1. M

    ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS error message on wordpress site after enabling Cloudflare

    Hello, I was going to write a post asking for help about this issue affecting a wordpress site that I recently migrated, however I found this tutorial that fixed my issue so I think it may help others
  2. M

    Cloudflare configuration for Cpanel DNS mail records

    Hello, I recently changed the DNS records of a domain hosted in a cPanel server and was wondering if unprotecting the record is OK to avoid issues with email clients like Outlook is OK.
  3. H

    Domain with Cloudflare

    i added one domain on cloudflare. hosting is with wordpress. when proxy is enable, then home page will work and inner pages will not work. How to solve this when proxy enable.
  4. B

    Cloudflare shows user real IP in my site but not in the logs (CF IPs getting blocked by mod_qos)

    Hello, I have fixed users real IP by help of cpanel and this link: But the problem is now that in the logs it still shows cloudflare IPs and when an attack happens mod_qos or evasive blocks...
  5. bellwood

    How are you dealing with remote domains and cloudflare

    Just wanted to ask the community how they are enforcing "Allow Remote Domains" being turned off while still permitting domains using remote nameservers to be added? In my case, domains being added have an A and AAAA that resolve to addresses on my server, however, unless I add seemingly endless...
  6. M

    Conflicts between Cloudflare and renewal of free certicates in cPanel

    Hello, I recently noticed that when I use Cloudflare WAF, cPanel can´t issue SSL certificates for certain domains unless I disable Cloudflare proxy, so I was wondering how can I avoid this issue when I need the SSL certificates expire and renewal will be needed.
  7. J

    How do I fix the Cloudflare MX Record Warning

    I'm getting a small yellow triangle in Cloudflare when setting up a new account. Next to the triangle, it says that that the mx record (for the mail) is being proxied through Cloudflare, and it is exposing the server's IP address.
  8. leonep

    Cloudflare and Nginx reverse Proxy

    Hi, i have read in the cpanel documentation that NGINX can be used with cloudflare but i also read in cloudflare documentation that if cache control header is set to private cloudflare does not act. So it is better to disable NGIX for user using cloudflare ? and also inside wordpress may users...
  9. D

    Cloudflare and AutoSSL makes site inaccessible

    Im tired of the autossl errors on cpanel , it simply not working with cloudflare. I set full strict ssl on cloudflare and the site works then after some hours it goes down with SSL error. the most errors are starting with: DNS DCV: No local authority:.... on autossl I try to validate a...
  10. D

    AutoSSL no longer working with Cloudflare

    I'm getting all these DCV errors all of a sudden with domains that use Cloudflare for DNS. Looking in the log, the problem is because the main domain has its A record at Cloudflare and not the server. This hasn't been an issue for a long time. What's the work around to get around this?
  11. E

    Best practice for DMARC if cPanel user has migrated DNS to Cloudflare

    See below screenshot below. My client decided to migrate his DNS to Cloudflare and now he is having a world of trouble sending emails to `@gmail` users from his WooCommerce enabled WordPress site. By using the menu "Show original" in Gmail we can indeed see there is a problem. DMARC is...
  12. M

    ngnix Internal Server Error (Cloudflare?)

    Hello, It seems like yesterday Cloudflare returned this error message for a site we have in a CPanel/WHM however the Cloudlinux charts don´t report any fault due to high memory or IOPs usage. Is there any other place to find errors to prevent this issue to appear again?
  13. J

    cloudflared "Argo Tunnel error" Error 1033

    Hi, I installed argo tunnel in my linux. when I do systemctl status cloudflared.service Unable to reach the origin service. The service may be down or it may not be responding to traffic from cloudflared: dial tcp [::1]:8080: connect: connection refused my config.yaml looks like this...
  14. W

    FCGI / PHP-FPM issue - Error dispatching request

    Hi there I'm getting the following error which is leading to a cloudflare 520 timeout for website end user while they are trying to post article on wordpress website: [proxy_fcgi:error] [pid 19482] (70008)Partial results are valid but processing is incomplete: [client zzz.zzz.zzz.zzz:0]...
  15. T with different IP for Cloudflare DNS

    I use Coudflare for my website and therefore configured the Cloudflare DNS for my domain's mails: A A A mail MX
  16. rivermobster

    Auto SSL won't run with Cloudflare...

    I got a message from cPanel that Auto SSL was not going to renew on one of my sites, due to some redirect issue... It's site I am using Cloudflare on, so that made it a weird issue to diagnose. So what it turned out to be was... You cannot have a redirect from HTTP to HTTPS enabled in both...
  17. H

    Cloudflare + AutoSSL DSV failures - Can I remove these checks?

    I have LetsEncrypt auto SSL enabled on the server and am using latest version of cPanel + nginx and have the following issue when trying to run /usr/local/cpanel/bin/autossl_check --user example AutoSSL’s configured provider is “Let’s Encrypt™”. Analyzing “example”’s domains …...
  18. P

    How to Add CloudFlare Plugin in CPanel ?

    Sir I want to install CloudFlare Plugin in my CPanel server. Please give me a valid command . and also I seen many articles , there I seen that in command we have to enter Host API key and Company name , sir how to get Host API key and Company name
  19. P

    Does CloudFlare and LiteSpeed affects on server load?

    Sir does cloudflare and LiteSpeed manage server load ? Like i have a WordPress site , i installed LiteSpeed cache Plugin and then i connected my site to cloudflare , then will my site give less Load than without installing LiteSpeed Cache and connecting to cloudflare ? I mean to say that if in...
  20. O

    autoSSL and cloudflare SSL

    Hi I am using the autoSSL offered by the WHM on my website, at the same-time I am using cloudflare as a reverse-proxy and it is offering me a free certificate (I am using the free plan). When I use the flexible option (shown in the fig below) which is supposed to serve the traffic from port 80...