1. N

    FTP configuration

    How can I configure FTP access so that it is limited to the directory an account exists in? Ex: If I create an account in WHM named 'test', how do I restrict FTP access to only the directory '/home/test/'?
  2. K

    Option Unkown Error with Entry in Exim Configuration Editor

    When I try and use the Exim Configuration Editor to add an "interface =" line to the transports configuration section of the Exim confs, I get an 'option "interface" unknown' error: 2004-12-29 10:19:02 Exim configuration error in line 950 of /etc/exim.conf.buildtest: option "interface"...
  3. S

    Spamd configuration

    I'm having trouble getting spamd to run, how should I configure it for optimum performance?
  4. T

    CallUploadScript of a Pure-ftpd configuration.

    I set CallUploadScript to yes within pure-ftpd.conf, and after running "pure-uploadscript-B-r :virusscan-file:", I ran "service pure-ftpd start". Then, although the file (for a test) was uploaded using FTP client software, I do not detect a virus, and not run virusscan-file. (For...
  5. I

    clamav configuration to block zip virus?

    Clamav cannot block the EICAR test .zip file attached to email. Therefore Viruses in zip files can get throught. See Test 11,18 and 20-25 all failed. How can I configure Clamav to block this virus?
  6. mahdionline

    apf 9.4 configuration

    Hi I install apf 9.4 over rhe 3 +cpanel but when it start , we cannot connect to whm or cpanel : this is my conf.apf ? what's my mistake ? Regard
  7. E

    What are optimal setting for Spamd Startup Configuration on a busy server?

    What are optimal setting for Spamd Startup Configuration on a busy server? maxchildren=? allowedips= maxconnperchild=?
  8. F

    FTP configuration in CPANEL

    One of my hosting costumers reported a problem. I logged-in with his username/password in Cpanel and he's right: there IS a problem! He tried to add an aditional FTP account in Cpanel, but Cpanel created a strange account instead of creating the username he intended. He tried to create a...
  9. G

    Virus Detected; File not Uploaded! Can't parse configuration

    when i try to upload ANY file i get "index.php (index.php): Virus Detected; File not Uploaded! (Can't parse configuration file.)" BUT THERE IS NO GOD DAMN VIRUS! WTF IS WRONG WITH CPANEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. W

    Virus Detected; File not Uploaded! (Can't parse configuration file.)

    When I try to upload a file (any file) using cPanel's File Manager I get the following error: Virus Detected; File not Uploaded! (Can't parse configuration file.) I guess the uploadscript tries to scan the file for a virus, but a configfile tor the virusscanner is corrupt/missing. Where...
  11. W

    exim configuration problems

    when i restart exim via cpanel i get this error sendmail: sendmail cannot be called directly from a shell with the current user id im not really sure whats going on with this error
  12. T

    Virus Detected; File not Uploaded! (Can't parse configuration file.)

    Hi, I just got the error mentioned in the subject line while trying to use the File manager to upload a small .jpeg file. It is happenning for every file that I have tried out using the file manager. The following error appears: Virus Detected; File not Uploaded! (Can't parse...
  13. L

    Clamav Configuration Question

    1. Installed using anand's method, but coming up with Digital Signature error message. Have installed gmp-devel through WHM - but still receive message. Have stopped and restarted Exim, Bind and Apache. 2. Is there a way to see if Clamd is still running clamwatch does not seem to be able...
  14. S

    Statistics Software Configuration Users Logins

    Users Can view All logins In New feature Hi, i want know how i can hide from my resellers the Users Login .. because i Install the Addon ~Statistics Software Configuration~ And, using a reseller login, i enter in this option in WHM, and i click in User permissions, and i can see all the...
  15. S

    enable stats configuration

    hi, How can one enable the stats configuration in cpanel ? With Regards Sanjux
  16. B

    Virus Detected; File not Uploaded! (Can't parse configuration file.)

    Hi all, I'm getting the following error when trying to upload file from the cpanel file manager. Virus Detected; File not Uploaded! (Can't parse configuration file.) The File is not containing viruses. I tried to scan it with various virus scanners. And the same error is obtained when...
  17. B

    Exim Configuration Problem

    I am trying to leave a windows based mail server. With that my email users only had to put their username in the username field of outlook or outlook express then the password in the password box. I am looking for a solution so that I don't have to go to each customer and change their settings...
  18. L

    Stats Configuration

    Stats Configuration not enabled (and skin link appearing twice) I am currently using cPanel 9.7.7 on RHE 3 i686. I previously downloaded and installed cpanelpro, activated the license, things were working okay. After this past weekend, however, I did the following: Main WHM > cPanel >...
  19. J

    exim configuration problems

    Has anyone experienced this error from exim: R=nonlocal: Mailing to remote domains not supported any idea how the config should be to avoid this>? Thanks
  20. M

    Packages skipped by configuration

    After I received the following Port Mon alert: Summary of new internet Server Sockets >tcp 0* LISTEN 2845/entropychat >tcp 0* LISTEN 2843/startmelange I noticed that my up2date configuration changed from skipping...