1. jimlongo

    Webmail setup

    According to the documentation I should be able to access webmail at — Access your Webmail over an encrypted connection with your domain name. However when I do that and enter the email and password the page refreshes with the following (I've lessened the opacity of...
  2. A

    SOLVED Corrupt Cpanel Login screens

    Not sure this is the right discussion group for this questions so if there is a better fit please let me know. I have a small VPS on which I have about a dozen small websites each with its own cpanel account. For the past several months 3 or 4 of them have been slow to load the cpanel login...
  3. A

    Cloudflare issue with domain resolving

    I have a client who is using cloudflare. Hè said he pointed his domainname the server. He added it as addon domain but it now shows this page and i dont have a clue what is wrong? Any ideas? [Removed - Please See Guide To Opening An Effective Forums Thread] Now redirects tot [Removed -...
  4. C

    Domain doesn't load by using CloudFlare for DNS

    Hello, I'm unable to load my site, I don't know what I've done wrong. 1) I set up hostname in the server, 2) I created a A record in CloudFlare account and pointed it to the server IP 3) I pointed the domain ( to
  5. Y

    Error installing mod_cloudflare

    I need view original visitor IP when the user uses Cloudflare, i try install mod_cloudflare, but i had problems. In terminal i'm use this: bash <(curl -s But when retart my HTTPD retorn this error...
  6. C

    Hide ASN? Set it as Cloudflare?

    Hello, I'm looking to hide my dedicated server provided so I've been looking at some sites which are hosted in OVH for example and they were able to hide their provider. In case of [Removed] you can't find out which is their hosting provider:[Removed] Any ideas how can...
  7. J

    Update 64 - CloudFlare + LVE Bad Gateway

    Hi, Just in case somebody else has the same issue using CloudFlare + LVE and you can't see stats or any settings because CloudFlare returning 502 Bad Gateway. The issue is in the way that cPanel changed the handling of Proxy Subdomains. Open...
  8. N

    SOLVED Recursive Queries DNS

    Reported by IntoDNS, Please let me know this fix.
  9. jimlongo

    SOLVED Cloudflare and external email server

    Wondering if anyone has any insights on this. I've setup Cloudflare to provide A records for my domain. ( -> orange cloud) I have a CNAME record for mail that is not passing through CF, and I've also tried this as an A record. (grey cloud) I use for email, I have...
  10. webmasteryoda

    SOLVED Cloudlinux plugin problem

    Hello I am using CentOs 6.x 64 bit with EasyApache 4 and Apache 2.4 So, I have tried to install CloudFlare plugin to my EasyApache and now I cant restart/start Apache. It gives me error that CloudFlare is causing the problems. Apache restarted, but pid file not updated. If apache restart...
  11. L

    Template Not Parsing

    Just recently when signing in, I have had the issue that it appears that the template code is not parsing. I could get round this by using This morning I have tried to log in via this route and it is now doing the same even via this access point. This is...
  12. D

    SOLVED Cloudflare fails to provision domain

    We get the following error when trying to provision a domain using the CloudFlare plugin: Client error response [status code] 404 [reason phrase] Not Found Has anyone seen this before?
  13. caisc

    mod_cloudflare vs mod_remoteip

    Hi, Recently came through a nice guide at - It says mod_remoteip is better solution than mod_cloudflare What do experts say on pros and cons. Thanks
  14. D

    NETSTAT not showing real IPs using Cloudflare

    Hello, I am using cloudflare ( I have configured apache in order to see the visitor's real ip in the log) , and everything is working fine. I want to discard that my server is receiving DDOS attacks and i am trying to see the connections on port 80 sorted by IP , using the following command...
  15. R

    Cloudflare cPanel SSL Issue

    Has anyone here had success with this? How to install an Origin CA certificate in cPanel I've done that more than once (and tried both methods for the CSR). I've also, I think, accounted for everything here: Why isn't SSL working for my site? But comes back with a...
  16. D

    SOLVED Visitor IPs in Logs using cloudflare

    Hello, i am trying to get in Cpanel log the real ip of my visitor, but for some reason, that's not working. I have installed - CENTOS 6.8 x86_64 / WHM 62.0 / easyapache 4 Here the steps that i have done. 1. I installed whm from scratch. 2. I have added mod_ remoteip . (Also ,before i tried...
  17. V

    Cloudflare Security Vulnerability

    Due to a security breach on the Cloudflare reverse proxy, it is said that the http-https traffic between 13-18 February 2017 has been read from outside such as password, session, token, ip address. It is claimed to be 0.00003% of the readable process, but be careful. Change your important...
  18. D

    All visitors - same ip

    Hello, I am experiencing some kind of problem when i am trying to see my lasts visitors. I have a website with more than 200 real users connected simultaneosly and i want to see the ips of each one of them , but the screen shows that the visitors seem to have the same ip. Is there someting that...
  19. L

    CloudFlare and AutoSSL Validation

    Uh, what's the solution for sites behind Cloudflare, where SSL redirect happens before it ever reaches the origin server?
  20. A

    Limit Apache connections per IP

    Hello, If you have hosted websites using CloudFlare on a server and to show the real IPs to the visitors you will need to install mod_cloudflare module. On the other side the IPs on the incoming connections in the server still shown the CloudFlare IPs and the real IPs will appears in the...