1. B

    Strange bandwidth graph

    I have this problem which has been occuring now for a couple weeks. I haven't been able to figure it out so I'm posting it here. Please see the attached gif file, showing what my daily bandwidth stats graph looks like. I don't think it's really affecting anything, but the graph used to be...
  2. N

    Bandwidth usage not showing in Cpanel

    I am having a issue about bandwidth stats. The Cpanel doest not showing any bandwidth usage for current month, so please advice me what to do to resolve this problem.
  3. anton_latvia

    Bandwidth moved from previous month to current.

    One of our resellers compains, that bandwidth value has moved from previous month (March, I guess) to April! Actually in Reseller center I can not see bandwidth for March - just empty column, no values. But there are for April and for February. This appears for all resellers at the server. I...
  4. B

    bandwidth use keeps on 0

    In my WebHost Manager I saw the wright figurs from my bandwidth Usage. But when I login to an account, the bandwidth use keeps on 0. This is the same for all the accounts.
  5. B

    check and limit bandwidth for vds accounts?

    I setup a couple vds/vps servers. They all have root and are each installed with their own copies of FC3. How do I monitor their bandwidth usages and how do I limit the bandwidth usage? Is it possible from cpanel? I cannot use clustering as those VPS's are provisioned to clients. Is there a...
  6. T

    Bandwidth issues, still got the blues.

    OK this is a new one. A sites cpanel shows 578 meg used WHM shows 278 meg used. Awstats etc shows 278 meg used. Site suspends for being over bandwidth of 550 meg allocated. So where is Cpanel getting it's number from and why is it suspending based on what the sites cpanel shows...
  7. D

    Importing Bandwidth Usage Data from previous server

    I'm moving my cPanel Accounts to a new server, how do I import the WHM historical bandwidth usage? Thanks!
  8. B

    Bandwidth and subdomains

    hello. How come. When I check the Bandwidth Usage It looks like this User Domain Xfer (Best Fit) peter 34.32 Gig (deleted) 0.00 Meg...
  9. Q

    WHM bandwidth report

    It's weird, that WHM usually report the BW usage LOWER than the actual use, because it can't count the FTP, logs etc. But in my case, WHM reported is HIGHER than my actual use. I have used 1200GB, when in fact, according to my host ( The RAW usage so far is only 700GB. It's...
  10. M

    bandwidth not updating

    bandwidth hasnt updated for a while now on any accounts(it looks like since 3/1) i've done everything from installing the latest edge build to trying to go back to the latest stable and no luck when i try to run /scripts/runweblogs it freezes at this point ==> Loading Config...
  11. K

    bandwidth on 2 accounts

    Not sure if I am putting this is the right spot... ok I added an account ( in WHM that was in cPanel and was removed from my main cPanel account. When I added it in WHM I didn’t realize that the bandwidth was counting in both accounts it is now into the 3rd new month, and it...
  12. C

    Bandwidth issues

    Right now my server is going really slowly, and I went to check the bandwidth usages for the month only to be surprised by the fact that the whole page is zeroed out. Go back to February... same thing, 0 bandwidth used. Go back one more and January is accurate. What's the deal here? Also...
  13. G

    Limit Bandwidth Usage & Quota Modification - losting!

    Hello, when I sell extra space or bandwidth, I edit "Limit Bandwidth Usage" and/or "Quota Modification" resources in WHM for the related customer. The problem is: when the month over and the new month start, cPanel resets the modifications to package original values. And this, not make any...
  14. S

    one account using another's bandwidth??? strange issue

    Ok, never seen this before in my life. There is one account under user #2 using user #1's account bandwidth. Now, the domain with user #1 is only 9MB total and topped off 50GB this month already due to #2's zip / rar files (housed inside its own /home account) yet using #1's bandwidth. Very...
  15. S

    Bandwidth Limit

    Hey all, Is there any way to show a customer's bandwidth limit in CPanel? They can see how much they have used, but they cannot see how much they were allotted. I'd figure it to be much like disk quotas... you can see the current and maximum there, but why not for bandwidth? Thanks. Paul
  16. M

    bandwidth limit Exceeded, incorect message

    one of the accounts on my servers show "bandwidth limit Exceeded" message , but it is not , the account still did'nt exeed 40% of its limit , i was trying assiging bigger bandwidth , its work for a while and show the message again ,,, unlimited bandwidth was set but the problem still show up .
  17. benito

    Bandwidth error in RESELLERS

    HI When i go to View Bandwidth Usage i can see all usage correctly. But in RESELLERS and View Usage/Stats and Manage (suspend,terminate,etc) i have all usages in CERO. Anyone knows how to fix that ?
  18. N

    Bandwidth again problem (!)

    :mad: :mad: :mad: I have again problems with bandwidth counting in WHM! This is an example: 500 MB 50 MB 300 MB Total BANDWIDTH 1840 MB !!!!! I don't have any duplicated entries in...
  19. X

    View Bandwidth Usage don`t work...?

    Can somebody tell to me why when I click to link "View Bandwidth Usage" in WHM that don`t print same values like when I look direct in cPanel for some accounts, for some work and for some don`t work, if I good see, don`t show same values for accounts who use much BW, WHM print for one account...
  20. R

    Web hosting and bandwidth

    I've noticed a web account keep getting suspended but i asked around and i got told its because whm works out bandwidth per ip but this isnt very good for web accounts when they dont need a ip and it costs money for each ip. so atm i have to give every web account there own ip which is...