1. L

    Cloudflare and WHM SMTP Connection

    Hello, I am facing a issue with SMTP connections since I started to use cloudflare. I have a dedicated server and the main domain use cloudlflare. When I try to connect using a PHP SMTP script I have an issue if I try to connect to the secure SMTP server. The point is simple, however I couldnt...
  2. XxUnkn0wnxX

    CloudFlare Origin Certificate - WHM Not Loading

    hi, i just finished installing the cloudflare origin cert for whm and cpanel services & fixing the dns so that i can access whm through my sites domain name. now everything else seems to work and load fine but when i go to Security Center » cPHulk Brute Force Protection it loads up like this...
  3. B

    Switched DNS to Cloudflare Webmail Issue

    Hi After switching to cloudflare, I no longer have access to the webmail I used with „My session cookie is invalid. Please log in again.” And it looks like in the image I use cloudflare for dns management, what can I do? Thank you
  4. T

    Restore original visitor IP with CloudFlare + cPanel?

    I'm checking CloudFlare and like to know if there is need to install the new mod_cloudflare plugin or is any other setting to show original IP?
  5. BFFMediaInc

    CloudFlare and AutoSSL

    I like everyone else is hit by this, I have 20 servers. All I see is cpanel figuring out a way to hide the symptom but not sending out notices. But the problem still exists that the auto-ssl is no longer issuing certificate renewals behind cloudflare, is that correct? I am approaching the...
  6. A

    Mail Service Using CloudFlare Issue

    hi. im new on cpanel . The mail service on my server does not work properly Emails are received. But the email will not be sent. All domains connected to accounts are via cloudflear and ARecord services when i send an email by cpanel webmail . it get an email by subject "Mail delivery failed"...
  7. S

    Cloudflare and local DNS Servers

    i like to know how i can disable the creation of a local dns zone for domains what have cloudflare enabled. it make no sense to use the cloudflare service if i can get the "secret" ip of the domains with checking the nameservers of the possible hoster. i dont know maybe i'm just paranoid, but i...
  8. F

    Adding a domain alias when using cloudflare

    Hi All, I am having an issue with one of my cPanel accounts. I have the domains [removed] and [removed] i would like to add [removed] as an alias on [removed] but am unable to do so as i route my DNS through CloudFlare. Any suggestions on how i can achieve this. I already have one setup with...
  9. jimlongo

    Webmail setup

    According to the documentation I should be able to access webmail at — Access your Webmail over an encrypted connection with your domain name. However when I do that and enter the email and password the page refreshes with the following (I've lessened the opacity of...
  10. A

    SOLVED Corrupt Cpanel Login screens

    Not sure this is the right discussion group for this questions so if there is a better fit please let me know. I have a small VPS on which I have about a dozen small websites each with its own cpanel account. For the past several months 3 or 4 of them have been slow to load the cpanel login...
  11. A

    Cloudflare issue with domain resolving

    I have a client who is using cloudflare. Hè said he pointed his domainname the server. He added it as addon domain but it now shows this page and i dont have a clue what is wrong? Any ideas? [Removed - Please See Guide To Opening An Effective Forums Thread] Now redirects tot [Removed -...
  12. C

    Domain doesn't load by using CloudFlare for DNS

    Hello, I'm unable to load my site, I don't know what I've done wrong. 1) I set up hostname in the server, 2) I created a A record in CloudFlare account and pointed it to the server IP 3) I pointed the domain ( to
  13. Y

    Error installing mod_cloudflare

    I need view original visitor IP when the user uses Cloudflare, i try install mod_cloudflare, but i had problems. In terminal i'm use this: bash <(curl -s But when retart my HTTPD retorn this error...
  14. C

    Hide ASN? Set it as Cloudflare?

    Hello, I'm looking to hide my dedicated server provided so I've been looking at some sites which are hosted in OVH for example and they were able to hide their provider. In case of [Removed] you can't find out which is their hosting provider:[Removed] Any ideas how can...
  15. J

    Update 64 - CloudFlare + LVE Bad Gateway

    Hi, Just in case somebody else has the same issue using CloudFlare + LVE and you can't see stats or any settings because CloudFlare returning 502 Bad Gateway. The issue is in the way that cPanel changed the handling of Proxy Subdomains. Open...
  16. N

    SOLVED Recursive Queries DNS

    Reported by IntoDNS, Please let me know this fix.
  17. jimlongo

    SOLVED Cloudflare and external email server

    Wondering if anyone has any insights on this. I've setup Cloudflare to provide A records for my domain. ( -> orange cloud) I have a CNAME record for mail that is not passing through CF, and I've also tried this as an A record. (grey cloud) I use for email, I have...
  18. webmasteryoda

    SOLVED Cloudlinux plugin problem

    Hello I am using CentOs 6.x 64 bit with EasyApache 4 and Apache 2.4 So, I have tried to install CloudFlare plugin to my EasyApache and now I cant restart/start Apache. It gives me error that CloudFlare is causing the problems. Apache restarted, but pid file not updated. If apache restart...
  19. L

    Template Not Parsing

    Just recently when signing in, I have had the issue that it appears that the template code is not parsing. I could get round this by using This morning I have tried to log in via this route and it is now doing the same even via this access point. This is...
  20. DennisMidjord

    SOLVED Cloudflare fails to provision domain

    We get the following error when trying to provision a domain using the CloudFlare plugin: Client error response [status code] 404 [reason phrase] Not Found Has anyone seen this before?