1. P

    Website replication using CNAME and A record

    hello all, i am new to this hosting business and have a query, i have seen that domain providers (like resellerclub, godaddy etc) give their resellers provide a webstorefront to market their products. and they replicate this website using CNAME and A records, i have created a website...
  2. kamm

    Web forwarding by changing CNAME?

    Hi all, I have a client that wants me to use web fowarding so that their domain points to but continue using our sever for email. Am I correct in thinking that all I need to do is : WHM >> Main >> DNS Functions >> Edit DNS Zone and then change the www CNAME record from their...
  3. equens

    Cname to hostname without www

    I would like to know how can I add a cname to redirect one domain name with and without www. In Enom I always use @ but I can't do it in Cpanel. Thanks in advance.
  4. F

    Create Addon domain for CNAME benefit?

    I would like to point via a CNAME to for HTTP requests only - no FTP required. I have set up the "shop" CNAME for to point to What do I have to do on my CPANEL box under to get this working? From what I've...
  5. Z

    CNAME Records

    I"m trying to add a cname record for my google apps mail so that i can access it through my domain. As instructed cname value is "mail" and cname destination's "". But the this came out: You must have the zoneedit feature to take this action. You currently only have the...
  6. B

    Problems adding a CNAME in cPanel/WHM

    Hello, I have recently added a subdomain (ex - in cPanel. I'm now trying to point that subdomain to a subdomain I've set up on an ecommerce site ( I began in cPanel trying to add a CNAME using the Simple DNS Zone Editor. But after adding the info., when I click...
  7. F

    CName Redirect ?

    CName Redirect ? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I am trying to setup a CNAME redirect for ZenDesk. ( CPanel continues to give me the default page not found, rather than redirecting...
  8. S

    cname redirect stops working periodically?

    I have added a cname redirect by doing the following: 1.) Logging into the domain cpanel 2.) Click on simple DNS editor 3.) Selected the domain I wanted to add the cname redirect to 4.) Added openid as the name and as the cname 5.) Clicked add cname record Then...
  9. M

    How to setup a Cname

    Hi noob here I just wanted to know how exactly we set up a Cname for a subdomain. I'm running a kickapps website and i need to set up a subdomain Cnamed as "". Can i get guidance regarding setting up a Cname for my subdomain. Thanks in advance.
  10. F

    Adding a CNAME?

    I am trying to set up one of my domains to use Windows Live Mail for e-mail, so i can easily offer my members e-mail. Now it says i can setup a CNAME so that i can point to the Windows Live servers. So i go into WHM, edit DNS Zone and add a new entry: mail 14400 IN...
  11. M

    Changing CNAME for different domains

    Hi I need to change my CNAME-servers or what they are called in WHM, because I want to park my domains with the Google Adsense Domain-parking system. I don´t know whether this is the system with best ad revenue, or general best system, but they tell me to change CNAME-stuff for the domains...
  12. P

    cPanel CNAME

    I have a problem/missunderstanding regarding the CNAME record I've configured a CNAME record thats look like IN CNAME The problem is: When i access i'm redirected to cgi-sys/defaultwebpage.cgi Can you help me please? Thank you.
  13. J

    Create CNAME from cPanel?

    Is there any way to give our hosted users the ability to create their own CNAMES from their own cPanels? We just lost a hosting customer who went to another host who could provide this. So I take it that, the other host was not using cPanel?
  14. U

    Where to change CNAME in Cpanel Hosting

    I have web hosting plan with Cpanel 11 control panel and I wish to enable my [email protected] email with gmail integrity, but gmail wants CNAME change in domain hosting....where exactly I have to change, please help
  15. P

    How do you change a CNAME value using Cpanel?

    In Google Apps, I need to: "set the CNAME destination to the following address:". How do I do that in Cpanel? Any help would be much appreciated.
  16. A

    Cname, subdomain to a specific url... HELP pls!!!

    Here is what we need to do. We're setting up a main portal and several children sites. Main portal will have several services as blog, forum, directory... just like Let's take the Blog section. We plan to create...
  17. N

    CNAME problem, won't resolve.

    My Cname entries won't resolve at all. Not www. not mail and not ftp none of them show up when I check. THis is what I got in WHM under the edit dns records mail 14400 IN CNAME www 14400 IN CNAME ftp 14400 IN CNAME When I query the records...
  18. B

    cname entry dissapears after some time

    I am adding a custom cname entry into the dns zone of one of my domains. The problem is, after some time or even a reboot the cname entry disappears. What would cause this?
  19. kdoublei

    Changing the cname

    i did follow the instructions to change it but what happens is changes properly but doesnt change. what would i need to do to make change also?
  20. E

    how to add CNAME for

    I'm new for cpanel and I want to add CNAME for and the requiered information DNS Record Type: CNAME Host: 250953144 Value: I enter edit dns zone like the picture attached I don't know if i should delete the www and mail or leave it like this...