1. S

    Unable to find (or modify) log format in Apache configuration.

    I'm trying to find - and modify - the "combined" log format Apache uses. And any other log-related settings, really. My /etc/apache2/conf/httpd.conf file has the following log format directive: <IfModule mod_log_config.c> ... LogFormat "%v:%p %h %l %u %t \"%r\" %>s %b \"%{Referer}i\"...
  2. X

    Viewing cPanel and Webmail when running through Cloudflare

    Hello, Wondering if anyone can assist. We run quite a few domains through Cloudflare. I am looking for the correct set up so that cpanel and webmail can be accessed via sub domain, and those sub domains are running through Cloudflare (so that they can use the Cloudflare SSL feature (so they...
  3. N

    Configure mod_remoteip for Cloudflare?

    Hello, I read this post, mod_cloudflare vs mod_remoteip but I need a correct configuration for use mod_remoteip with Cloudflare. I have seen several configurations, but I need someone who is using it to tell me which one it is. For example: OPTION 1: RemoteIPHeader CF-Connecting-IP...
  4. durangod

    Setting up Cloudflare issue

    It used to be that you could set up cloudflare rather easily, just change the nameserver to theirs, and put an A record for your domain to their ip. But after two days of messing with this i am realizing that i guess cPanel has since made some changes and that process can no longer happen...
  5. Sanjay Narayan

    Cloudflare - Installation on cPanel Servers

    Hello, I tried to install cloudflare module on cpanel following the technical resource at their website. After installation and restarting Apache I get the following error. AH01574: module version_module is already loaded, skipping httpd: Syntax error on line 263 of...
  6. MajorLancelot

    mod_cloudflare Discontinuation

    According to this page: I assume that this means the same will be coming to RedHat distros soon. In that case, should we use just mod_remoteip and forget about mod_cloudflare? And does it make sense to...
  7. hennesseystealth

    CloudFlare and logging IP addresses

    We use Cloudflare and we had additional directives in Plesk to allow us to see the actual IP addresses of visitors. With cPanel we only see the Cloudflare IP addresses in the logs. I know you can add a module to Apache, but that requires a rebuild of Apache and we are just too chicken to try...
  8. C

    SOLVED AutoSSL - The system queried for a temporary file error

    Please help me! i can't setup SSL for my domain Thank you so muc! Thuan Pham The system queried for a temporary file at “”, but the web server responded with the following error: 404 (Not Found). A DNS (Domain Name...
  9. I

    cPanel with Cloudflare is showing blank page with text only

    Hello, When I login to my cPanel I just get blank page with text and when I click any thing or refresh just log me out . I have VPS root and cPanel information.. You can check the attachment and see screen shot of the problem. Thank's Sorry this is the screen shot
  10. H

    SOLVED Problems loading cPanel in Browser

    I uploaded Video which I recorded issue: - Removed -
  11. A

    SOLVED EA 4 Customization Problem- multilib error - mod_cloudflare

    I wanted to install PHP 7.2 on my server, but EasyApache 4 throws off a protected multilib error. The error log shows this problem: Protected multilib versions: ea-apache24-mod_cloudflare-1.2.0-.5.50.x86_64 != ea-apache24-mod_cloudflare-1.2.0-.5.37.i686 Apparently I have mod_cloudflare...
  12. D

    SOLVED cPanel Login Issue

    I'm having an issue on my server with cPanel displaying properly. Logging in through is successful, but none of the resources display properly. I noticed in the browser console the server is responding with a 401 error for the js and css files on the page. Any ideas on what...
  13. A

    AutoSSL did not renew The validation required 1 HTTP redirect

    Hi cPanelers, I recently set up a new Wordpress site for a client on a new Hosting account. Everything was going well for about a month, up until we received this email: ------------------- AutoSSL did not renew the certificate for “”. You must take action to keep this site secure. The...
  14. T

    AutoSSL with Cloudflare questions

    Hello While I have a brief understanding of how AutoSSL works, I would like to find out how the validation works with an already secured domain name. AutoSSL runs a process which places a text file in the users account, and cPanel will validate the domain by accessing the link, for example...
  15. Mauritz

    A little confused - cPanel + CloudLinux + Litespeed

    We've got a cPanel server running on CloudLinux that also makes use of Litespeed. With cPanel already offering MultiPHP manager and CloudLinux offering the PHP selector (which we both have installed) we're really not sure which one of these tools a client needs to use to a) select which PHP...
  16. J

    Removing IP URL to cPanel

    To start off I can say that my domains nameservers is pointed to Clouudflare and the DNS is controlled by Cloudflare as well. Then I point my domain to the IP Address of my WHM / cPanel installation. This setup is only for a single domain just because I wanted the extra privacy with a VPS for...
  17. durangod

    SOLVED Force subfolder site to use https

    Hi, I am having a heck of a time getting my subfolder (not sub domain) site working off of my main domain certificate. For example i have and i have https works fine on but does not work on i get "the page isnt...
  18. G

    Cloudflare SSL doesn't work with cPanel Services

    Hello, I'm having issues with setting up a Cloudflare SSL certificate for cPanel Services. SSL Certificate seems to be working fine if set for anything else besides cPanel Services (FTP, Exim, Dovecot, cPanel, WHM, etc.). This is the first time I've had any issues using Cloudflare SSL for...
  19. WebHosting-UK

    Adding website to cloudflare

    I currently have 2 websites one of them is [removed] and the other [removed] both of which are on the same VPS. Problem i'm having is not being able to login to cPanel/WHM as the icons don't load and keep getting logged out unless its through my hostname (hostname is [removed]), it also affects...
  20. L

    Cloudflare and WHM SMTP Connection

    Hello, I am facing a issue with SMTP connections since I started to use cloudflare. I have a dedicated server and the main domain use cloudlflare. When I try to connect using a PHP SMTP script I have an issue if I try to connect to the secure SMTP server. The point is simple, however I couldnt...