1. H

    Where is account configuration located in cPanel?

    The configuration file for each account in cPanel is located in the folder `/var/cpanel/users`. The file in plaintext and contains key=value pairs for each of the account settings. The top of the file includes a note that states: - If you edit this file directly you must run...
  2. postcd

    Invalid configuration for the parameter “domain”: Subdomains exist on the addon domain

    WHM »Transfers » Convert Addon Domain to Account When i execute it, it says: Invalid configuration for the parameter “domain”: Subdomains exist on the addon domain “”. What does it mean and how can i move that addon domain when it contains subdomains?
  3. C

    Apache global configuration settings for performance

    Hi i have a server with Intel® Xeon® Processor E5-1650 v3 124gb ram 240gb ssd centos 7.4 i need some suggestions about the global configuration settings because at default sites are down with a simple ddos i use. the problem seems to be at Server Limit (Maximum: 20,000) and Max Request...
  4. A

    Could not lock Apache configuration

    I can't add a new domain or subdomain in my host with Cpanel and that error is: exit level [die] [pid=8465] (Could not lock Apache configuration: Cpanel::Exception::IO::ChmodError/(XID bww8ch) The system failed to set the permissions on one or more immutable (+i) filesystem nodes to “0600” (as...
  5. verdon

    Best Practice for Second Server Configuration

    Hi, I'm looking for some general guidance/tips on adding a second shared server to a one-man, one-server hosting business. I currently have one sever, i.e. domain: (111.222.333.400) hostname: (111.222.333.400) dns: (111.222.333.400) and...
  6. A

    Check the GRUB boot configuration message

    Hello Is there a way that whm does not change grub2 on centos 7 as we had to remove the first option as it does not start. After i installed and updated whm and rebooted the option was back in the boot menu. Whm security advisor notes The system kernel is at version “3.10.0-514.el7.x86_64”...
  7. B

    First domain configuration

    Hello, I would like to learn more about hosting and I have being using separate VPS for each site which now with 5 sites seems a bit over the top since they have low traffic and I think with WHM&cPanel I could lower the cost or even host more and would be much easier to add account than...
  8. PeteS

    SOLVED FTP Server Configuration reverts to port 21 on save

    Hi, I have successfully changed my FTP port from 21 to another port in /etc/pure-ftpd.conf (because it cannot be done - to my knowledge - in WHM) but any time any other setting is changed in WHM's FTP Server Configuration panel it ALSO resets the port binding to 21. This is very annoying! How...
  9. G

    Two servers the same configuration

    Hello, i have one server (shared hosting newest cpanel, centos 7) and i need to buy one more. How i can have the same configuration on both servers? And i need if i change something (php, apache, dns) that is automatically changed on second one. One more thing: Server1 has ns1.server and...
  10. Rajesh Chauhan

    Best configuration for High Realtime Traffic

    We have seen that many server optimised 1GB Digital Ocean for WordPress which handling over 1000 real time traffic but if we install cPanel + WordPress on same specification then it wouldn't be able to handle 100 realtime even. We tried to setup server with Nginx and Varnish but doesn't seems...
  11. A

    The domain already exists apache configuration

    We added an addon domain and then removed it but now that wel want to add again it saus (XID qsajaz) The domain domain.tld already exists in the Apache configuration. What to do to fix this best?
  12. P

    Server Configuration Question

    Hi sorry for disturbing i'm new here i would like if possible to ask for support with cpanel configuration. Thank you
  13. L

    Missing PHP Configuration Manager

    I hope someone can help explain why in my service configuration area I don't see the PHP Configurarion Manager? Reading threads like this one would suggest it's a reseller account. But, this is a dedicated server, logged in with the root user. Can anyone explain why I don't see the manager please?
  14. Mbrower

    Php Configuration Editor

    Hello, I recently moved to a new dedicated server and installed cpanel. I need to make a few core php adjustments for various software to increase upload size. However, I do not see the php configuration edits in my menu under service manager. Do I need to turn this feature on somewhere...
  15. A

    Boilerplate Template For Clients Email Configuration

    Greetings, Most of us are in the position where we have to set up email addresses for our clients. Once the email address is set up, the client needs to configure their email on their end using their email client (unless of course, they choose to use the webmail clients –Horde, Roundcube...
  16. A

    Configuration files

    Hi, I have a dedicated server for web hosting, with WHM/CPanel administration dashboard. I want to configure my server for the first time, so I want to know witch files I have to configure, and where is their locations. Thanks you for your help.
  17. B

    Httpd configuration

    Hi, I would like to ask how httpd setup so that you can access a site that you manually create intr.o another location than /home/user.domain. More specifically I do not want to create an account in WHM that site but have no connection with WHM. I set the root folder but always gives me error...
  18. D

    TLS for FTP Configuration Files

    Hello, Is there any way to change the FTP Configuration Files (available for download in 'FTP Accounts' section of cPanel) so that TLS is used by default? Currently, clients download the FTP Configuration File but are unable to connect because our server forces TLS and their configuration file...
  19. S

    SpamAssassin Configuration allows only 8 domain addresses

    As it is now, the SpamAssassin Configuration allows for 8 domains addresses that can be whitelisted. Is there a way to add additional fields to give way for more domain addresses to include in the whitelist? Thanks in advance.
  20. nisamudeen97

    Custom configuration for website in httpd.conf

    Hi, I have some custom redirection rules for my website. These redirection rules are not working via .htaccess as expected as some of my files are loading from outside public_html. I have tried the same redirection rules directly in httpd.conf vhost section of the particular website. Then...