1. M

    in bandwidth consumed hell lot!

    I always checked my whm and the bandwidth usage was just 90 gb and I wasnt worried. But today after a long time, I checked the bandmin and found the bandwidth usage is 649.204264 GB. Total In: 472.045099 Total Out: 175.837403 How can I find out who did consume that lot of in...
  2. G

    Bandwidth usage error

    We have one client who is getting a reseller account from us. One of his domain is getting problems regarding bandwidth usage. When viewing through his WHM, the domain is reported to comsumed around 65% only of the allocated bandwidth, but the domain was suspended automatically by the system...
  3. T

    Bandwidth count incorrect

    Bandwidth count incorrect -- BUG! Hi, I am having this problem: A customer used 50% of his bandwidth. But cPanel put the exceeded page on his site. Also I receive the "80% used mail" daily. Only this account is infected. How can I solve this problem? I temporarily put a zero after his...
  4. O

    user has reached 80% of their bandwidth limit.

    Hello, One of my user's traffic has been very high the last 2 months. I receive the eMail notifications that they are about to exceed their bandwidth limit. I logged on to the users cPanel and found that the majority of their traffic is pop3. When I check "View Relayers" from whm I see...
  5. S

    Bandwidth Exceeded

    Hi, My client is exceeded his bandwidth limit 1500 meg.How to solve his problem ? which option should i use in whm Waiting for your reply....... :confused:
  6. S

    Bandwidth Usage page,.. can we have usage for GB and %?

    Hi there, Currently GB/MB and % are mixed together. If you try to sort by Usage, you actually sort by MB/GB usage. I want to be able to sort also by % Used and also display on the very top near the Dec 2004 in the center,.. or just below it, , % of the days in the Month Now,. why...
  7. D

    Bandwidth? It's importance??

    Hi What is bandwidth and what is the importance of bandwidth? How much bandwidth i need for a website? Plz tell me how much bandwidth i need for 100MB space? 200MB? 400MB? 1000MB? Thank you in advance.
  8. E

    How to make the sub-domains diskspace and bandwidth count to the main account?

    I have a questions, basically i have this user on my server....who has about 5sub-domains and they all user over 100mb space, not all but some and the main account uses 500mp space and his total allowed space is 1gb :p. But it seems that whm is not counting the space and bandwidth off those...
  9. E

    bandwidth and disk space for resellers

    bandwidth and disk space for resellers - please help When i create a reseller, where do i set total bandwidth and disk space that he and all subaccounts can use? 1) When creating user and setting bw and disk space and then setting as reseller? (this applies to the domain itself or to all?)...
  10. F

    how to set new bandwidth limits for past packages in WHM?

    Ok, we have a bunch of clients on packageA, weve changed bandwidt on packageA from 3 gigs to 5 gigs, and have updated it in the package profile. However clients we already have setup on packageA arent getting the changes. How can we get WHM to go and update all the old people on...
  11. L

    Cpanel not suspending bandwidth exceeders

    I have this account that exeeded its bandwidth limit and it didn't get suspended. I have the option "Disable Suspending accounts that exceed their bandwidth limit (will clear all suspensions is disabled)" unchecked on WHM. More info: this account has a subdomain... well, this subdomain is...
  12. A

    Bandwidth is counted twice!

    cPanel current-141. In details of bandwidth usage on addon-domains I see ie. 1.5gb but on summary this position is 3gb. It's on lots of accounts, and I'm getting dozens of phones and mails from clients. Anybody got same problem? Any solutions?
  13. J

    bandwidth problam, please.

    Hi, an account bandwidth is 20G, i have reset this account to 40G yestday, but today i get a mail , this account had been Suspended!!!! I HAS RESET THIS ACCOUNT TO 40Gb of bandwidth , but why this account been Suspended??? :eek:
  14. D

    piegraph.cgi / bandwidth usage page

    Anyone else seeing piegraph.cgi take forever to run and cause loads to go up. FYI piegraph.cgi is part of WHM's bandwidth usage report.
  15. cPanelNick

    Broken pie graphs in WHM/cPanel Bandwidth Usage?

    Broken pie graphs in WHM/cPanel Bandwidth Usage? This is ususally due to a symbol problem with gd: run /scripts/cleangd
  16. jackal

    BandWidth Issue

    We have a domain that shows up using about 7Gig out of 35 Gig alloted for it, but Cpanel suspended the domain yesterday night during the bandwidth update. We have been receiving bandwidth reached notice for the particular domain, for the last 4 days. We have manually unsuspended the...
  17. A

    View bandwidth account associations

    Hello, A domain that belongs to one account seems to have become associated somehow with another account. In "View bandwidth" there is a "+" that when clicked lists both domains, the correct one and the incorrect one and the bandwidth usage for each. The incorrect domain appears to be using...
  18. D

    bandwidth usage finding

    Hello All, I need to find out specifically which user is consuming more bandwidth in the server? whm is showing as normal in the user's bandwidth area for all users. Is there any udea of how to fing this? because last five days there was massive usage of bandwidth in the server. Regards...
  19. E

    Monitoring Bandwidth On A Specific Port

    Greetings I have radio station running on my box, Now How to monitor the bandwidth used on a specific port so I can monitor shoutcasting bandwidth ?
  20. T

    Bandwidth speed checking?

    Hi. My server used to be able to send files at like 300kbps, now i can only download anywhere from 25-25k from the server, same with my customers, 2 of them have already complained, i'm guessing an account is whoring all the bandwidth, is there a way to check which account it is (speedwise, not...