1. albatroz

    How can I do to add Mailchannels SMTP to a currently working EXIM smarthost configuration?

    I currently have my CPanel server configured to use a smarthost according to this documentation so only the mail sent to the domains listed in /etc/staticroutes are being sent through the smarthost while keep using...
  2. R

    Jailed shell users can't access global configuration files on /etc

    I had create a /etc/nanorc configuration file on /etc. My normal shell users can load normally this file and yours configurations, but jailed shell users can not. So, how can I grant access to files like this for jailed shell user?
  3. V

    Cpanel HA Configuration with Loadbalancer

    Hi there Is there a known best practise for this setup? 2 Servers for the same service => seen in WHM as 1 Server Centralised WHM Change- and Configuration Management - Modules, Services, Server Version and cPanel Version My Idea is, that i could place bofore the 2 Servers a Loadbalancer...
  4. schoeps

    Is Configuration Cluster worthwhile yet?

    Seems like it still only syncs cPanel version, but I can't find any new info. Thanks!
  5. A

    Correct rDNS / HELO when using /etc/mailhelo and /etc/mailips ?

    The issue In cPanel -> Email Deliverability for it shows: "Problems Exist (Reverse DNS)" The system sends “”’s outgoing email from the “” IP address. The only PTR value for this IP address must be “”. This is the name that this server sends with...
  6. M

    MySQL clustering - Does users need to update their MySQL hosts on configuration file?

    Good morning, To avoid downtime during a MySQL downgrade operation, I wish to setup a clustering to keep data available and useable. If I setup a MySQL cluster from a cPanel server and with another MySQL server (non-cpanel, just MySQL installed), does I need to update the MySQL hostname on...
  7. Michael-Inet

    How to sort WHM’s left column (Server Configuration, Support, Networking Setup, …)?

    Is there any way to sort WHM’s left column of headers alphabetically? It’s always been in this layout: Server Configuration Support Networking Setup Security Center Server Contacts Resellers ... Plugins Back To Top Which I’m sure made sense at one point, but it’s kind of a pita to find...
  8. C

    Outlook Android configuration problem and Cpanel Email Account

    Hello, we recently started using a Cpanel account via o2switch where we are hosting our site. Until now we used an Exchange email account. We have just done some tests by creating an email account on Cpanel. No problem on computer Outlook on the other hand on Android Outlook unable to connect...
  9. P

    CPanel/WHM Configuration For Dedicated Server.

    Hello , anybody here who can tell me or give me a Documentation link about how to configure CPanel/whm for dedicated servers. I taken one dedicated server and I installed CPanel on that server. I want to Know How can I Configure CPanel/WHM for better performance and security. anyone share any...
  10. M

    cPanel DNSOnly correct configuration

    Hi, -How can I disable automatic updates in cPanel DNSOnly?, I not want have any problem or error, and the web hosting servers cannot load the webs. I think maybe it's better update each day only one "cPanel DNSOnly" for be safe (and not all Cluster DNS). -Which command I need use for update...
  11. M

    Two-Factor Authentication configuration

    Hi, You recommend me enable "Two-Factor Authentication" tool in WHM/cPanel or can generate access problems?. If I enable him, in "Issuer" I need put a different hostname in each server or I need put the same info in all servers? (because I have various servers). I attached an image. Thank you...
  12. L

    SOLVED Database Backup Options

    i'm looking at the Databases section of the documentation for WHM Backup Configuration. It lists three options for database backups: Per Account Only — Only back up the databases for each account. This setting uses the mysqldump utility. Entire MySQL Directory — Back up all of the databases on...
  13. Sujoy Dhar

    Failed to mount /backup fstab configuration

    Hi, My server is not booting up and datacentre told me that My server is not booting up for the following reason Failed to mount /backup Please verify your fstab configuration. Can you tell me how to unmount this and solve the issue ?
  14. W

    Error log flooded with "==> CONFIGURATION CHANGE: closing FD 12 (port 443)==> CONFIGURATION CHANGE: closing FD 5 (port 80)"

    Since February 28th I observe multiple entries (approx. every 5 minutes) in the error logs of my DNSOnly Servers stating the following: [2020-03-29 16:40:24 +0200] info [whostmgrd] Successfully verified signature for cpanel (key types: release). ==> CONFIGURATION CHANGE: closing FD 12 (port...
  15. S

    SOLVED Some CPanels do not provide Filezilla Configuration Files

    When I go to FTP Accounts->Special FTP Accounts-> Configure FTP Client, I'm used to seeing Filezilla on the far left. Lately, it seems Filezilla is missing a lot. Is there a reason for this or a flag I need to set to get it back?
  16. E

    Please choose another nameserver configuration.

    Hello everyone, friends, I get an error like this on my server. What do you think is the solution? I think there is a dns problem on my server because of this problem. Because I cannot access my website. When updating the DNS zone, it gives the following error. I hope I told you properly. Thanks
  17. A

    default email configuration

    Hello, I want configure the email archive option for all domains, to save, all outgoing emails (on all accounts) during 3 days. And restrict to user to disable it. I want they can increase the value, but not less than 3 days. Thanks. ;)
  18. K

    SOLVED Fix cPanel Web Services Configuration from terminal

    Hi, cPanel don't open after I updated cPanel Web Services Configuration TLS/SSL Protocols. I just wants to configure TLS1.2 so I updated this field wrongly and WHM not works anymore. Here is changed value: SSLv23:!SSLv2:!SSLv3:!TLSv1:!TLSv1_1 to SSLv23:!SSLv2:!SSLv3:!TLSv1:!TLSv1_1:!TLSv1_2...
  19. N

    PTR Configuration

    Hello i have a PTR issues on email deliverability, the ptr is correctly configured, i remember there was a bug a while ago on cpanel. I contacted my datacenter and seems to be all ok on reverse dns Message from my datacenter for ip 111.222.333.444 you have configured the PRT
  20. A

    cPanel Backup Configuration

    I have S3 configured as the destination for cPanel backup configuration but it's unable to process since the server creates local backups first(server disk space is full). Is there any script available that can process backups remotely without taking up local storage or any other alternative...