1. A

    CVE-2021-3156: Heap-Based Buffer Overflow in Sudo (Baron Samedit)

    https://blog.qualys.com/vulnerabilities-research/2021/01/26/cve-2021-3156-heap-based-buffer-overflow-in-sudo-baron-samedit Just came across this new vulnerability but couldn't find a discussion here. I have tried sudoedit -s / to check this on a random cPanel server with CentOS 7 and it does...
  2. Bob1965

    SOLVED Domlogs Processing Buffer Location

    Hi, I have an issue on a VPS that I would like to resolve for a very low traffic website. When tailing a low traffic website in SSH, the domlog does not update in real time, it waits until 17 files are accessed then it processes it. I guess this would be called a buffer and I would like to know...
  3. I

    Flush the output buffer in https / ssl, change the 64kb default

    Hi, I can't find anything about how to change that 64kb buffer in https / ssl in http:// work just fine using fcgid or suphp <?php ini_set('output_buffering','off'); ini_set('zlib.output_compression',off); header('Content-Type: text/plain; charset=utf-8'); for($i=0;$i<100;$i++){ echo...
  4. B

    Is this serious? PHP <= 4.4.3 / 5.1.4 (objIndex) Local Buffer Overflow Exploit PoC

    Is this serious? PHP <= 4.4.3 / 5.1.4 (objIndex) Local Buffer Overflow Exploit PoC I have php 4.4.2, am I at risk? # php -v PHP 4.4.2
  5. F

    Buffer Overflow Attemp?

    Looking through my last referrers, i see a lot of these on a day to day basis. Http Code : 349 /\x90\x02\xb1\x02\xb1\x02\xb1\x02\xb1\x02\xb1\x02\xb1\x02\xb1\x02\xb1\x02\xb1\x02\xb1\x02\xb1\x02\xb1\x02\xb1\x02: 414 The above is serverly truncated as the one used is to large to post.
  6. pirania1

    OpenSSH Buffer Exploit

    Repost from RS forums OpenSSH Buffer Exploit Severity: CRITICAL There have been several reports of a new ssh bug, with an exploit seemingly in the wild. 1. Versions affected: All versions of OpenSSH's sshd prior to 3.7 contain a buffer management error. The attack makes an enormous...
  7. M

    No buffer space available

    Hello Sometimes when we try to FTP to our server we get this error message: ERROR: [Data]: No buffer space available Does anyone have any idea what that means? Mike