1. P

    How to Add CloudFlare Plugin in CPanel ?

    Sir I want to install CloudFlare Plugin in my CPanel server. Please give me a valid command . and also I seen many articles , there I seen that in command we have to enter Host API key and Company name , sir how to get Host API key and Company name
  2. P

    Does CloudFlare and LiteSpeed affects on server load?

    Sir does cloudflare and LiteSpeed manage server load ? Like i have a WordPress site , i installed LiteSpeed cache Plugin and then i connected my site to cloudflare , then will my site give less Load than without installing LiteSpeed Cache and connecting to cloudflare ? I mean to say that if in...
  3. O

    autoSSL and cloudflare SSL

    Hi I am using the autoSSL offered by the WHM on my website, at the same-time I am using cloudflare as a reverse-proxy and it is offering me a free certificate (I am using the free plan). When I use the flexible option (shown in the fig below) which is supposed to serve the traffic from port 80...
  4. K

    How to setup CDN?

    Hello, I need setup Cloudflare to my hosting. I stuck at this point: 2. Replace with Cloudflare's nameservers Where exactly i must replace nameservers in Cpanel? I changed nameservers in Basic WebHost Manager® Setup - > Nameservers I changed nameservers in Edit DNS Zone - > ->...
  5. E

    CloudFlare Hostname

    Hi, I'm new here - please forgive me. I have done a quick prelim search on here just to check my question hasn't already been answered, and I appreciate this is more of a cloudflare issue - however, wasn't sure if anyone had come across the same thing. So, here's how i'd like my DNS to work...
  6. W

    Help for configure mod_remoteip for CloudFlare, I don't know the correct method

    Hi, At the first time, sorry if this thread is better in subforum EasyApache, but I'm not sure if like is for cloudflare, is better here or in subforum EA. Well, in the last days I read a lot for configure mod_remoteip for cloudflare, and unfortunately for me, it is not my forte and I have not...
  7. D

    Setting up Cloudflare Problem

    bash <(curl -s -k [YOUR_HOST_API_KEY] -n '[YOUR_COMPANY_NAME]' Where to get YOUR_HOST_API_KEY and YOUR_COMPANY_NAME I am on WHM/Cpanel VPS trial lisence now.
  8. J

    502 bad gateway error Engintron and Cloudflare

    Hi, I am experiencing an 502 bad gateway error for my cloudflare domains while using Engintron. When Engintron is disabled the sites were loading. When we enable it , the site shows 502 bad gateway error. Any suggestions are welcome.
  9. m.eid

    Using auto signed SSL instead of self signed for one account

    Hi, I have many of domains hosted on a VPS with WHM where all of them using SSL free from Cpanel powered by Sectigo, but a new domain didn't get it, and didn't ist in manage hosts, so I've tried to generate self signed SSL and checked autoSSL service but returned with this log Log for the...
  10. N

    Server connection timeout Cloudflare error 522

    A few hours ago I started receiving Cloudflare errors 522. - Removed - Ftp works fine WHM and CPanel works fine SSH works fine No Excessive server load The error only occurs when loading the websites and is intermittent. In a few minutes it goes well and then fails again. I didn´t modify...
  11. m.eid

    SOLVED Hosting domains DNS with CloudFlare

    Hi, I want to ensure that if I've hosted the domains DNS at CloudFlare as a usual account not a partner account with integrated plugin, and pointed the resolvers for their DNS servers , is it necessary to keep Bind enabled? .. I've tried to disable it for a week and no issues...
  12. S

    SOLVED AutoSSL Renew: DNS DCV – Returned No "TXT" Record

    Last night my server started spamming me with renew failed errors for alot (if not all) of the domains running on my server. DNS DCV: The DNS query to “” for the DCV challenge returned no “TXT” record that matches the value...
  13. T

    Cloudflare linked email

    Hi there, I'm new here and I'm a reseller owner. I'm facing a problem. when a user add there Cloudflare account from cPanel they are getting a confirmation mail from Cloudflare, In this mail they (Cloudflare) mention main server name / company name from where I get my reseller but I don't want...
  14. K

    CloudFlare User True IP Easy Apache 4 CentOS 7 /cPanel 78

    Hi Everyone, Please go easy, I've searched and found many conflicting posts on this and lots of them I found are no longer working solutions. I'm trying to find a way to easily configure the server (cPanel 78 / CentOS 7) so that any site hosted be it behind CloudFlare or not will always...
  15. H

    Hide shared IP in cPanel Account?

    Hello? I see when it can be flawed, create a promotional package and several abusers come across the price offer for attempts to take the server down. so I saw the need to via whm, hide the ip in the shared cpanel when we use cloudflare, also the user create, edit and remove seeing that there...
  16. S

    Unable to find (or modify) log format in Apache configuration.

    I'm trying to find - and modify - the "combined" log format Apache uses. And any other log-related settings, really. My /etc/apache2/conf/httpd.conf file has the following log format directive: <IfModule mod_log_config.c> ... LogFormat "%v:%p %h %l %u %t \"%r\" %>s %b \"%{Referer}i\"...
  17. X

    Viewing cPanel and Webmail when running through Cloudflare

    Hello, Wondering if anyone can assist. We run quite a few domains through Cloudflare. I am looking for the correct set up so that cpanel and webmail can be accessed via sub domain, and those sub domains are running through Cloudflare (so that they can use the Cloudflare SSL feature (so they...
  18. N

    Configure mod_remoteip for Cloudflare?

    Hello, I read this post, mod_cloudflare vs mod_remoteip but I need a correct configuration for use mod_remoteip with Cloudflare. I have seen several configurations, but I need someone who is using it to tell me which one it is. For example: OPTION 1: RemoteIPHeader CF-Connecting-IP...
  19. durangod

    Setting up Cloudflare issue

    It used to be that you could set up cloudflare rather easily, just change the nameserver to theirs, and put an A record for your domain to their ip. But after two days of messing with this i am realizing that i guess cPanel has since made some changes and that process can no longer happen...
  20. Sanjay Narayan

    Cloudflare - Installation on cPanel Servers

    Hello, I tried to install cloudflare module on cpanel following the technical resource at their website. After installation and restarting Apache I get the following error. AH01574: module version_module is already loaded, skipping httpd: Syntax error on line 263 of...