1. E

    Mysql Database restore / reinstall / rebuild CentOs Cpanel

    Hello i need your help After turning off the server and turning it on again, my MySQL database no longer works. How can I revive mysql with ERROR 2002 (HY000)?: Scroll down for pics Root: systemctl status mysqld.service Also has mysql.sock only 0 bytes so the file exists but without...
  2. Michaelit

    ea-php56 - Centos8

    Hi, i install and configure a new Centos8 and WHM/cPanel 92 installation with easy apache 4. I really need to have ea-php56 package installed however i receive the following result: yum install ea-php56 Last metadata expiration check: 0:06:23 ago on Sat Feb 6 11:43:57 2021. No match for...
  3. D

    cPHulk Brute Force Blacklist limit 200 only?

    Hi guys it seems that cPHulk Brute Force Blacklist has a limit of only 200 IP addresses. Is there a way of increasing the blacklist limit?
  4. R

    Centos8 with updates until 2029?

    Hello. If I install cpanel on Centos8 when it's released as stable (should happen soon?), will there be an easy way to keep it updated until 2029 without having to reinstall the whole server? Can someone clarify the quoted part below? Ref: https://blog.cpanel.com/centos-8-end-of-life-announcement/
  5. G

    SOLVED CPANEL-35144 - CentOS8 install error due to powertools repo

    2020-12-14 06:15:23 2573 [16856] (DEBUG): dnf-4.2.23-4.el8.noarch 2020-12-14 06:15:23 2573 [16856] (DEBUG): - ssystem [END] 2020-12-14 06:15:23 643 [16856] ( INFO): centos-linux 8.3 (Linux) detected! 2020-12-14 06:15:23 658 [16856] ( INFO): Checking RAM now... 2020-12-14 06:15:23 449...
  6. cPanelTabby

    EasyApache 4 August 19 Release

    EasyApache 4 August 19 Release We are happy to announce that cPanel, L.L.C. has released an update for EasyApache 4! Take a look at some highlights below, and then join us on Discord or Reddit to talk about this update and much more. CentOS 8 preparation EA-9227: Distribute EasyApache 4 RPMs...