1. N

    SOLVED Logo SVG Bug

    It seems cPanel now supports vectors for icons and logo branding. Great ! But there seems to be a bug with the logo uploaded on the branding section. Suggested size is 250x50 and that is fine if you use PNG. But if you use SVG the logo displays tiny. Extremely small. It does not resize...
  2. S

    Reseller Branding Logo not uploading in cPanel or Webmail

    We have followed the provided documentation to upload our company's logo and favicon for cPanel and Webmail. The favicon worked great, however our resized logo has not uploaded to either the cPanel, nor Webmail. Please advise. Thanks!
  3. V

    Cpanel SVG logo is to small (css rule)

    Hello I'm on a reseller account. I have created an SVG logo but the css from /frontend/paper_lantern/_assets/css/master-ltr.cmb.min.css has the rule : img.navbar-brand-logo[src*="logo.svg"] { height: 20px; } This makes my svg logo real small. If I change this to 50px it looks much...
  4. K

    Branding paper_lantern - not working

    Hey there community! New here, be nice ;) A while ago, one of my (no longer employed) junior sys admins modified some of the core files for branding in Paper Lantern, instead of using the branding manager. Now that we've updated our logo, I'm attempting to change things but it's not working, it...
  5. Samet Chan

    Change background in cPanel login

    Hey staff cPanel. I have a sftp/ftp, used dedicated server from ovh. And cPanel is still there folder on ftp files. Where i need to edit any in background css? Thank you.
  6. A

    Modifying Documentation Links in cPanel

    Hello. I am brand new at reselling and I am going through my first initial setup of my reselling account. So far I have learned a lot about how to remotely link or add clients to my accounts, and setting up different hosting plans with package features. Next I will begin linking WHMCS to my...