1. manokiss

    resellers can modify the bandwidth limit and enable the account

    Hi, please can someone confirm this so i can open a bug report? Looks like if you limit the reseller resources through the reseller section, if they account go over the bandwidth and te system suspend http, if they go into they WHM and increase the bandwidth the system enabling again the...
  2. S

    Bandwidth accounting stopped

    WHM 10.0.0 cPanel 10.0.0-R7 RedHat 7.3 i686 - WHM X v3.1.0 Virtuozzo VPS, RedHat 7.3 On 28th of JAN, cPanel stopped accounting bandwidth usage. last entries I have in /var/cpanel/bandwidth are of 28th JAN. The same day awstats did last auto update of statistics. Have to click on...
  3. H

    Bandwidth confusion!!

    Hi. Recently, one of our servers began sending 80% bandwidth emails to several clients, but the bandwidth usage report shows that the accounts aren't anywhere close to 80%. We tried running /scripts/fixeverything, but that did not help. Anyone know what the problem is and how to correct it?
  4. B

    Different Bandwidth Problem

    I have read that a lot of people are having bandwidth problems were the bandwidht is reported too high. I am having just he opposite problem. When I enter the reseller center and look at the stats of any particuler reseller the bandwidth used all shows up as omb. Yet if I look under "view...
  5. N

    Bandwidth problem

    Hello, I have still a bandwidth problem with some accounts. In Webalizer I can see only 100-200 MB used transfer but bandwidth in cPanel says: 6 GB! There are no duplicated entries in /var/cpanel/users/{USERNAME} I'm using latest RELEASE 10.0.0-7 Thanks
  6. K

    Reseller shared bandwidth pool

    I would like to have a reseller be allocated a fixed amount of bandwidth and have all their sub-accounts (owned by the reseller) share from this bandwidth pool. I've been poking around and have not been able to figure this out nor see any mention of how to do it in the docs. Anyone have any...
  7. A

    automating bandwidth limit

    Is it possible to automate the bandwidth limit for a given domain/user via a php script?
  8. S

    Bandwidth not showing up

    On The account info it shows that they havent used any banwidth Useage! even if i go to the account cpanel shows no bandwidtH!
  9. J

    transferred domains don't show in bandwidth usage

    When I transfer a user from another host with "transfer using account password", the account works fine, and shows up in "list accounts", but it doesn't show up in "view bandwidth usage" Also, the file in /var/cpanel/users shows the OLD server IP, but the "List accounts" shows the CORRECT IP...
  10. F

    bandwidth limit warning message

    We have a server running version 9.9.9 stable that is sending out the bandwidth limit warning message every 12 minutes to the only user that is within 80% of their limit. How can we limit how often this message gets sent out, it's getting awfully annoying being flooded with this many mail...
  11. E

    [FreeBSD] 9.9.9-E96: Lost "View Bandwidth Usage"

    new FreeBSD build [FreeBSD] 9.9.9-E96: Lost "View Bandwidth Usage".
  12. N

    WHM Bandwidth usage... perl error

    When trying to view the bandwidth usage within WHM, i receive the following error: Can anyone provide any assistance with "removing" this error, and being able to view the bandwidth usage? Thanks, Dan
  13. F

    reseller center bandwidth

    We have a server running 9.9.9-current_81 that is showing 0 bandwidth for all sites in the reseller center. If you view the bandwidth usage in the root WHM, it's showing the bandwidth used by the accounts normally. It shows the total bandwidth used by the reseller under Account Information...
  14. A

    I need help very hight Bandwidth usage

    Hello, I have an account that is only 12MB in size but it use about 13GB traffic everyday untill now it used 45GB !!! :confused: :confused: The site doesn't containe any files such as ram,wav,rm,exe ... etc just a VB forum which has only 22 members :confused: any ideas I need help...
  15. N

    limit bandwidth form shell not WHM

    I'm really interested how to limit bandwidth form shell not WHM... I'm looking to make some automation features, while wwwacc for chaging packages is not enought. Anyone would like to share some info about this?
  16. T

    Bandwidth Limit Exceeded page - where is it?

    I can't find it on my server, and on forum too ;) Is anyone know HWERE is HTML document which is show when Bandwidth Limit Exceeded? OR BETTER: How I can make this page by myself (because it's not pretty) :D ("Bandwidth Limit Exceeded The server is temporarily unable to service your...
  17. M

    in bandwidth consumed hell lot!

    I always checked my whm and the bandwidth usage was just 90 gb and I wasnt worried. But today after a long time, I checked the bandmin and found the bandwidth usage is 649.204264 GB. Total In: 472.045099 Total Out: 175.837403 How can I find out who did consume that lot of in...
  18. G

    Bandwidth usage error

    We have one client who is getting a reseller account from us. One of his domain is getting problems regarding bandwidth usage. When viewing through his WHM, the domain is reported to comsumed around 65% only of the allocated bandwidth, but the domain was suspended automatically by the system...
  19. T

    Bandwidth count incorrect

    Bandwidth count incorrect -- BUG! Hi, I am having this problem: A customer used 50% of his bandwidth. But cPanel put the exceeded page on his site. Also I receive the "80% used mail" daily. Only this account is infected. How can I solve this problem? I temporarily put a zero after his...
  20. O

    user has reached 80% of their bandwidth limit.

    Hello, One of my user's traffic has been very high the last 2 months. I receive the eMail notifications that they are about to exceed their bandwidth limit. I logged on to the users cPanel and found that the majority of their traffic is pop3. When I check "View Relayers" from whm I see...