1. N

    SOLVED Logo SVG Bug

    It seems cPanel now supports vectors for icons and logo branding. Great ! But there seems to be a bug with the logo uploaded on the branding section. Suggested size is 250x50 and that is fine if you use PNG. But if you use SVG the logo displays tiny. Extremely small. It does not resize...
  2. S

    Reseller Branding Logo not uploading in cPanel or Webmail

    We have followed the provided documentation to upload our company's logo and favicon for cPanel and Webmail. The favicon worked great, however our resized logo has not uploaded to either the cPanel, nor Webmail. Please advise. Thanks!
  3. V

    Cpanel SVG logo is to small (css rule)

    Hello I'm on a reseller account. I have created an SVG logo but the css from /frontend/paper_lantern/_assets/css/master-ltr.cmb.min.css has the rule : img.navbar-brand-logo[src*="logo.svg"] { height: 20px; } This makes my svg logo real small. If I change this to 50px it looks much...
  4. K

    Branding paper_lantern - not working

    Hey there community! New here, be nice ;) A while ago, one of my (no longer employed) junior sys admins modified some of the core files for branding in Paper Lantern, instead of using the branding manager. Now that we've updated our logo, I'm attempting to change things but it's not working, it...
  5. Samet Chan

    Change background in cPanel login

    Hey staff cPanel. I have a sftp/ftp, used dedicated server from ovh. And cPanel is still there folder on ftp files. Where i need to edit any in background css? Thank you.
  6. A

    Modifying Documentation Links in cPanel

    Hello. I am brand new at reselling and I am going through my first initial setup of my reselling account. So far I have learned a lot about how to remotely link or add clients to my accounts, and setting up different hosting plans with package features. Next I will begin linking WHMCS to my...
  7. P

    Problem loading the branding editor

    Hello, I am in need of some help, I am new to having a VPS, so please bear with me. From WHM, I am trying to access the branding editor using When I do that, I get redirected to the following url when I click on the live editor...
  8. B

    cPanel Branding issue - Images

    Cpanel branding sometimes does not work. It doesnot accept new images while uploading.
  9. L

    Branding - Changing logo error

    Tried to change the logo in WHM>Branding>Live editor it says the logo is uploaded but the logo doesnt change. The uploaded logo appears in the branding area but when you try to login in cpanel the logo is still the default one. And there are some errors logged in...
  10. T

    Branding Failures

    The branding on both our servers is no longer accessible. cPanel | Branding | x3[edit live] | Login attempt failed. We simply have our company version that replaced top-logo.gif and honestly was not aware of this issue until recently adding a new client. Our current specs on both servers...
  11. R

    Branding Editor. Need Quick Help Please.

    Hello, I am trying to edit my Cpanel by adding new icons/links into it while also changing the skin around. I think I have the skin down, but when I go to the icons, all I can do is switch out the ones already there and not create new ones. Also when I edit the HTML pages, I can see the...
  12. I

    Branding Editor

    Ok, SO I am staring at my Cpanel. In the preferences, I seem to be missing the Branding editor which they show in the video tutorials. Can anyone help? Thanks.
  13. S

    x3 branding 404 error

    web host manager, cpanel, branding. i click on x3 [edit live] and get a error message: Not Found The server was not able to find the document (./frontendx3resellersbrandingbranding.html) you requested. Please check the url and try again. You might also want to report this error to your...
  14. R

    Branding - Images disappear

    Greetings! My server has installed cPanel 11. At WHM I changed the cPanel Branding. It is fine and working properly. But there is an one error. I changed the Collapse and expand Buttons. It also works fine for few hours. After few hours it again come back to a default...
  15. U

    branding issue

    The header - including all the icons and images - for our branding theme are gone. The correct headers show up in website cPanel, but not for the webmail control panel. Any thoughts? Thanks.
  16. O

    cPanel build 15328 breaks branding

    We were running 11.6.0-CURRENT (14829) and had custom branding completed and working (mostly) at least for the cPanel itself it was working fine. After the updated to 11.6.1 (15328) the branding no longer apples to any of the reseller's sub-accounts. Permissions?? What are they, what...
  17. D

    X3 Tiny branding logo: sometimes

    I have noticed that some times the branding logo that I setup for my users loads really small. Hitting refresh or clicking a link restores the full size. Has anyone else seens this? This is happening on multiple servers for me.
  18. 4

    Branding Editor in X3 - cant remove it

    Hi, There is no option in the profile editor to remove the "Branding Editor" icon in cpanel. I dont know why this is available to all users but it shouldnt be. How can I remove it ?
  19. S

    CPanel Branding just broke

    Im getting reports from a lot of resellers that CPanel branding has stopped workign since upgrading to the CURRENT 10 and then CURRENT 11 releases anyone else seen this happen or know of the cause or a fix?
  20. D

    Branding lost after UPDATES

    Hello how to make so branding pictures of CPanel to stay same after update ? After every update it is overwritten by CPanel's one. Thanks.