1. S

    SpamAssassin Configuration allows only 8 domain addresses

    As it is now, the SpamAssassin Configuration allows for 8 domains addresses that can be whitelisted. Is there a way to add additional fields to give way for more domain addresses to include in the whitelist? Thanks in advance.
  2. nisamudeen97

    Custom configuration for website in httpd.conf

    Hi, I have some custom redirection rules for my website. These redirection rules are not working via .htaccess as expected as some of my files are loading from outside public_html. I have tried the same redirection rules directly in httpd.conf vhost section of the particular website. Then...
  3. P

    Disabling Backup Configuration in WHM

    Hello Guys, I own a master server with more than 10 VM's wth cPanel installed and I do not want my clients to use the backup feature . I am looking to disable the WHM Backup feature or even remove this feature completely from WHM as the WHM Backup feature is extremely inefficient. It writes...
  4. Osama Tariq

    cPHulk Configuration Issue

    Getting below error while opening WHM and Cpanel. cPHulk config: “mark_as_brute” should be >= “max_failures_byip” in /var/cpanel/hulkd/conf for proper cPHulk functioning. at /usr/local/cpanel/Cpanel/Config/Hulk/ line 67. Cpanel::Config::Hulk::Load::loadcphulkconf() called at...
  5. PCZero

    Home »Server Configuration »Basic cPanel & WHM Setup

    In the most recent version on WHM () I am all of a sudden seeing a parameter that is not initialized An API Token for the Pushbullet API The current value for this field is invalid. You must update it. I have no idea in hell what this is or how to configure it. Any input would be very much...
  6. S

    The domain already exists in the Apache configuration.

    Hi, I have my own server. There was two cpanel login id. 1. for us 2. for our client web “” Now problem is that we want want "" subdomain into 2 cpanel login but onlinetest web data located into 1 cpanel login, so, how to link both
  7. C

    FTP Passive Configuration

    It would be nice if we could configure the ftpd passive port range within WHM. It would also be great if the FTP setup/reconfiguration script opened up the passive port range in iptables. I recently moved my company's system to a new machine and was chasing issues for a day with some customers...
  8. Mahesh

    php.ini configuration

    file_get_contents(): http:// wrapper is disabled in the server configuration by allow_url_fopen=0 how to enable this...
  9. M

    PHP configuration "sticks"

    I'm having some real trouble updating my php.ini file. I need to change the memory_limit value, but the changes are not being picked up. Here's some background info: I'm running cPanel 11.50 (but this issue was there with 11.48 also), and I'm using PHP 5.4.42 and Apache 2.4.12 on Cloudlinux. I...
  10. A

    Most Optimum DNS Cluster Configuration

    Hello, I have 2 WHM Web servers and 4 DNS Only servers, what is the optimum method for configuring DNS Clustering? With Thanks Aaron
  11. L

    Configuration Cluster

    Hello, Can someone please explain what Configuration Cluster option in WHM exactly do ? As I can understand by using this option currently we can only share the settings/configuration of WHM's Update Preference interface to any other server in cluster. This option can not share the settings of...
  12. A

    Two PHP Handler Configuration (or 2 PHP Installs with Different Handlers)?

    I've come across a bit of a snafu recently with one of our older sites: the PHP scripts from them don't run under suPHP (but run under everything else) and I didn't feel a legacy site justified the need to move away from one handler yet I ironically felt that it was okay to put two PHPs on the...
  13. J

    Reseller configuration question

    I come from a Windows hosting world working with WebsitePanel and am trying to find my way around WHM and CPanel. If I assign a user as a Reseller, then login as that person, I have the dropdown to change between accounts, but I don't have the ability to actually create new accounts. I...
  14. D

    Backup Configuration not backing up accounts

    Hi, I have cPanel/WHM installations with two different hosting companies. I'm using Backup > Backup Configuration on both servers to backup to a remote location. I've used exactly the same settings for each, yet only one of them creates backups of the accounts AND the system files. 'Backup...
  15. PCZero

    SSHD Configuration Help.

    I have no idea if what want to do is possible. I have tried working with the following parameters but they do not seem to satisfy the objective... TCPKeepAlive ClientAliveInterval ClientAliveCountMax I often work with my SSH client running in one window as I multitask in another. At...
  16. S

    New server configuration steps

    What are the common steps to perform after configured the server with the initial wizard on a server with WHM? Configure RDNS? I need to configure something on my domain name? Whichs additional steps i need to perform. Thanks in advance
  17. B

    Best cpanel configuration for single website

    Looking for some best practices advice on setting up a CPanel config for a single high traffic website. This is going to be a dedicated server environment. I guess mostly I am looking for input on is there a better way to configure CPanel that runs better for a single site versus what we would...
  18. postcd

    403 error on various webpages, error log: "client denied by server configuration:"

    Hello, just today i got 403 error several times and after a while same page works again and in logs are lines with "client denied by server configuration:" Please where can i see the cause? I checked mod security tools page, but i cant find anything related
  19. N

    Best Configuration for websites using Wordpress

    Hello. In the company I work we are developing Wordpress Themes & Plugins. We 've purchased a VPS with a very basic configuration. I' ve installed about 8 Wordpress websites but the performance is not the one I expect it. I've installed some of those websites in different machines and...
  20. postcd

    PHP Configuration Editor do not handle updating an value properly

    Hello, i have something like this at the bottom of my php.ini global file: [PATH=/home/username/public_html] disable_functions = "popen" memory_limit = 128M [PATH=/home/username/public_html/subdir] disable_functions = "popen" (i set this cpanel user to have different memory_limit and...