1. A

    clamav question

    Hello, I have installed clamav on one of my servers using the following steps. cd /tmp groupadd clamav useradd -g clamav -s /bin/false -c "Clam AntiVirus" clamav wget tar xvfz clamav-0.67.tar.gz cd clamav-0.67...
  2. SageBrian

    ClamAV scanning zip files?

    How can I get ClamAV to scan zip files? I've got the MailScanner/ClamAV setup, and all works well. But this latest rash of zipped virus is a bit of a pain. I've temporarily set MailScanner to strip zip files (and notified the customers of this), but I'd like to not have to strip them if...
  3. S

    Problem with clamav

    /etc/cron.daily/clamav: ERROR: Please edit the example config file /usr/local/etc/clamav.conf. ERROR: Can't parse configuration file. What do I have to change? Thank you!! strauberry Support Ticket Number:
  4. S

    Howto install Clamav on Exim

    Hi, does anybody know a howto for the installation of clamav for exim? Thank you! strauberry Support Ticket Number:
  5. S

    Installing ClamAV gets cpanel warning

    Today I installed clamAV and mailscanner using . Everything works fine, however I just recieved this email from cpanel: IMPORTANT: Do not ignore this email. This message is to inform you that the account clamav has...