1. sh4ka

    clamav antivirus addon from cPanel, does it really works ?

    Can anyone tell me if clamav installed as addon will stop infected files to get into the mailboxess ?? (because i configured from WHM to only scan mail ).. I installed this addon from WHM because i can not fin the updated rpms for my RHEL 3 to follow this guide...
  2. S

    Perl module ClamAv not installing

    here is the error message i got when i try to install perl module Mail::ClamAV Attempting to install Mail::ClamAV spawn /scripts/perlinstaller Mail::ClamAV Method: Perl Expect Testing connection speed...(this could take a while)....Done Three usable mirrors located Mirror Check...
  3. W

    ClamAV Connector not updating properly

    Overnight's Clam AV report says it needs updating, so like a good little doo-bee I did just what I have done several times before.. under Add-in Modules, unchecked ClamA Connector to uninstall and then checked it off to reinstall... The only problem is it's hanging up bad Updating...
  4. gupi

    ClamAV vulnerability Description: A vulnerability has been reported in ClamAV, which potentially can be exploited by malicious people with an unknown impact. The vulnerability is caused due to an unspecified boundary error in "libclamav/upx.c". This can potentially be...
  5. S

    CLAMAV Connection --> Virus Scanning ZIP FILES

    I have spent the last few weeks searching the forums hoping someone would have the answer ... but no luck. Clamav as a standalone appears to be able to scan zip files ... but this is not the case with the built-in version included with CPANEL. There must be some way to universally...
  6. DigiCrime


    Hi Uninstalling clamav, the service status page still shows it so when I remove it from /var/run/chkservd and restart the daemon it reappears again, how can I get rid of it
  7. W

    Clamav not catching

    I am getting swamped, my clients are getting swamped.. in 4 hours I got almost 40 of these nasty buggers and I don't know where to turn so here I am.. WHM 10.8.0 cPanel 10.8.1-C29 Fedora i686 - WHM X v3.1.0 VPS Exim 4.52, Spamassassin & Clamav SOBER.AG is the only one that seems to...
  8. M

    Excluding some hosts from clamav scanning.

    Due to all the extra virus laden email getting around the last couple of weeks, I'd like to move my email filtering to a dedicated mailscanner server. I want to set up exim on the cPanel box to not (re-)scan mail that is delivered via the mailscanner server. When I go to WHM -> Service...
  9. B

    How can I check what version of clamAV my server is running?

    How can I check what version of clamAV my server is running?
  10. D

    ClamAV Perl

    Hi, I just can´t install ClamAV Perl! I have read all the cPanel´s forumbut got no anser to this problem! I´m posting the results that I get when I run /scripts/perlinstaller Mail::ClamAV. Method: Perl Expect Testing connection speed...(this could take a while)....Done Three usable...
  11. J

    Path to clamAV /usr/bin/??????

    I Have A Basic Dedicated Server With root Access.. WHM 10.8.0 cPanel 10.8.1-C3 RedHat 9 i686 - WHM X v3.1.0 With All The Updates (Auto Updates With Latest) Just Installed Moodle on a domain and its asking for Path to clamAV Anyone know where I can find where that is on my...
  12. Q

    ClamAV ineffective - not blocking virii???

    I've been received virus emails from a few people over the past few months and have clamav running on the server and scanning all incoming mail and it's never detected some of these viruses like the Win32/Mytob.DJ worm that my workstation AV (nod32) always catches.. My concern is that ClamAV...
  13. I

    ClamAV outdated

    Hello, Ive got this error in the LogWatch: My question is: I need manually update ClamAV or cPanel do this work for me in the next soft update? --------------------- Clamav Begin ------------------------ **Unmatched Entries** LibClamAV Warning...
  14. sh4ka

    ClamAV Antivirus :???

    Hello everyone, Do you recommend ClamAV antivirus to be installed on a RH/Fedora & cPanel system.. ? have anyone tried it on this kind of system ? Is this tool really necessary?, does it takes too many cpu/memory usage ?
  15. B

    clamav & .sim directories in /tmp

    Hello, I have several clamav??? and .sim-??? directories and mysql files in my /tmp directory of our server. exemples: total 2432 drwxrwxrwt 49 root root 54272 Sep 8 13:25 ./ drwxr-xr-x 23 root root 4096 Sep 8 11:35 ../ drwxr-xr-x 2 root root...
  16. T

    ClamAV Connector, clamd, cpu usage

    Hi there We're running the ClamAV Connector on one of our machines, and clamd is hammering the processor, taking up all available cpu cycles. Initially I attempted to alleviate this by reducing the number of simultaneous clamd processes allowed, but it doesn't matter - each process takes its...
  17. J

    Automatic ClamAV Scanning

    Hey Everyone! i was just wondering if it was possible to allow ClamAV to automaticly run a full scan at specified times of the day/week/etc. Could this be done using a cronjob, or somthing along the same lines? Cheers JakReloaded
  18. DigiCrime

    ClamAV... cron related

    To keep the definitions up2date does it automatically do it or do you need to setup a cron to auto do it?
  19. J

    PLEASE HELP: Error with ClamAV

    Hey, This morning I noticed that clamd went down because I received about 80 emails from service monitor. I tried to restart, but I only got an error saying it could not find the information about user clamav. So I tried to uninstall and install clamavconnector again in the addon modules...
  20. C

    Clamav is not working!

    Hi everyone, I have exim-4.50 installed on CentOS 3.4...I´ve installed clamavconnect + cpanel pro... I need to do a /usr/sbin/clamd to get clamd on my process list I use but could not filter #5, #11, #25-27 and others. I saw that my system is not blocking...