1. M

    Logging clients' real IPs when using CloudFlare + Nginx + Apache

    I understand that cPanel doesn't support neither Nginx nor CloudFlare. It would be great if anyone has went through this before and have a solution or suggestion for this problem. I have Nginx stands as a reverse proxy in front of Apache. I'm able to log clients' real IPs by using mod_rpaf...
  2. L

    Cloudflare issue with Cpanel

    i have set up cloudflare. when i login to cpanel i see this white page. how may i solve it? thanks too much for your support
  3. postcd

    Cloudflare for cPanel installed, is WHMCS module needed?

    Hello, i installed Cloudflare into my cpanel and there is an CLoudflare icon in each cPanel account. I want to ask if its needed to isntall WHMCS module for cloudflare or it dont have any essential features?
  4. C

    CloudFlare no work!

    I keep getting the CF ips when i have this setup under the premaininclude for apache: (running nginx as a reverse proxy. using LoadModule rpaf_module modules/ RPAFenable On # Enable reverse proxy add forward RPAFproxy_ips