1. psytanium

    Process stalled while it processed statistics and bandwidth data

    My VPS server keep generating emails about stalled processes. Can someone tell me what it means and ifg possible what is the solution. Subject [] The process “/usr/local/cpanel/3rdparty/bin/perl /usr/local/cpanel/3rdparty/bin/
  2. W

    Bandwidth Usage Question

    Hello, In cpanel> Bandwith, I find that the bandwidth is very elevated how to determine the cause ?
  3. sahostking

    cpanel and unlimited bandwidth for resellers

    Hi I need some assistance in figuring out an issue we may have. Resellers cant set bandwidth to unlimited. Now I assume its because we use limit resellers by resource usage option in edit reseller priviliges section. Should we rather not limit it as let whmcs handle the limits via the...
  4. Steve Kemp

    Bandwidth Leap Year Issue

    Ive just seen an error in cPanel Bandwidth functions It seems that it cant handle the Leap Year A fatal error or timeout occurred while processing this directive. Template::Exception: [TYPE]=[undef] [INFO]=[Day '29' out of range 1..28 at /usr/local/cpanel/Cpanel/ line 119. ]...
  5. E

    Monthly Bandwidth Transfer shows a very strange value

    Hi, For only one account, the Monthly Bandwidth Transfer shows a very strange value. It says that it has used 50 GB from 60 GB. But I have really no clue at all how that is possible. If I check these statistics, it confirms it: [Removed] And if I check here, it says that from the third of...
  6. K

    Unknown Bandwidth usage

    hi everyone just wanted to know, how i would find where 380gb of bandwidth were used by my server (says my providers billing system) In my WHM theres 3 accounts which display total of 2 GB usage. where did this 380gb go?? i can see most of it is related to uploads. after rebooting the...
  7. B

    Bandwidth stats data export

    How can I transfer this data from an account to another? Wich file content this data? Thanks
  8. P

    cpanellogd - updating bandwidth for ...

    Is there any way to disable "cpanellogd - updating bandwidth for {x}" on accounts that don't have bandwidth limits? It's just waisting a lot of CPU cycles.
  9. ModServ

    Bandwidth is not updating

    Hello, After upgrading to cPanel 11.50 bandwidth is not updating anymore. Of course I've faced the issue of not working "View Bandwidth Usage" and fixed it with: /scripts/rebuild_bandwidthdb_root_cache But after that not a single account has his bandwidth updated yet (5 days). I tried...
  10. S

    [Case 191833] 11.50 View bandwidth usage not working

    I'm getting this message when checking bandwith usage in WHM "Bandwidth usage is temporarily unavailable while the bandwidth database is being upgraded" Any ideas how to fix it?
  11. W


    Hello, How to detect the account cPanel who abuse of the bandwidth for a given period of time ?
  12. D

    Bandwidth usage in WHM much greater than traffic to web site

    Hello, I'm hoping that someone may be able to assist in understanding / tracking down the extra bandwidth usage for a particular account (hosts two websites). In WHM it shows that there's been 19.28GB transferred but of the total doesn't add up. 82.21 Meg + 394.65 Meg is less than half a GB...
  13. G

    Bandwidth update problem

    WHM has errors traffic updates. How can I solve it.
  14. J

    Bandwidth Limitations Suspensions and Overusage

    Hi, First time poster to this forum, regular user of Cpanel/WHM. I would like to disable bandwidth limit account suspensions BUT also send notifications at 80%,90%,99%. I've scoured the WWW for a some time and have found some older posts requesting this...
  15. P

    Bandwidth counting problem

    Is it possible that bandmin do not count traffic that comes to for example: ? At my server one user is using that kind of links for his images and traffic do not shows at all nowhere? (I see at my member panel where I have bought machine that traffic goes over...
  16. D

    Bandwidth usage skyrocketed

    Is there a very easy method to determine what is causing such a huge draw on bandwidth? Seems like in the past month or so, bandwidth has jumped through the roof, but actual traffic hasn't increased on my server. Thanks!
  17. B

    Export bandwidth usage?

    Is there anyway to do this? Looking to move from one server to another.
  18. J

    Reseller can't create unlimited bandwidth hosting

    Hi, i already enable Allow Creation of Packages with Unlimited Bandwidth but reseller can't create hosting with unlimited bandwidth Here the screenhost [Removed] please advice Thank you
  19. M

    Bandwidth conflict in AWstats

    Hello dears, I was redirect our user to see her site's BW usage details in Bandwidth & AWstats sections. Now, Bandiwdth shows that in 8 , 9 August, this site used about 3GB bw, but in Awstats It shows about 30 meg. Bandwidth: AWStats: Now user claim that our system has problem and we should...
  20. WebHostPro

    Set mod bandwidth to 10 MBPS

    I haven't used this thing in so long I can't remember. All the CPanel help file says it to /scripts/setbwlimit this doesn't do anything. I assume: /scripts/setbwlimit username 1000000 Something like this to limit the account to 10 MBPS? - - - Updated - - - I tried this but got an...