1. B

    Setting up redundant nameservers

    Hi, I have 2 servers, dedicated and vps on separate locations. I would like to setup redundant nameservers, and looks like i have to setup dns cluster? Both servers have websites on it with active accounts. Dedicated: Vps I don't...
  2. darjohn

    DNSonly cluster structures

    Hi I use dnsonly as a dns server installed on two machines, one as and the second as Also, I have two web servers, both with WHM, one of them called and the second, both servers Synchronize changes to and...
  3. JIKOmetrix

    [SOLVED] Fixing all DNS zones in the cluster

    Hello, I have a issue that started with a DNS template. The DNS templaced had an include in the TXT for SPF that should not be there. There are hundreds of DNS zones in the cluster. I do not want to manually edit each zone via the zone editor. I have tried to do the following on each server...
  4. B

    DNS Cluster

    Hi everyone I have simple question about DNS cluster. If we setup server 1 and create nameservers like IP: 12.235.213 After that we setup new server and configure DNS cluster. What happened when server 1 I mean master server down or crashed because have server 1 IP...
  5. cPanelDustin

    New Thread Configuration Cluster in WHM

    As we further explore the cPanel High Availability path, we are researching expanding and retooling the configuration cluster within WHM. I hope to use this thread to have a continued discussion around that technology. What do you expect to happen when a new server is added to the cluster...
  6. cPanelDustin

    New Thread cPanel High Availability Roadmap

    We have begun heavy research phases of High Availability for cPanel. We have a forecasted roadmap for HA and we will continue adding additional information to it as we flesh out the project further. *edit* x-linking Configuration Cluster thread