1. P


    Hello: I did a manual update and noticed that all the mirror sites for clamav do not work. Now I am getting messages that clamd is not installed. Any thoughts?
  2. R

    How to remove ClamAV Scanner

    My server has cento 4 I tried Redhat/Fedora: yum remove clamav* but it shows No Packages marked for removal Please Help me. My all other accounts facing problem
  3. N

    ClamAV Plugin Out of Date - Does cpanel update this, or do I have to? [Case 51032]

    I have the following installed via WHM -> Manage Plugins: Name: clamavconnector Author: cPanel Inc. Installed Version: 0.97-2.4 Version: 0.97-2.4 Description: Virus Protection for Email and Filemanager Uploads !!BETA VERSION!! Price: free the checkbox is 'ticked' for "Install and keep...
  4. J

    Error with ClamAV

    Hi, One of my clients has installed ClamAV to test but then decided to uninstall it from "Manage Plugins", the problem is that every day is getting an email with the following message [checkperlmodules] The perl module File::Scan::ClamAV could not be installed. This module is required...
  5. R

    How do I run ClamAV Manually?

    What is the SSH command to run it in Centos? Thank you. ;)
  6. P

    Problem in ClamAV, clamscan: command not found

    i have a problem in clamav i installed clamav from WHM >> Add on >> Configure ClamAV Scanner and when scan server via ssh PuTTy display this error: [email protected]####### [~]# clamscan /home -ir --remove=yes -bash: clamscan: command not found pls help me thank you
  7. F

    How to update ClamAV

    Hello : Apologies to bump an old thread but since i need to upgrade my CLAMAV..i thought of posting to this thread.. When i do a "whereis freshclam" i too get the same message :- "freshclam: /usr/bin/freshclam /etc/freshclam.conf /usr/local/bin/freshclam /usr/...
  8. R

    disabling clamav in cpanel

    Someone knows how to disable ClamAV cpanel ? I need to disable it because I is consuming many resources on my server. Thanks in advance. roberto
  9. M

    ClamAV Version

    Hi All, I don't have a great deal of experience with server management and WHM but I have some conflicting information regarding ClamAV and I wanted to know how to fix it. I un-installed an older version of ClamAV, logged in as root, and then re installed it via WHM > Manage Plugins >...
  10. E

    cPanel and ClamAV plugin post-install error message

    Hello, I used WHM to install the ClamAV plugin although it was already installed on the server, so I guess it reinstalled it. I was trying to update it to 0.96.1 since the server kept nagging me about it. Originally I tried to update it with the source files through command line with...
  11. E

    Possible to whitelist a file from ClamAV?

    Does anyone know if it's possible to whitelist specific file(s) from being scanned by clamAV? The problem is that clamAV thinks anything encoded with a javascript "compression" utility is malware. For example, if you encode some javascript code using this popular packing utility...
  12. M

    [Case 40055] freshclam not found / ClamAV install runs out memory on 64-bit OS

    Hello I'm receiving from cpanel the following email: /bin/sh: /usr/bin/freshclam: No such file or directory then i logged in and make some searching: Nothing like freshclam is found. And if i do: Then: That is a symlink pointing to /usr/bin (which, has nothing like...
  13. A

    Problem with ClamAV

    Hi, I've installed ClamAV (clamavconnector) from the WHM/Cpanel plugin manager; the installation process is successful but when I try to launch a scan on a ftp-space I see that the process hangs; it seems that the clamd daemon is not started. The web interface displays the message: Scanning...
  14. benito

    Cannot install ClamAV via clamavconnector plugin - conflicting antivirus software

    Hi I got a new server two days ago an i cant install CLAMAV plugin. I got this error 10 times and stop: etching
  15. B

    clamav plugin: Starting clamd: ERROR: Please define server type (local and/or TCP).

    On a new CentOS 5 64-bit box, I've checked the box for enable clamav connector and keep up to date. (whm is latest stable.) However, when I restart exim, I get Starting clamd: ERROR: Please define server type (local and/or TCP). # clamd -V ClamAV 0.95.3/10542/Tue Mar 9 17:08:37 2010...
  16. N

    how to install clamav on Shared Cpanel account

    Hi, One of my client have Shared cpanel acount from, website is infected with malware, support staff of suggest scan with clamav, but i dont kinow how to install and scan with calmav, if anybody have idea let me know thanks
  17. C

    clamav - Does it actually work?

    I attempting to use WHM/cpanel as an offering for our VPS servers. One of the key things we are looking for is anti-virus for incoming email. I searched the forums and found out the clamav can be installed in the cpanel->manage plugins section, which I did. I then went to plugins->configure...
  18. C

    ClamAV & 11.25

    Anyone else having problems with ClamAV not working from within cPanel with 11.25 Current? Noticed it on several machines running Centos. It works fine with the the latest 11.24 release, but, after the upgrade, it just won't scan. Says connecting to clamd service and that is it.
  19. S

    How do I scan all accounts using ClamAV?

    I have installed clamav plugin from WHM. Now I want to scan all accounts, or say 10 accounts at a time. How can i do that if I am the server owner? I know users can scan their own accounts by logging to their cpanel. Can i scan their accounts without logging to their cpanel one by one? Is...
  20. R

    Clamav and File Manager

    I have a server that is having a problem with Cpanel's File Manager HTML Editor. When users try to edit a file using the WYSIWYG editor they are getting a file not found page even though the file is clearly there. Cpanel support claims this is a problem with ClamAV which I have installed to...