1. Hedloff

    clamAV and Norton

    More and more customers are having issues when they run a scan trough cPanel/clamAV. They get a notification in Norton saying that cPanel/clamAV is trying to access their computer, so the scan is not completed. The scan does start, but stops around 99% are the customers telling us. Does clamAV...
  2. R

    Clamd and Clamav

    Woke up this morning to have Clamd down on one server and Clamav down on another. When I try to restart clamd on one using /scripts/restartsrv_clamdI get: The system could not find the “/usr/local/cpanel/3rdparty/bin/clamd” binary. On the other when I try to restart clamav using...
  3. S

    ClamAV installation is OUTDATED.

    Hello, I received the alert as follows. WHM 11.48.4(build 4). --------------------- clam-update Begin ------------------------ Last ClamAV update process started at Sun May 24 05:13:43 2015 Last Status: WARNING: Your ClamAV installation is OUTDATED! WARNING: Local version: 0.98.6...
  4. N

    Log Checking

    One of my user on Dedicated server/WHM/Cpanel look like compromised. There is always a strange file in /tmp (it is a phpshell) and i can not find, how the attacker upload this files. I got a reporting log from maldet malware detect scan report for SCAN ID: 051115-0408.2127...
  5. U

    clamav cron with email output

    Hi, Is there a way to set cron job for ClamAV with email output with attached results of scan? Bless
  6. T

    ClamAV Usage High

    I am in the process of installing ASSP for spam monitoring. One of their requirements is to install ClamAV through the WHM Plugins. I have not installed ASSP yet, so that is not the issue. I did, however, activate and install ClamAV from the plugin center in WHM. Over a few hours my swap...
  7. B

    How to (auto-)update ClamAV nowadays

    Hi, LogWatch showed the following : --------------------- clam-update Begin ------------------------ Last ClamAV update process started at Thu Jul 3 04:57:44 2014 Last Status: WARNING: Your ClamAV installation is OUTDATED! WARNING: Local version: 0.98.1 Recommended...
  8. R

    ClamAV Issue Couldn't watch new directory

    Erros in Log /var/log/messages: May 16 18:00:55 server inotifywait[758]: Couldn't watch new directory /var/tmp/clamav-600bd2df028a00a65a573391692eb5e1.tmp: No such file or directory I'm having this problem with several files generating almost 2000 lines with this error log, hourly, does...
  9. P

    Feature Requests for SpamAssassin and ClamAV

    Hi Cpanel Staff and Forum members! I have been a very old client of this software (10 years atm). So far have meet all my expectations on how a good hosting software is. But i have notice some free features have been lefting dragging on the implementation... I give for exemple: -...
  10. M

    ClamAV Not Updating

    My antivirus software is not updated. Do not scan files. What can I do?
  11. sneader

    [Case 82549] clamav / freshclam cron errors after 11.40 upgrade

    After I received the auto-update to 11.40 Stable, I am getting nightly emails from all upgraded servers that say: Subject: Cron <[email protected]> /usr/local/cpanel/3rdparty/bin/freshclam --quiet --no-warnings Body: ERROR: Can't create temporary directory...
  12. N

    how to install clamav connector thru ssh?

    Hi, I know that clamav connector can be run thru whm. But, is there any command for the same to install it thru root ssh? thanks.
  13. C

    clamav 0.94 -> 0.97.6 proper way

    I have searched ahead of time and no clear path with a centos cpanel server to update the clamav software just definitions which will not update now since so far out of range. The problem is that yum does not see where cpanel installed clamav so it will not update it. CENTOS 5.8 i686...
  14. J

    Username clamav appearing on List Accounts

    Folks, I have a username clamav showing up with I use List Accounts. There is no domain name or IP Address, etc. Can I safely delete the Account or should I remove it some other way? Thanks, Jim
  15. C

    clamav command line install

    As a server administrator, I'm always dealing with websites which get hacked. I will use a program called maldet to scan a users home directory. For it to work best, I need clamav installed. I know I can go to the whm and add it; however, I wanted to know if there was a way to do it from the...
  16. M

    ClamAV Error

    Hi when run this command in ssh clamscan -r /home --infected after a few menutes stop scan and show this message : LibClamAV Error: fmap_readpage: pread error: Input/output error LibClamAV Error: fmap_readpage: pread error: Input/output error LibClamAV Error: fmap_readpage: pread...
  17. N

    clamav scanner comes up instead of cPanel

    Here's a weird one. A server I manage is having this issue where now suddenly, any new account made presents you with the clamav scanner UI instead of the cPanel ui. It doesn't matter if you use the link from WHM or log into the cPanel UI via the direct IP and port. I've tried disabling the...
  18. I

    How is ClamAV working lately?

    Hello how many of you guys run ClamAV on cpanel server? 1. is it still resources intensive? 2. still scan incoming emails only? 3. any better alternative if any? thanks!
  19. S

    clamav problem

    I keep getting the below emails about twice a day: Subject: Cron <[email protected]> /usr/bin/freshclam --quiet --no-warnings ERROR: Can't open /usr/share/clamav/mirrors.dat for writing ERROR: Can't open /usr/share/clamav/mirrors.dat for writing ERROR: Can't open /usr/share/clamav/mirrors.dat...
  20. B

    clamav virus scan from root ?

    hi i want to scan a cpanel account with 200k + image files but my firefox is timing out at nearly 60% any way to run scan from ssh with command to destroy virus if found ?