1. C

    Clamav is not working!

    Hi everyone, I have exim-4.50 installed on CentOS 3.4...I´ve installed clamavconnect + cpanel pro... I need to do a /usr/sbin/clamd to get clamd on my process list I use but could not filter #5, #11, #25-27 and others. I saw that my system is not blocking...
  2. H

    Adding ClamAV to existing Cpanel setup

    I would like to add Anti Virus to my server to check incoming/outgoing emails for viruses, and I believe ClamAV would do this nicely. Am I correct in thinking that I must upgrade my Cpanel/WHM to the 'Pro' version first before installing the 'add-on' ClamAV' ??? Is either of these likely...
  3. D


    ClamAV was installed and working perfectly for months on two seperate servers, when yesterday it seems I now need a cPanel Pro licence to use the ClamAV module with cPanel - as clamd keeps failing, and I cannot update it without it telling me I need a pro licence... what's going on here?
  4. pirania1

    ClamAV 0.85 released Can we get it soon? Pretty please? Please?! Bugfixes in this release include correct signature offset calculation in large files and proper handling of encrypted zip archives. That part of ZIP archives is very important to all of us.
  5. W

    Installed Clamav, but its not automatically checking Viruses

    We have installed ClamAv 0.84-1.0 on Cpanel. Everything installed O.K. and we can manually scan via the WHM. However, it is not scanning mail coming in automatically. What do we need to do to enable this. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Warren
  6. L

    Virus Scanner powered by ClamAV

    This CLAMAVCONNECTOR is not working. I have it installed. I have tried scanning my mail home or any of he 4 options radio buttons. And just hangs. It is not scanning. HOw do I go about fixing this to scan? I have uninstalled and reinstalled. Same issue. None of the user end panels won't scan...
  7. N

    Help me on clamav

    Any one help me to install and configure the clamav on linux. Thank you
  8. O

    clamAV problems

    hi I run a Red Hat Linux release 9 (Shrike) I have installed cpanel pro addon module now I try to install clamavconnector (addon modules) Fetching Got file ./install ok...
  9. A

    clamav not logging properly

    Today I installed ClamAV for the first time using the Exiscan+Clam+Exim-Installer. After that was up, I used the update script, and then freshclam. Everything seems to be working fine - it blocks what it needs to - I see the extra header in the email. There is just one problem: When it...
  10. D

    clamAv problem only loading

    i installed clamav from cPanel 10.0.0-R85/addon modules it installed succesfully but when i make a scan the page is only loading not is changes is writes only loading here is the pic
  11. A


    can anyone tell me is it's posible to scan a certain folder from a shell ? something like : ./clamscan /home/aolex/docs/ i am interested in something similar to cPanel's virus scan . help please :)
  12. D

    ClamAv trouble

    Hello All, I get the message like this when I restart exim. Is clam av not running inm the server? How can I check that? When I restart again I get clamav stopping faile!!!! Please help /etc/rc.d/init.d/exim restart Shutting down clamd: [FAILED]...
  13. D

    Clamav errors

    I get this error on a few files: - LibClamAV Error: cli_untar: unknown type flag 1 - LibClamAV Error: cli_untar: unknown type flag L I installed clamav using cpanel's clamavconnector.. anything i can do to fix this?
  14. SuperBaby

    ClamAV creating foldersssss in /tmp directory.

    Every few seconds I see folders in the format below created (but not automatically deleted after that). They contains large virus definition files main.db and main.hdb. My /tmp folder is 250Mb. After I manually deleted those folders, it got full again after a few minutes. I can see other...
  15. I

    clamav configuration to block zip virus?

    Clamav cannot block the EICAR test .zip file attached to email. Therefore Viruses in zip files can get throught. See Test 11,18 and 20-25 all failed. How can I configure Clamav to block this virus?
  16. M

    Clamav + Exiscan Allowing Viruses through - for you as well probably

    We have clamav installed through the WHM option for clamavconnector. We have spamassassin running alongside it with razor agents, DCC, rules du jour, HELO checks etc etc. I am slightly worried here as we have several customers reporting viruses getting through CLAMAV scanning. We know clamd...
  17. E

    I-Worm/Lovgate.X seems to be passing through clamAV

    I-Worm/Lovgate.X seems to be passing through clamAV Has anyone else noticed this?
  18. S

    ClamAV Connector Problems

    Hi guys! I've installed ClamAV Connector but it doesn't seem to want to update. :( I always get this e-mail message: /etc/cron.daily/freshclam: ERROR: Please edit the example config file /etc/freshclam.conf. ERROR: You must specify at least one database mirror. Any ideas? Thanks!
  19. H

    How Do I upgrade to clamav 8

    Hi Could somone please give me a step by step with commands on how to upgrade to clamav 8. Also does mailscanner insert a tag at the bottom of each mail as mine does not. thanks fpr yor help in advance
  20. T

    ClamAV Connector

    Hello, I have installed Clam AV Connector, and found the following in exim.conf, #!!# ACL that is used after the DATA command check_message: require verify = header_sender...