way to Monitor/Measure Real-time Bandwidth on Site - Background Video Issue?

    Hi, we have 1 account/site that is currently still in development on our dedicated server. So I am the only one viewing and accessing this site. But it is using VERY large amounts of bandwidth periodically (1GB+/day), with JUST ME working on it or it sitting idle in my browser tab. We know it...
  2. O

    Bandwidth Suspension due to SMTP

    Help appreciated with this problem.... So one client on a shared server is getting bandwidth limited. If I look in Cpanel / Metrics / Bandwidth, I see that SMTP has been increasing since Aug 2020 (4Gb) to Nov (12Gb), Dec (19Gb) and now for January it's 54GB!! Thing is, I can not see any mail...
  3. H

    Bandwidth Error

    Bandwidth showing in cpanel and root/reseller whm bandwidth for the same user are different. why its like that.???
  4. J

    Bandwidth usage issues

    Hi, I am having issues with bandwidth usage not being calculated for IMAP/POP traffic. I have had a looked through the maillog and each session is reporting usage in there. Any pointer on where else to look to find the issue? cpanel_and_whm: operating_system_name: cloudlinux...
  5. benito

    Incorrect bandwidth usage

    Hello, i have a site in one server who is showing way more bandwith usage than real. Went from several MB per day to 23GB per day. Not even the entire server has that traffic. Just in case y check on Google Analytics and AWSTATS a they are not showing any abnormal traffic. Where i can look to...
  6. R

    Re seller unlimited bandwidth

    Hello there, I am currently with a reseller hosting provider. I am having a query with them regarding unlimited bandwidth, they are telling me because of security reasons they cant allow me to select unlimited bandwidth for an account and instead must put 909Tb. I wish to select unlimited so it...
  7. G

    Purging bandwidth databases

    Hi, I'm fighting with low free disk space on my server and one of the things that uses allmost 3G of space are sqlite files in /var/cpanel/bandwidth and one of the files is 2.6G. I have deactivated all the stats tracking services (awstat and similiar) but this files keep on growing. Since I...
  8. G

    Statistics and Bandwidth data for user Stalled Emails

    Hello everyone, These days always got the emails from Cpanel, could someone help. Thanks Jun one is: The process “/usr/local/cpanel/3rdparty/bin/webalizer_lang/english -N 10 -D /home/***/tmp/webalizer/ssl/***.com/dns_cache.db -R 250 -p -n ***.com -o /home/***/tmp/webalizer/ssl/***.com...
  9. C

    Domains in bandwidth stats that shouldn't be there

    Hello. Perhaps someone could clarify something for me. I've noticed in the bandwidth stats page under metrics of my cpanel account, it shows a particular subdomain (which was previously associated with an addon domain I owned). I let that domain expire several years ago and I never bother to...
  10. N

    Bandwidth Mystery

    Hello! Is there some way of getting more detail in the cpanel Bandwidth tool to see exactly what the HTTP traffic breaks down into? I'm having trouble where small WordPress sites on my server are exceeding their limit, and I'm unable to track down why. (I've optimized them six ways from Sunday...
  11. S

    Unable to lower bandwidth usage limit in WHM

    I'm encountering a problem where the bandwidth allocated to my accounts was accidentally raised to the point where it greatly exceeds the Bandwidth Usage Limit and can't be lowered leaving me unable to create new accounts. Server Information: CLOUDLINUX 6.7 cPanel & WHM Version: v70.0.54 Access...
  12. T

    Set bandwidth automatically on addon or subdomain creation?

    Hi, i know i can use the following command to limit each domain's download speed for http connection, /scripts/setbwlimit --limit=xxxx but i as i know,it is limit by domain instead of account, by the way,even i set it for certain account's main domain, when the account...
  13. Otávio Serra

    SOLVED One account transfered 50 Gb of data on IMAP in one month

    Hi, First of all, I need to know how can I find wich mail's account did this unusual IMAP's transfer. I can find this in one specific log for example? Second, there are possible this problem is one bug caused by WHM/Exim or not? Thanks
  14. Sujoy Dhar

    Where is bandwidth usage value stored?

    Can anyone tell me where the bandwidth usage value like 1 gb bandwidth usage is being stored ? I want to change the bandwidth usage to 0.5 gb or 500 mb usage for a cpanel account but not the full reset of the bandwidth usage. Please tell me how to manually change the bandwidth usage .Of a...
  15. E

    Checking bandwidth for accounts in cPanel

    Hello, I have version of cPanel&WHM 74.0.9 . I would like to know how often is set up in WHM to check bandwidth for user and send e-mail notification? Thank you! Best regards, Elizabeta
  16. W

    Find Reason for High Bandwidth?

    Hello, I notice that the bandwidth at cPanel level is high despite the fact that the number of visitors does not exceed 50. What is the cause of high bandwidth?
  17. F

    SOLVED Bulk Reset Package Bandwidth Limit for all users on multiple servers

    Hi guys, in our infrastructure we have a lot of cPanel servers (100+) and we have bandwidth limits on packages controlled by Puppet. Recently we changed BW limit but this limits are changed only on newly created accounts the old ones stay the same. Looking into /scripts directory does not...
  18. G

    Bandwidth Statistics causes apache graceful restarts?

    Hello In recent days I have noticed several restarts of Apache, and they match with the schedule of Process bandwidth of the accounts. Process bandwidth causes restart of apache? In apache error_log i have many logs like: [Fri Apr 06 14:07:36.002682 2018] [mpm_worker:notice] [pid 31987:tid...
  19. P

    Review peak bandwidth usage?

    Is there any way I can see the peak bandwidth usage? I'm interested in finding out if it's worth having my current 1Gbps or if I should save some pennies and downgrade to 100Mbps.
  20. M

    Server IP consuming hosted site bandwidth

    A couple of months ago we saw that the bandwidth consumption of some accounts hosted on the server was being consumed by the server's IP. Any idea why this is happening? We have WHM v68.0.29 running in the server with CentOS 7.4 STD Site 1 Example Site 2 Example