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    awstats configuration file

    Hi there, A lot of my clients store audio files on their hosting space. If end users stream these files over HTTP directly into their audio client, but dont download the whole file (for example, if they only listen to half of the audio file), Apache generates a HTTP 206 (partial content) in...
  2. J

    Servlet configuration in Tomcat 4.1

    I am using Tomcat 4.1.29 on fedora. JSP is working fine but there is problem in configuring servlet. In web.xml I have uncommented <!-- The mapping for the invoker servlet --> <servlet-mapping> <servlet-name>invoker</servlet-name> <url-pattern>/servlet/*</url-pattern> </servlet-mapping>...
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    Virus Detected; File not Uploaded! (Can't parse configuration file.)

    Ok, Server i am managing is bringing up this error when uploading through the cpanel file manager. Anyone know how to fix the problem?
  4. A

    "Select specific user" in backup configuration

    Hi, When I configure my backup settings, I have trouble selecting the specific users. When I click on the "select specific users" button at the bottom of the configuration page, it opens up a small window with a list of users. However, the windows is not large enough, and not all of the users...
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    Resolver Configuration

    hi everytime i log in to my new server i go to the Modify Resolver Configuration... i tried using my datacenters ips and if i relog i go to Modify Resolver Configuration again... tried using my servers ips... same thing... what are we supposed to use here? :/ i never had this problem...
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    Urchin error - Unable to get profile id from configuration database

    Some of my clients are getting the above error when they try to view the urchin stats from within cpanel. Whats strange is some clients can view urchin stats and others cant. I have been unsuccessful in trying to figure out how to manually create a profile id in the database aswell.
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    mysql - configuration file

    Hello, 1. what is the mysql upload limit ? are there any restrictions ? 2. where is the mysql configuartion file located ? to change any configurations ?
  8. O

    antivirus.exim configuration

    Hello, I have a client who does not wish to have their e-mail attachments filtered. They on a regular basis receive bat, mdb, etc. files e-mailed to them from clients. I am thinking about adding a line to the antivirus.exim file to not filter out any attachments, wondering if this will...
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    New setup configuration !!

    Hello All, I am aboput to start the new server setup by usinf WHM.Can anybody knows how to do that? Can anybody give me some good link for to startup configuring the server? Thank you.
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    where is the pureftp configuration script.

    Our company connects to the pureftp server using 1 IP address and there are 8 simultaneous connections which might take place. We are not able to increase the no of connections per ip in the pureftp configurations.Please can anyone help us.
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    quick resolver configuration question

    Hey quick question, on my server i have 9 ips... x.x.x.40-49 40 being the main one im using x.x.x.41 was set to > for my primary nameserver x.x.x.42 was set to > for my secondary nameserver for the primary resolver i set it to x.x.x.40 for my...
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    Nagios Configuration

    * #cd /usr/local/nagios/etc/ * #vi hosts.cfg * #vi hostgroups.cfg * #vi contacts.cfg * #vi contactgroups.cfg * #vi service.cfg * #/usr/loca/nagios/bin/nagios -v /usr/local/nagios/etc/nagios.cfg * #service nagios restart
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    Exim Configuration Editor and ensim.conf do not match?

    I am trying to comment out the X-AntiAbuse headers in my /etc/exim.conf file. The problem is that even when I do so, and then restart exim, I still get them. I check the WHM Ensim Configuration Editor in Advanced Mode and my comments are not there!??? I look at /etc/exim.conf and they ARE there...
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    Lost configuration

    I logged in to WHM. Message was I need to update cpanel becasue of password security problem. i clicked Update. After it was done... i lost all my horde configuration, branding for x and x2 themes. How can i prevent update change my files????
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    Backup Configuration (dual)

    I'm programmed to do backups through WHM to my second hard drive (/backup) daily. I'd also like to do a weekly backup to a separate file server on ncftp. I've tested both routines in /scripts/cpbackup and they work fine independently, but I'd like to do BOTH automatically. Ideas?
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    exim configuration error

    I'm running FreeBSD 4.9 and have exim 4.24. For quite some time I've been getting a permission error and a syntax error when every I use the exim configuration editor in either simple or advanced mode. I get the following -C Permission denied Exim version 4.24 #4 built 10-Dec-2003...
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    "$" meaning at hotlink configuration?

    Everytime I add a URL to the list of hotlink enabled addresses, it gets duplicated and appended a "$" at the end of the URL. If I reactivate that list all lines are duplicated again and another "$" is appended to them. Why does this happen? Has "$" any meaning?
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    Problem with configuration WHM-setup.

    I repurchased server recently and I have problem with configuration WHM-setup. I have domain My first question is - what I must insert(write) in whm-setup? My second question is - I have message: The server was unable to lookup an an A entry for its hostname...
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    How restore from backup configuration master server

    Hello One server was compromised and i made full reinstall with new security option. Please tell Can i restore from full backup configuration of master server with a) DNS entries about domains on slave server b) sites with same IP as was early c) reseller accounts with same...
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    exim configuration

    Hi, I'm not very familiar with exim, but I added some things to the configuration that I saw on Cpanel and rackshack's forums. One of directives or whatever they're called is below and rejecting emails from valid domains but to hotmail, yahoo or other big free email providers...