1. coursevector

    CAA record getting removed

    I am trying to renew my Let's Encrypt certificate through WHM/cPanel. It wont' because of my CAA records. It reports this issue: 1:29:53 PM Verifying “Let’s Encrypt™”’s authorization on domains via DNS CAA records … 1:29:53 PM ERROR CA forbidden: “” So I got to the zone editor in...
  2. Z

    AutoSSL added CAA DNS record?

    Hello, just noticed that some of our clients have CAA record in their DNS zone record. We didn't add this record neither did client. The only thing I can recall is clicking "issue AutoSSL for this account" to "force" immediate AutoSSL for the domain. Is it possible that this action added CAA...
  3. J

    CAA Domain for AutoSSL and Server Certificates

    We are looking at implementing CAA records, but can not find documentation regarding CAA records for certificates issued by the cPanel certification authority (AutoSSL and server hostname certificates). What domain should be used to ensure that these certificates are able to be renewed after...
  4. N

    CAA Policy

    Hi Could someone please answer me a simple question I hope, I have looked for an answer and googled everywhere but maybe the answers so simple no one has asked it so I am sorry if I sound stupid. I am adding some CAA Policy to some domain names we have on a server, I know how to get into the...
  5. Erik Ellsinger

    CAA record for cPanel CA

    What CAA-record do I need to use to allow the cPanel certificate authority? For instance for Lets Encrypt it's, what is the corresponding for cPanel CA?
  6. UHLHosting

    Add support for CAA DNS records

    How does one uses the new implemented mandatory CAA feature?
  7. N

    DNS CAA record.

    Hello, I have a ssl certificate in a domain and I want to put a CAA record in DNS. Please, is it possible to put this feature in CPanel? Thanks.