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    Adding CNAME

    Hi, I would like to add a Cname so requests to go What needs to be changed in WHM in the edit DNS Zone Currently I have... 14400 IN CNAME (blank) (Blank) Correct? Thanks! WKP
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    ERROR: A CNAME appeared in the MX records

    Hi guys, I am getting the following report from dnsreport when I am trying to test my email settings for a domain that make use of virtual hosting (the main domain with static IP related to mail server is working fine) Step 1: Try connecting to the following mailserver: [ERROR...
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    setup a cname and mx

    hi. i am a hosting reseller and am trying to setup a free email service. the company says i need to make the following changes...but i actually cant get it to work...the domain is and the changes are YOURDOMAIN. IN MX 10 MAIL.OEMMAIL.COM THEMAIL.YOURDOMAIN. IN CNAME...
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    CNAME editing/setup

    I have a client using a "website builder"... the subdomain must be set up with a CNAME to the web site offering the software. The subdomain already has an "A" entry and my WHM is not letting me create a CNAME entry for this subdomain to point to the other server as required. This is the error...
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    cname and mx records

    I have a customer who wants his cname and mx record info changed to the following: YOURDOMAIN. IN MX 10 MAIL.OEMMAIL.COM THEMAIL.YOURDOMAIN. IN CNAME WEB.OEMMAIL.COM How would I go about doin this? In WHM I click on "edit an MX entry" then select his domain. Now what do I put in the...
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    Cname Setup

    I was supposed to forward to some other, am I doing this right? 14400 IN CNAME Irc server is the second one, and would be entered when you want to connect to Chat. I dont have to setup subdomain...
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    Hosting a subdomain with cname record

    A client has domain hosted somewhere else,not cpanel. subdomain is on my cpanel. He created a CNAME record at his hosting which is: CNAME . Subdomain on cpanel works fine, but not the one with cname record. I cannot find, what record...