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    bugreport: manage databases doesn't show every database on system

    Hello, When you click on manage databases from the list on the left (main cpanel home interface) .. it doesn't show all databases on the system. I'm guessing it only shows databases activity tied to an account. However, if you use the transfer tool and transfer a site, and it messes up in...
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    Reset a DNS Zone creates unwanted records

    Hello, Using Reset a DNS Zone will always create records for 'cpanel, webdisk, cpcalendars, cpcontacts, whm, webmail'... I do not wish to have these records created for my dns zones upon reset. How to I disable this?
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    Add service to service manager and manage with api

    I have add supervisord service to service manager. It is working normally. But when i want to manage the supervisord service with whm api that explained link belove WHM API 0 Functions - restartservice - Software Development Kit - cPanel Documentation i take error message "No such service"...
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    Change open files limit mysql

    Hi i am not able to change mysql open_files_limit anything other than 65536 ( sql stops responding if it hits the limit ) i edited /etc/my.cnf tried several different values beneath and above the 65536 but there is no change running CLOUDLINUX 7.2 x86_64 standard – WHM 56.0 (build 14)...