1. B

    How can I check what version of clamAV my server is running?

    How can I check what version of clamAV my server is running?
  2. D

    ClamAV Perl

    Hi, I just can´t install ClamAV Perl! I have read all the cPanel´s forumbut got no anser to this problem! I´m posting the results that I get when I run /scripts/perlinstaller Mail::ClamAV. Method: Perl Expect Testing connection speed...(this could take a while)....Done Three usable...
  3. J

    Path to clamAV /usr/bin/??????

    I Have A Basic Dedicated Server With root Access.. WHM 10.8.0 cPanel 10.8.1-C3 RedHat 9 i686 - WHM X v3.1.0 With All The Updates (Auto Updates With Latest) Just Installed Moodle on a domain and its asking for Path to clamAV Anyone know where I can find where that is on my...
  4. Q

    ClamAV ineffective - not blocking virii???

    I've been received virus emails from a few people over the past few months and have clamav running on the server and scanning all incoming mail and it's never detected some of these viruses like the Win32/Mytob.DJ worm that my workstation AV (nod32) always catches.. My concern is that ClamAV...
  5. I

    ClamAV outdated

    Hello, Ive got this error in the LogWatch: My question is: I need manually update ClamAV or cPanel do this work for me in the next soft update? --------------------- Clamav Begin ------------------------ **Unmatched Entries** LibClamAV Warning...
  6. sh4ka

    ClamAV Antivirus :???

    Hello everyone, Do you recommend ClamAV antivirus to be installed on a RH/Fedora & cPanel system.. ? have anyone tried it on this kind of system ? Is this tool really necessary?, does it takes too many cpu/memory usage ?
  7. B

    clamav & .sim directories in /tmp

    Hello, I have several clamav??? and .sim-??? directories and mysql files in my /tmp directory of our server. exemples: total 2432 drwxrwxrwt 49 root root 54272 Sep 8 13:25 ./ drwxr-xr-x 23 root root 4096 Sep 8 11:35 ../ drwxr-xr-x 2 root root...
  8. T

    ClamAV Connector, clamd, cpu usage

    Hi there We're running the ClamAV Connector on one of our machines, and clamd is hammering the processor, taking up all available cpu cycles. Initially I attempted to alleviate this by reducing the number of simultaneous clamd processes allowed, but it doesn't matter - each process takes its...
  9. J

    Automatic ClamAV Scanning

    Hey Everyone! i was just wondering if it was possible to allow ClamAV to automaticly run a full scan at specified times of the day/week/etc. Could this be done using a cronjob, or somthing along the same lines? Cheers JakReloaded
  10. DigiCrime

    ClamAV... cron related

    To keep the definitions up2date does it automatically do it or do you need to setup a cron to auto do it?
  11. J

    PLEASE HELP: Error with ClamAV

    Hey, This morning I noticed that clamd went down because I received about 80 emails from service monitor. I tried to restart, but I only got an error saying it could not find the information about user clamav. So I tried to uninstall and install clamavconnector again in the addon modules...
  12. C

    Clamav is not working!

    Hi everyone, I have exim-4.50 installed on CentOS 3.4...I´ve installed clamavconnect + cpanel pro... I need to do a /usr/sbin/clamd to get clamd on my process list I use but could not filter #5, #11, #25-27 and others. I saw that my system is not blocking...
  13. H

    Adding ClamAV to existing Cpanel setup

    I would like to add Anti Virus to my server to check incoming/outgoing emails for viruses, and I believe ClamAV would do this nicely. Am I correct in thinking that I must upgrade my Cpanel/WHM to the 'Pro' version first before installing the 'add-on' ClamAV' ??? Is either of these likely...
  14. D


    ClamAV was installed and working perfectly for months on two seperate servers, when yesterday it seems I now need a cPanel Pro licence to use the ClamAV module with cPanel - as clamd keeps failing, and I cannot update it without it telling me I need a pro licence... what's going on here?
  15. pirania1

    ClamAV 0.85 released Can we get it soon? Pretty please? Please?! Bugfixes in this release include correct signature offset calculation in large files and proper handling of encrypted zip archives. That part of ZIP archives is very important to all of us.
  16. W

    Installed Clamav, but its not automatically checking Viruses

    We have installed ClamAv 0.84-1.0 on Cpanel. Everything installed O.K. and we can manually scan via the WHM. However, it is not scanning mail coming in automatically. What do we need to do to enable this. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Warren
  17. L

    Virus Scanner powered by ClamAV

    This CLAMAVCONNECTOR is not working. I have it installed. I have tried scanning my mail home or any of he 4 options radio buttons. And just hangs. It is not scanning. HOw do I go about fixing this to scan? I have uninstalled and reinstalled. Same issue. None of the user end panels won't scan...
  18. N

    Help me on clamav

    Any one help me to install and configure the clamav on linux. Thank you
  19. O

    clamAV problems

    hi I run a Red Hat Linux release 9 (Shrike) I have installed cpanel pro addon module now I try to install clamavconnector (addon modules) Fetching Got file ./install ok...
  20. A

    clamav not logging properly

    Today I installed ClamAV for the first time using the Exiscan+Clam+Exim-Installer. After that was up, I used the update script, and then freshclam. Everything seems to be working fine - it blocks what it needs to - I see the extra header in the email. There is just one problem: When it...