1. B

    CNAME lookup failed temporarily

    Hello Every one, I am getting following error while sending mail from one of my yahoo acct to one of account hosted in my server. ----------- CNAME lookup failed temporarily. (#4.4.3) I'm not going to try again; this message has been in the queue too long. -- Below this line is a...
  2. M

    CNAME Problem Cannot redirect properly

    I have launched a new webmail system called i have 3 websites on the same server called I am using cpanel 11 I have created cname for to pint to What I want is to be used as a standard webmail...
  3. N

    how to cname my URL to other server?

    I have a client subscribe my cpanel and domain name is Usually website will host in my cpanel but i want to locate www in other server domain name. How to point the www from cpanel to other server domain name? kindly u guys assist. Thank you very much.
  4. E

    How can I create a CNAME record...

    ... to associate my custom domain with a blog on blogspot? My domain is managed through cpanel. Just in case my explanation is unclear, this is the process I'm trying to figure out: [URL=""] Thanks!
  5. S

    CNAME redirection

    Helo I have a client that is having multiple filiales which each has it's own 3rd level domain like To point the domain to my account I have instructed their server management to point domain to my account using cname: 14400 IN CNAME...
  6. pablus

    Cname supersite

    Hello, I made a cmane for my domain in order to work with Directi- Supersite, and my domain resolve ok using "WWW", now I want to make another one, to the same domain, but I want domain resolve without "WWW". I have tried several ways, but nothing. ¿Do somebody knows how to do it...
  7. D

    changing the CNAME record

    Hello all, I use google apps for your domain. And i'd like to change the CNAME record of to How should i do this in cPanel ? thanks,
  8. C

    CNAME Records

    I recently struck a deal with google and google has agreed to start hosting the files for my website. (More space). However, my curent host requires me to change the CNAME files in the cpanel to point to googles servers. Only problem is I am not experienced enough to even find where to edit the...
  9. sunsystems

    MX, A, NS, CNAME and so on

    A poor soul looking for some salvation !!! My situation is as follows: I have one domain "" which has 2 nameserver on it. (ns1/ with a webspace of 100MB on a windows server with 10 email accounts running from it. What I want to do is leave eveything intact as it is...
  10. S

    mx / cname problem

    Can someone clarify the proper way to setup mx records in cpanel? I did it this way domain. 14400 MX 0 mail 14400 CNAME ipaddressofexternalmailserver This is not working according to the customer and Please clarify
  11. W

    MX records and cname

    I am a new user and trying to host a site that has webmail with godaddy. Godaddy tells me to enter the primary and secondary MX records and tghe Cnames to use. I can only see where to enter 1 mx. and no cname...can someone help me find my way arround?
  12. D

    Cname question

    Hi everyone, I have a problem with a client. I made a website for him and he wants to stay with his current host for the email and the website-hosting with me. That is a bit difficult so we have registered another domain for the hosting of the site. Now the old domain has to forward to the...
  13. cLub2Share

    www 14400 IN CNAME

    The Highlighted in this line right know i dont make any change even if i go back to edit the Zone and i dont do anything just Save Setting this error going to show up.. anyone have any commants about this ? Thankyou :)
  14. S

    CNAME entry

    Hello I want to: to create a CNAME entry for pointing to I went in WHM of the server for There I went to edit DNS Zone and added 14400 in CNAME as well as...
  15. S

    Error when CNAME to A record is attempted

    I want to eliminate CNAME records and use A records only. Easier said than done in WHM. Using the drop-down, I get an error about 'bad dotted quad' when I try to change records for mail, www, and ftp. Same if I try to add the A record, but even if that succeeded how would I delete the CNAME...
  16. teddymills

    CPANEL MX, CNAME and A records

    Here is part of a cpanel made DNS record for a domain. I have read in many places that the MX record must point to a domain name. (ie. it is below, However I thought the line about "www" should be. mail IN A (whatever your ip) Is "mail IN CNAME...
  17. A

    cname url redirect

    Hi all I need some help with cname redirects. i want to redirect a subdomain like to while looking like it was still at I can redirect to domains like but not pages on the site. Anyone have an idea ? Thanks Aquitaine
  18. E

    How can I redirect a subdomain to goto a site at another server? CNAME?

    How can I redirect a subdomain to goto a site at another server? CNAME? I want to redirect to Is this possible with a CNAME? I tried it and it does't seem to work. Any tips?
  19. 3

    Chaning A record into Cname.

    I have a problem. A client wants me to repoint his domain. And i'm not sure how to go about it in WHM. <> I would like it redirected at a different web server which is hosting my new website. Please change the 'A' record to a 'CNAME' record that points to...
  20. B

    Help please :) CNAME to Dynamic IP?

    Hello all :D Forgive my ignorance on this subject but I'm trying to help a client out and am having a hard time figuring out the resolve for this issue. Can someone point me in the right direction on how to achieve this: Is this possible? Thanks you in advance for any help any...