1. caisc

    mod_cloudflare vs mod_remoteip

    Hi, Recently came through a nice guide at - It says mod_remoteip is better solution than mod_cloudflare What do experts say on pros and cons. Thanks
  2. D

    NETSTAT not showing real IPs using Cloudflare

    Hello, I am using cloudflare ( I have configured apache in order to see the visitor's real ip in the log) , and everything is working fine. I want to discard that my server is receiving DDOS attacks and i am trying to see the connections on port 80 sorted by IP , using the following command...
  3. R

    Cloudflare cPanel SSL Issue

    Has anyone here had success with this? How to install an Origin CA certificate in cPanel I've done that more than once (and tried both methods for the CSR). I've also, I think, accounted for everything here: Why isn't SSL working for my site? But comes back with a...
  4. D

    SOLVED Visitor IPs in Logs using cloudflare

    Hello, i am trying to get in Cpanel log the real ip of my visitor, but for some reason, that's not working. I have installed - CENTOS 6.8 x86_64 / WHM 62.0 / easyapache 4 Here the steps that i have done. 1. I installed whm from scratch. 2. I have added mod_ remoteip . (Also ,before i tried...
  5. V

    Cloudflare Security Vulnerability

    Due to a security breach on the Cloudflare reverse proxy, it is said that the http-https traffic between 13-18 February 2017 has been read from outside such as password, session, token, ip address. It is claimed to be 0.00003% of the readable process, but be careful. Change your important...
  6. D

    All visitors - same ip

    Hello, I am experiencing some kind of problem when i am trying to see my lasts visitors. I have a website with more than 200 real users connected simultaneosly and i want to see the ips of each one of them , but the screen shows that the visitors seem to have the same ip. Is there someting that...
  7. L

    CloudFlare and AutoSSL Validation

    Uh, what's the solution for sites behind Cloudflare, where SSL redirect happens before it ever reaches the origin server?
  8. A

    Limit Apache connections per IP

    Hello, If you have hosted websites using CloudFlare on a server and to show the real IPs to the visitors you will need to install mod_cloudflare module. On the other side the IPs on the incoming connections in the server still shown the CloudFlare IPs and the real IPs will appears in the...
  9. Neso

    WHM DNS sync with CloudFlare

    - Removed - In short, when account is created to send request to CloudFlare to add new domain and copy WHM DNS values to CF DNS and also in case changes in WHM DNS values for that specific domain to update/sync values on CloudFlare. Domain will use CloudFlare NS I know about CloudFlare plugin...
  10. E

    SOLVED Can't login as root after update

    Hi there! I'm having a curious issue when trying to login to WHM as root. This is what happens: 1 - I go to my WHM root URL and use as root. The authentication is OK. 2 - The next screen ask me for the security questions (I don't have a fixed IP) 3 - Instead of showing the actual WHM, it...
  11. R

    Cloudflare Universal SSL

    Ok so i enabled Cloudflare Universal SSL - Flexible, the ssl is ok but then i get redirected to: I must specify that the domain is added as an addon domain. What can be the problem?
  12. M

    CloudFlare and DNS Issue

    Dear cPanel Community, I am not a professional, in fact I am far from it, but I have been around cPanel for a long time. I am trying to setup a VPS of mine just to run cPanel and a few websites, but I am having and absolute nightmare getting it up and running. All I have is a Centos 6.5 VPS...
  13. S

    Cloudflare plugin doesn't show up

    I've installed the Cloudflare plugin as stated by Cloudflare's instructions. Said "OK" and I thought we'd be ready to go. I rebooted Apache after not seeing the Cloudflare icons show up in a user's account (I'm using the Paper Lantern theme.) Am I missing a step to activate something...
  14. D

    SOLVED cPanel not loading correctly

    Guys I need a Help. my cpanel is not loading correctly. its loading as a basic html version. if anybody have answers please put in to the thread. thank you
  15. A

    CloudFlare and Webmail - Logging IP Addresses Correctly

    To make this short as possible, I'm basically looking for the functionality of Mod_Cloudflare on httpd/Apache but I need to apply it to the cPanel and WHM core services, like Webmail and cPanel auths. One of the domains we have using cloudflare also uses WebMail and it seems that brute-force...
  16. R

    CloudFlare & Webmail

    Hi Everyone, I have CloudFlare enabled on my domain but when i goto login to my webmail it seems to strip all the styling from it and i cannot login. If i goto another domain on my server and login via webmail it works perfectly fine. What setting could be stripping all my page styling and...
  17. A

    Paper Lantern login.tmpl changed

    Hi, I changed paper lantern login.tmpl file and deleted translations section. Now when I try connect to webmail interface I get the following error: "The session cookie is invalid. Please sign in again." How can i restore the file login.tmpl???
  18. M

    CloudFlare - hard cache on server

    Hello i have below file on server (style.css): - Removed - now i renamed "style.css" to "style2.css" but still it load what is problem? why it still load? it have cache? how i can remove it? i'm sure i have not cache module on wordpress thanks.
  19. H

    EasyApache4 with CloudFlare

    I was able to find the link to cPanel docs for setting up CloudFlare's mod_cloudflare (in thread link at bottom) ... but I have a few concerns about this i'm hoping you guys can look into or provide more information on. The repository seems to be stored under someone's personal account, and I...
  20. Drumrocker365

    Emails go to spam using CloudFlare

    Hi, Please forgive my "stupidity," but I'm a noob when it comes to email hosting. I route my domain through CloudFlare, and all of my emails end up in spam when I test it sending it to my personal gmail. It is saying "In order to ensure that SPF or DKIM takes effect, you must confirm that this...