1. C

    ClamAV Scanner

    we are using : cPanel 11.24.4-S33345 WHM 11.24.2 - X 3.9 CENTOS 4.7 i686 on standard And there are 200 domains hosted my questions are as below 1. we want to scan only one domain instead of all how can i via WHM & SSH 2. how to scan whole server via WHM or SSH 3. how can i...
  2. Z

    clamav update to 0.5

    I have updated clamav to version 0.5 and it works well. (consolen-update) But in the logfile there are following eintries: WARNING: Your ClamAV installation is OUTDATED! WARNING: Local version: 0.94.2 Recommended version: 0.95 DON'T PANIC! Read
  3. W

    Clamav alert

    Hi I have received email alter =========================== Subject: Possible Detected Files For Hacking at **.*******.net The following files have been detected and deleted : /tmp/clamav-dd0a2341f733f0db92fd7040ac880386/notags.html...
  4. D

    Disable ClamAV

    One of the worst features in cPanel is ClamAV. Is there any way to completelly disable it? I've removed it from services under WHM, etc but still got this email today: [checkperlmodules] The perl module File::Scan::ClamAV could not be installed. This module is required by cPanel, and the...
  5. L

    ClamAV not working in cPanel

    Hello, I have been looking for this problem everywhere, tryed different solutions but none of them helped. I reinstalled ClamAV many times, I got the latest cPanel but it still simply doesn't work. If you go in cPanel, and choose to scan whatever, the ClamAV stays at: ... connecting to clamd...
  6. B

    clamav memory usage

    Has anyone else seen a significant increase in memory usage in clamav over the past couple months? I remember seeing bug posts about it on the clamav website but I'm curious if anyone else has seen it or recommends any solutions. It's been going so bad that I've felt the need to disable it on...
  7. M

    ClamAV is outdated

    We used the Add-Ons inside WHM to get ClamAV installed and running. Everyday on logwatch, we are seeing this notification. Will WHM auto update ClamAV since we used it to install the original version? --------------------- clam-update Begin ------------------------ Last ClamAV update...
  8. M

    Where is the ClamAV Addon in WHM?

    I noticed there there is a ClamAV addon for WHM. But it's not there when I access the Addon Scripts (Deprecated) inside WHM. Here is where we found the original instructions. How can we install and manage ClamAV inside WHM?
  9. F

    [StepByStep] Installing ClamAV antivirus and integrating with Exim and pure-ftpd

    Every good server must have a good antivirus installed. Let's install ClamAV to our machine. Paths to distributions are provided to the latest versions at the time of writting. If new version releases all you need to do is to change numbers in shell command. SSH to your server Step 1...
  10. winger

    ClamAV error

    hi, when I try to scan the server with ClamAV, it´s hangs on the scren: ... connecting to clamd service ... any help to fix that?
  11. X

    ClamAV ClamD Service Connecting Problem

    Even though ClamAV has been configured, I still receive the same error in regard to it saying "... connecting to clamd service ...". It just sits there forever and no progress is shown. I actually let it sit for an hour to see if it was taking a long time to load yet it obviously has...
  12. D

    clamav error on cpanel! help

    I have a server and today i update clamav now when i enter to cpanel and i go to antivirus icon i when the page load i get in the IE 7 down bar: Done, but with errors on page
  13. J

    Way to override spamassassin and clamav versions

    Is there an official - or even a hacked - way to override the version of spamassassin and clamav (and exim, for that matter)? I've seen a lot of frustration with the speed that cpanel changes releases of software as part of the official package, and it seems like someone has probably already...
  14. reactorh

    Clamav Not Locked

    Hi, Do anyone know why i got this error: :confused: [[email protected] /]# /usr/bin/freshclam --quiet --log-verbose --daemon-notify ERROR: chdir_inc: Can't create directory ERROR: getfile: Can't create new file ./clamav-dc23f6b7610f36a11d4627c5cb32e6e7 in /usr/share/clamav ERROR...
  15. upsforum

    clamav update

    every day I receive this /etc/cron.daily/updateclamav: ClamAV update process started at Sun Jun 24 04:02:24 2007 WARNING: Your ClamAV installation is OUTDATED! WARNING: Local version: 0.90.2 Recommended version: 0.90.3 .... I update clamav to 0.90.3...
  16. H

    How to use clamav

    Hi, need help.. any one know how to use clamav? after i scan /home clamscan /home and found 1 infected file. but i have no idea where is the file and how to delete it Known viruses: 124440 Engine version: 0.90.2 Scanned directories: 108 Scanned files: 1099 Infected files: 1 Data...
  17. B

    ClamAV / cPanel 11 problem

    We recently updated to cPanel 11 last night, and I've already noticed one problem. I've attached screenshots, but basically the antivirus stays on "loading" and the UI is a little messed up if its an rvskin loading it. Thanks guys, I appreciate it a lot.
  18. SuperBaby

    Is ClamAV regularly scanning my hardisc?

    I am using RH9 + WHM/cPanel. I noticed sometimes my server load is very high and when I perform a TOP under shell, it showed CLAMSCAN in action. I doubt it is scanning emails. I wonder if there is any crontab that instructs CLAMAV to scan the whole hardisc locally? I have looked into the...
  19. H

    ClamAV - Logwatch reporting older version !??

    I upgraded to ClamAV to the latest version 0.90.2, however my daily Logwatch report keeps reporting that I am running the older version 0.88.6. I upgraded using the instructions provided by Chirpy which were: Download the latest stable ClamAV distribution from
  20. F

    ClamAV Not Scaning by Request

    The ClamAV in cPanel isn't scanning files when asking it to. Scanning for Virii Scan Mail Scan Entire Home Directory Scan Public Web Space Scan Public FTP Space None of these work. I don't get any errors, but it just sits a 0% I am running the latest 11.2.1-CURRENT_11596...