1. F

    SafeAdmin Certification

    Hello, Does anyone know how to work this cPanel certification?
  2. C

    cPanel®, the Hosting Platform of Choice, announces its new Certified Partner Program.

    Houston, Texas – June 2019 cPanel is excited to announce that, starting immediately, PartnerNOCs can distinguish themselves as leaders in the industry by joining the new cPanel Certified Partner Program. The cPanel Certified Partner Program will give cPanel Partners an opportunity to acquire a...
  3. C

    ssl certification install problems

    Strange problem I'm having. I installed a security certificate at first the wrong way, and now I'm trying to install another one and whm and cpanel only see the old certificate and not the new one. I cannot get it to work with new at all. What am I missing, what can I check to delete the old...
  4. W

    SSL Certification

    Hi, I have few problems installing my SBS SSL Certification, when I want to install it via my control panel (Install a SSL Certificate and Setup the Domain) I don't see "DO IT" bouton, I have "submit".
  5. Evasion

    http.conf deleted after an ssl certification installation

    i have WHM 9.9.9 cPanel 9.9.9-C103 on a RedHat Enterprise 3 with WHM X v3.1.0 Today i was install an ssl certification that i have ganarated from my WHM. Aftes installation my http.conf has erased and inside the http.cong was only the virtualhost for the certified site !!!! Thankx...