1. B

    CNAME error - redirects to main domain

    Although it says cname error it is probably something i'm doing wrong. Cpanel is handling my dns, i have a domain "" I resel stuff on this domain and users can access their own panel like: Coming from ispconfig ( cpanel is my new setup ), I simply...
  2. J

    Problem with CNAME

    Hi - I am trying to use my as my blogspot name. The instructions on the blogger website tell me that I need to add 2 CNAMES but I am getting an error that "the name is already reserved" for one of them. I didn't have trouble with the other one but when I add "www", I...
  3. W

    Setting a CNAME for subdomain that has its own Zone file

    Hi "My" server hosts say "" and sub-domain "". These were originally created (using WHM) as separate accounts so each has its OWN Zone file on the name server. Under WHM->List Accounts the "IP Addresses" for these show as "" and...
  4. T

    CNAME question

    If I have the domain and I need to do a CNAME pointed to what needs to be set in cpanel's DNS editor. I set it to: 14400 IN CNAME but when I do nslookup it finds no CNAME record for What am I doing wrong?
  5. N

    cname subdomain to another subdomain

    I have been trying to get DNS configured to point a subdomain from one domain to another subdomain on a different domain name. The only issue is that the CNAME keeps pointing to the primary domain and not the subdomain where it should be going. This is the scenario; should...
  6. S

    Need help in setting cust CNAME

    I need a help on setting-up a custom CNAME records for two sub-domains which will point to main domain name (Italy) (France) I do not not mean here sub-domain re-direction which can be easily done through cPanel...
  7. L

    cname pointing to cgi-sys/defaultwebpage.cgi page

    Hi, One of my domain ( is running somewhere else(not on cpanel). Now I have created a CNAME record for a subdomain ( and pointed it to on another subdomain ( ( is running with cpanel). The records looks like as follow. CNAME...
  8. T

    CNAME Creation Issue

    So I am trying to create a CNAME. I put the name in the name field under the "Add a CNAME Record" and it added the subdomain after it. I don't have a problem with that, but it added a "." (a period/dot) to the end of it making it not work correctly. Is this normal or is it something funky...
  9. M

    Automatically change cname of the subdomain.

    The aim is when client signs up on my website I create a subdomain and manually set cname record to it. I was able to setup automatic creation of subdomain through script but I am unable to change cname. Any help would be appreciated.
  10. J

    Add MX and CNAME records via XML/JSON API - Permissions?

    Hi, We're trying to add MX and CNAME records using the 'addzonerecord' API function. Do we need root permission at the server to do this? If so, calling that family of API functions as 'root' should be as simple as specifying 'root' as the username, following the authentication procedures...
  11. D

    cpanel not allowing me to create cname record to subdomain

    Ive created a subdomain called cdn...then when i go to create a cname record via the simple dns zone editor...and upon trying to create a cname for this subdomain it tells me "That name is reserved (already in use)." Ive went into the whm and looked at my dns editor and it seems that its...
  12. J

    CNAME records and addon/parked domains

    Hi *, Interesting problem i've run into, that I couldn't find many definitive answers for. On our server we have 2 websites as seperate accounts, lets call them and set up a subdomain, then set up a CNAME record on for...
  13. C

    utility to update "A" entry to CNAME in bulk for some selected domain

    utility to update/change/replace "A" entry to CNAME in bulk for some selected domains in Edit DNS Zone mail 14400 IN A (i want to update/change/replace it to as below) mail 14400 IN CNAME and i want to do this for some selected domains which are currently hosted...
  14. S

    CPanel Subdirectory v. CName setup ??

    I set up a subdirectory using CPanel's built in system in order to place a blog there to optimize a site for Google Panda. I was told not to do that but to use a CName instead. I'm not quite sure of the difference, whether there is a difference, and if it would impact on what I'm trying to do...
  15. S

    How can I create CNAME in CPANEL

    Hello, i have one domain and use Cpanel! how can I create CNAME with CPANEL for different IP addresse? for example: my site ip address is: and i want to create CNAME for this IPs: Please Help me///
  16. Z

    Point CNAME subdomain to main domain

    I need to create a CNAME record like that points to I need the following functionality: when someone asks for , the server to return the contents of in WHM i entered a new field like this cdn 14400 IN CNAME (i also...
  17. fearmydesign

    Not able to create a CNAME record to verify Microsoft Online Services

    Hi everyone, I am trying to create a DNS Record type CNAME for a particular domain through WHM to verify a new Microsoft Hosted Email Exchange account. I am creating the record with MS's instructions: #### IN CNAME But for some...
  18. J

    CNAME record not showing up in Lookup

    Hi everyone, I am trying to park my domain using google adsense, and have good reasons for using CNAME/A record option rather than the recommended Nameserver settings (see Here are my records for the domain ""...
  19. S

    changing cname for blogger

    Hi there I am setting up a website for a friend. He has started a site on blogger (part of google) I've set up an account for his site and to manage redirects, emails etc so far so good. But I want to change the cname to www (so when visitors got to
  20. G

    CNAME record for domain through cPanel

    I can currently add CNAME records pointing subdomains to other places as cpanel's dns area allows me to specify a subdomain hostname. However, how can I create a CNAME record for the main domain and not a subdomain? I tried parking the domain into cpanel and then using www as the hostname in the...