1. P

    check cPanel emails and Set up POP3 email in Gmail

    Hello i Check Cpanel emails and Set up POP3 email in Gmail connect have problem send mail and reserve email Please cpanel Team help me send email and reserve Mail Queue Manager - Removed -
  2. E

    Security for my domains

    Hi there, So I hope someone can either help me, or point me to another forum that you think can help me. Over the years I've had to pay extra for dedicated domains b/c I like to keep certain domains separate from other domains so people can't look them all up by doing a reverse lookup. I...
  3. squadx

    Locating non-ssl traffic?

    What specific log file AND how to differentiate what I am seeing traffic wise between HTTP and HTTPS traffic? I have cloudflare installed on Wordpress with HTTPS on all pages/content. Everything is "green" and 'padlocked' so to speak. Including page rules in Cloudflare to Always use HTTPS...
  4. G

    DKIM and Third-Party DNS

    So my cPanel dedicated server hosts several domains for which we use the default email system. I have SPF and DKIM set. But I use third parties for DNS, such as CloudFlare and Namecheap, depending on the domain and the amount of traffic it receives. However, it appears that I cannot transfer...
  5. R

    CloudFlare Icon missing on V56

    11.56 upgrade, missing Cloudflare section and icons for cloudflare plugin. Used to have a Cloudflare section with several icons. Upgraded to 11.56.9 and now only 1 icon for Cloudflare under the Security section... am I missing something?
  6. S

    mod_cloudflare and easyapache4

    Is there a nice walkthrough on how to get mod_cloudflare up and running with easyapache4?
  7. G

    How to use cloudflare plugin if the domain is not using cpanel DNS?

    We have domains on cpanel server, but those domains are not using the nameservers on the cpanel. When I activate cloudflare for the domain in cpanel, it only change the CNAME to cloudflare on cpanel nameservers, but not the domain authoritative nameservers. Is it possible to use cloudflare...
  8. K

    Wrong page title on cPanel - CloudFlare Issue

    Hello, I recently installed the CloudFlare plugin for CPanel and noticed that some of the page titles and headers are wrong. When I click on Email Accounts I get page title 'CPanel - CloudFlare' and 'CloudFlare' as the page header. When I click on 'Forwarders' I get page title 'CPanel -...
  9. S

    Too many active connection from Cloudflare Ip

    Hi, I just realized that my server is running too slow, when checked, it has over 700 connection from cloudfalre ip which are supposed to be in whitelist it's causing my network to slow down a lot, is it normal ?
  10. M

    Logging clients' real IPs when using CloudFlare + Nginx + Apache

    I understand that cPanel doesn't support neither Nginx nor CloudFlare. It would be great if anyone has went through this before and have a solution or suggestion for this problem. I have Nginx stands as a reverse proxy in front of Apache. I'm able to log clients' real IPs by using mod_rpaf...
  11. L

    Cloudflare issue with Cpanel

    i have set up cloudflare. when i login to cpanel i see this white page. how may i solve it? thanks too much for your support
  12. postcd

    Cloudflare for cPanel installed, is WHMCS module needed?

    Hello, i installed Cloudflare into my cpanel and there is an CLoudflare icon in each cPanel account. I want to ask if its needed to isntall WHMCS module for cloudflare or it dont have any essential features?
  13. C

    CloudFlare no work!

    I keep getting the CF ips when i have this setup under the premaininclude for apache: (running nginx as a reverse proxy. using LoadModule rpaf_module modules/ RPAFenable On # Enable reverse proxy add forward RPAFproxy_ips