1. spaceman

    AccelerateWP versus LiteSpeed Cache For WordPress on CloudLinux

    Hi All, I notice that AccelerateWP is now available for CloudLinux (CL) servers running Litespeed: But Litespeed includes its own LiteSpeed Cache for WordPress...
  2. G

    Nginx cache configuration for logged-in WordPress users?

    I have a site where, with caching enabled, Nginx is causing problems with user sessions. If logged in and attempting to navigate to another page that was previously cached, it logs them out and takes them to a login screen or directs them to a cached, non-logged-in version of the page. With...
  3. K

    Rebuild Reverse DNS Cache and Update Mail HELO Problem [Exim Configuration Manager]

    Hello. When rebuild reverse dns cache and update mail hello , i see this error: (XID m9phdd) DNS request timeout: at /usr/local/cpanel/Cpanel/Config/ReverseDnsCache/ line 67. at /usr/local/cpanel/Cpanel/Config/ReverseDnsCache/ line 67...
  4. UHLHosting

    Nginx Cache Manager - WooCommerce Cache Rules

    Hi, So we were glad to see Nginx Cache Manager working with Apache! We have 1 production website where the customer already informed us about issues with their products not being visible in the cart after they were added to cart. We do not use other caching plugins that can interact with such...
  5. B

    Updates Digest Failed to Reset Cache

    Hi I am getting the following Digest message for all my domains. Website " Failed to reset cache for the instance #3: Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 41943040 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 12288 bytes) in...
  6. schoeps

    account termination/ restore should clear the NGINX cache

    SSIA, took me a while to troubleshoot today. With NGINX's 1 hour default refresh, it can be very confusing.
  7. W

    [ssl:warn] [pid 19731] (9)Bad file descriptor: AH02026: Failed to acquire SSL session cache lock

    Apache error log is showing this: [ssl:warn] [pid 19731] (9)Bad file descriptor: AH02026: Failed to acquire SSL session cache lock Any ideas what the above means? How to fix?
  8. N

    Needed to UAPI for work with NginX Manager

    I use WHM v96.0.15 and new NginX manager option in WHM. I tried this for clear cache of nginx, and used Token and no problem with this: But now I need to clear cache in Cpanel for specific user, I working on a plugin...
  9. F

    Question: The Default cPanel NGINX settings

    how long does nginx holds the cache? can we adjust how many minutes? where? thanks in advance. cheers!
  10. nisamudeen97

    Varnish cache in nginx reverse proxied WHM

    Hi, We have our production server with latest cpanel version "96.0 (build 8)" and it is running nginx with reverse proxy enabled. See the netstat screenshot attached for detailed information. This server is currently in production and we are running two major websites one magento2 and...
  11. deddy

    WHM 96 Nginx Cache

    We have installed and activated the new Nginx Cache. The first question is: Where can we change the proxy default cache time? We have also installed a Nginx Cache plugin with the following settings: Cache Zone Path: /var/cache/ea-nginx/proxy/the_real_username X Automatically flush the cache...
  12. M

    cPanel Nginx cache disable

    Hello, I'm using cPanel Nginx to serve big static files, It was working fine until today, I found huge folder usage for nginx cache! I delete it, but it comes again, Nginx copies all website large static files as cache!! I searched to disable cache, and applied that tutorial How To Disable...
  13. F

    need to install varnish cache for some wordpress website

    Dears i need to install varnish for some website on our cPanel server, not for all websites knowing that we use apache 2.4 + OPcache if there is some alternative to varnish it's Ok for us we just need to activate a cache in some e-commerce websites
  14. E

    Cache Overusing Memory

    Hi, I'm running a CentOS server (specs below) with 32 GB memory. My problem is 18.49 GB of the 32GB is used by cache. That seems to be a lot. Is that a good thing or cache is using too much? I'm running a cryptocurrency website. I cache a lot of stuff because I'm using API to pull...
  15. H

    SOLVED Could not create cache file | cmd: redirect.cgi

    Am getting error in cpanel error logs, my site sometimes got 500 Error. when i see error logs, getting these errors. can somebody please guide? Cpanel::Config::LoadConfig::_do_logger("warn", "Could not create cache file \x{e2}\x{80}\x{9c}/home/hoardwe/.cpanel/caches/"...) called at...
  16. D

    Failed to save cache file nvdata.cache

    After installing installatron, when I click on the installatron app in WHM this warning below appears at the top of WHM only. All the separate cpanel accounts installatron is working fine. I only get this warning message in WHM. Anyone know what might be the issue? See attached file as well...
  17. P

    Clear Cache directory

    Hi!! I have an unusual problem, it turns out that every minute I have a tool that uploads some CSV files to a folder on a server, on the other hand I have a cron that checks if there is a new file in this folder and processes it. The problem is that sometimes it does not find the file and...
  18. J

    Memory & Cache Usage

    Hello together I have a smaller Centos server with 3 cores, 7 GB RAM and 10 GB swap (swap is on separate RAM and not HDD). Maybe someone can enlighten me a little bit better here. Below is an excerpt or screenshot of htop. Everything basic is very familiar to me, except one: The RAM load is...
  19. Y

    No Bytecode-Cache found! php apc Magento Cache extension

    Hi need help to install extension PHP APC { need install Centos 7 php-apc } $ php -v PHP 5.6.37 (cgi-fcgi) (built: Aug 21 2018 16:57:55) Copyright (c) 1997-2016 The PHP Group Zend Engine v2.6.0, Copyright (c) 1998-2016 Zend Technologies
  20. E

    SOLVED Clear DNS cache on cPanel-linux?

    Hello, Where is dns cache on cPanel installed on linux? How to clear dns cache? Thank you! Best regards, Elizabeta