1. W

    Find Reason for High Bandwidth?

    Hello, I notice that the bandwidth at cPanel level is high despite the fact that the number of visitors does not exceed 50. What is the cause of high bandwidth?
  2. F

    SOLVED Bulk Reset Package Bandwidth Limit for all users on multiple servers

    Hi guys, in our infrastructure we have a lot of cPanel servers (100+) and we have bandwidth limits on packages controlled by Puppet. Recently we changed BW limit but this limits are changed only on newly created accounts the old ones stay the same. Looking into /scripts directory does not...
  3. G

    Bandwidth Statistics causes apache graceful restarts?

    Hello In recent days I have noticed several restarts of Apache, and they match with the schedule of Process bandwidth of the accounts. Process bandwidth causes restart of apache? In apache error_log i have many logs like: [Fri Apr 06 14:07:36.002682 2018] [mpm_worker:notice] [pid 31987:tid...
  4. P

    Review peak bandwidth usage?

    Is there any way I can see the peak bandwidth usage? I'm interested in finding out if it's worth having my current 1Gbps or if I should save some pennies and downgrade to 100Mbps.
  5. M

    Server IP consuming hosted site bandwidth

    A couple of months ago we saw that the bandwidth consumption of some accounts hosted on the server was being consumed by the server's IP. Any idea why this is happening? We have WHM v68.0.29 running in the server with CentOS 7.4 STD Site 1 Example Site 2 Example
  6. I

    Problem with IMAP bandwidth usage

    Hello, i have another problem with some email accounts, i check the log and give this result Feb 21 09:43:11 leon dovecot: imap([email protected]********.com): Logged out in=33011, out=238568736, bytes=33011/238568736 Feb 21 10:03:05 leon dovecot: imap([email protected]********.com): Logged out in=243, out=1284...
  7. L

    a lot bandwidth in transfer

    my normal bandwidth server usage is around 7GB/day bandwidth in and 35GB/bandwidth out, but has been a week my bandwidth in is very high, its around 40GB/day and sometimes up to 70GB/day i don't see any user that use a lot bandwidth on whm bandwidth usage how to find process/user that use a...
  8. O

    Crash while processing statistic and bandwidth

    since 5 days I receive these emails from différent site web in my host (dedicated) : Le processus « /usr/local/cpanel/3rdparty/bin/perl /usr/local/cpanel/3rdparty/bin/ -LogFile=/etc/apache2/logs/domlogs/ -update » s’est bloqué pendant le traitement...
  9. X

    Outgoing bandwidth not counted

    Hello, I have 2 problems. First one is that cpanel didn't count outgoing bandwidth, one client was using this kind of php script (a speedtest script full script attached), While my whole server went offline because of +2GB/s outgoing bandwidth from cPanel i wasn't able and still i'm not able...
  10. M

    Disable automatic bandwidth suspensions - weekend

    Hello all, Is that a way to disable automatic bandwidth suspensions only during the weekends? Thank you.
  11. N

    High IMAP bandwith usage

    One user's mail account has used 300+GB data in a month. The mailbox is 5GB, they don't receive that many emails. What can cause this excessive usage and how can I stop it, other than suspend the account?
  12. S

    Which files are taking most of the bandwidth

    How to see which particular file are taking most of the bandwidth.
  13. W

    IMAP consuming so much bandwidth

    IMAP consuming so much bandwith how can i detect the account email that cause the issue PLZ
  14. S

    How to display full server monthly bandwidth usage?

    Hi, I need to know how much GB (or TB) all accounts - or rather: the complete server - has used during the last year or last two years, divided by months and displayed in one view. In WHM I have found the tab "View Bandwidth Usage", but it's only displaying usage per account and total...
  15. T

    Spiking Bandwidth Issue

    Hi, I had a website revamp in February, from my old site to my new wordpress site. Before the revamp, my monthly bandwidth transfer was averaging at 30GB monthly. After the revamp, Both my HTTP & POP3 keep going up every month. i.e March Bandwidth Transfer. April A good look at the...
  16. petersphilo

    SOLVED Database disk image is malformed error

    Hello, whenever i try to create a subdomain, i get the following error: There was a problem creating the sub-domain: Cpanel::Exception::Database::Error/(XID 7yezck) Database /var/cpanel/bandwidth/zadmin.sqlite Error: database disk image is malformed at...
  17. C

    Calculating Bandwidth Upload Only

    Hello, I would like to calculate upload traffics only. The download traffics is free on our datacenter. How can I do this ?
  18. M

    SOLVED Is there anyway to limit bandwidth speed?

    Hi, I have a dedicated server that have guaranteed network speed is 500mbps but on of my site using average 800mbps, so my service provider is suggested me to limit bandwidth speed from server level, so my question is how can I limit speed for one account or for full server.
  19. S

    SOLVED Bandwidth Problems

    I am a website owner. This pass summer our bandwidth went from 1-2 GB of bandwidth to now 20GB of bandwidth. It seems to be climbing. Nothing as far as design has changed since January of this year. Now I am all for more traffic to my site, but this seems extreme. Our website designer...
  20. Osama Tariq

    View Bandwidth Usage

    Is it possible to view bandwidth usage for all accounts through command line ?