1. B

    Cant setup clamav through WHM

    When I want to setup Clamav under Addons the setup get stucks and doesnt finish. Fetching (0)[email protected] Fetching...
  2. A

    clamav 0.90.2 potential problem

    I read in mailscanner mailing list that some users are having performance issue after upgrading to clamav 0.90.2 recently. Some find that this new clamav is taking more resources to do the scanning and causing emails to choke up in the queue. For those who already upgraded, whether using...
  3. A

    how i can insttall "ClamAV" ?

    Hello, i want know how i can install that program "ClamAV" in my server , step by step . and how i can update that program Thanks .
  4. R

    ClamAv no longer effective

    I've been finding the successful scans with ClamAV (latest version) useless lately. It simply misses way to many viruses to be effective. I feel like I'm using an anti-virus scanner from 1995 in 2007. I recently switched to f-prot and it has been excellent and very effective. It quickly scans...
  5. J

    Using clamAV to find phpshell and other!

    I happened to notice that ClamAV can find phpshell scripts and other "hacker" tools. Offcourse you can find it using good find and grep commands etc but this is really great. If you wanna scan all your clients files for example and save it to a log in SSH: clamdscan -l scan.txt /home it...
  6. SuperBaby

    High CPU load caused by ClamAV. Is it set under crontab?

    Everyday when I check the CPU usage under WHM, I will get these 3 processes occupying the top 3 positions. It seems that this process is run 3 times a day. The only ClamAV-related crontab that I have (as far as I know) is the virus file update which is conducted twice a day. What ClamAV...
  7. S

    Desperately seeking help with clamAV issue

    Hello: Recently elected to install clamAV via WHM/Cpanel on our server. Seemed to work fine, ran a bunch of scans on various domains hosted on our server (via Cpanel), cleaned out a bunch of phish files and trojans. However, today I started getting this error in Outlook whenever...
  8. junglecat

    ClamAV warning

    When restarting exim, I get this: I went to but got lost. How do I fix this? Idiot instructions, please.
  9. Z

    clamav load

    What would cause such high clamav and mailnull load? How do I correct this? Importantly, how do I trace which domain is spamming and which is getting spam from the outside? I do have phpsuexec enabled, spamassassin and clamav enabled. Using centos 4.4. / cpanel stable My exim constantly...
  10. Q

    ClamAV outdated

    a newer version which fixes multiple serious security issues incl. remote root compomise (possible) was released 4 days ago yet the cpanel module still hasn't been updated. Why doesn't cpanel have someone keep up to speed with all the software they package with their software ? This sort of...
  11. J

    ClamAV Scanner

    Hello, I have Configure ClamAV Scanner at the bottom of my WHM Menu, But when I click it the right side page is blank.. How can I fix this problem?
  12. S

    Install antivirus ClamAV on Linux machine

    Hello, How can I install antivirus ClamAV on Linux machine. Please provide me the exact steps to install it on server. i have my own dedicated linux server. It’s urgent. :o Thanks, Samba
  13. F

    ClamAv Zip module failure ERROR

    Hi, One of our servers has multiple entries of the following error in the exim_paniclog: 2006-08-25 02:39:55 1GGPiv-0000rV-NJ malware acl condition: clamd: ClamAV returned /var/spool/exim/scan/1GGPiv-0000rV-NJ/ Zip module failure ERROR I haven't got any idea why...
  14. F

    clamAV Vulnerability (DDOS and more!!) :eek:
  15. S

    ClamAV Scanner and SpamD

    I setup the "Configure ClamAV Scanner" in web host manager and enabled all four global options and saved them. Hopefully that is a good way to configure this for all users. I do not know what most people use for "Setup Spamd Startup Configuration" four setup fields. Can you please advise me...
  16. B

    ClamAV auto-update does not work

    Hi, Although the tickbox "Install and Keep Updated" is checked in WHM, ClamAVconnector (cPanel->Addon modules) needs to be manually uninstalled and installed again to get it updated. Is this a known problem? I'm using "WHM 10.8.0 cPanel 10.8.2-R119, CentOS 4.3 x86_64 - WHM X v3.1.0"...
  17. avijit

    How to upgrade Clamav version ?

    Since last couple of days all the cpanel servers are now giving the Clamav installation outdated. I am getting messages like this in all the servers : How to upgrade the new updated Clamav here in cPanel server without breaking anything ? I have checked the and it seems a new...
  18. H

    Question about Exim w/SA and ClamAV...

    I have SpamAssassin intsalled with ClamAV and I was wondering, since I am not familiar with the cPanel setup, are ALL mails scanned as they come in, or is it something that gets enabled on a per account/domain basis? I would like to simple have the scans happen on ALL accounts/domains without...
  19. B

    Question of CLAMAV

    I installed Clamav from WHM Addons modules... now what ?? It´s done, it automatically check virus on e-mails and ftp uploads or I have to setup it¿? If you know, tell me, cause I didnt find anything related to this. Thanks
  20. sh4ka

    clamav antivirus addon from cPanel, does it really works ?

    Can anyone tell me if clamav installed as addon will stop infected files to get into the mailboxess ?? (because i configured from WHM to only scan mail ).. I installed this addon from WHM because i can not fin the updated rpms for my RHEL 3 to follow this guide...