1. I

    Branding/security about resellers, WHM -> Service Configuration ->Manage Service SSL Certificate

    Hi, This question is more about branding, but have some interesting situations. I am trying to setup a reseller account with an independent branding as possible, hiding our own domains or IPs from their customers. Vanity DNS is not a problem I already check that in the reseller of WHM...
  2. S

    CPanel Configuration help

    Hi there, I'm new to CPanel and I've been asked to configure a server.. but I have only half of it done.. this is my scenario: 1) I have 2 domains and (each one has their own www and other A records on DNS with godaddy) 2) I need (preferably access...
  3. J

    Clone cPanel configuration

    Hello, We deploy a new server with cpanel/cloudlinux. We want to know how we can clone that configuration to others servers with same and different specs. Thanks in advance!!
  4. R

    Can't Save Backup Configuration

    I am trying to edit my Backup Configuration on a server running WHM 11.44.0 (build 22). But I never get a save button. Instead I get a perpetual message under Additional Destination (I have none configured): "Please wait while destinations are loaded." I checked on another server with the...
  5. B

    Name server configuration and review

    I am not new to cpanel/whm, but new to configuring it on a newly built server - I set up the name servers in the configuration wizard. After completion, I went to check my work at DNS Functions > Nameserver IPs, which is not present in the latest WHM version. I found a thread on this forum...
  6. H

    Service configuration

    Hello, After a successful CSF installation, the "Additional services" in "Service configuration - Service manager" couldn't be found. Why is not there the checkboxes "Enabled" & "Monitor"? Be noticed that "ConfigServer Security$Firewall" appears in the Plugins section already. Do you have...
  7. Eltawoos

    what the necessary Cpanel configuration files to be restore with /home dir

    Hello, I've more than 300 accounts working in Cpanel. I'm so afraid about the kernal panic or system damage cause i don't take an internally full backup of the accounts. So, if i have all /home dir files, what's the major configuration files we can backup it to ensure that all data will be...
  8. Y

    PuTTY Configuration Question

    i try to install fantastico deluxe in my cpanel. my whm version 11.32.7 I watch some tutorials -they used putty for install that - fail login using the user:root -another error: i connected with other user but i can't install ty for read my question sorry, my english is so so bad...
  9. M

    cPanel code editor configuration

    Hi, I find the default? setting of Code Editor's syntax highlighting to be pretty minimal. Is it configurable?
  10. B

    Backup configuration menu won't open.

    Hi! I am facing with a problem, which affect the backup configuration menu. When I click on it, I can see only an error message: "[a fatal error or timeout occurred while processing this directive]" On double click...
  11. V

    how to fix cpanel spf and dkim generator scripts for my configuration

    I just added a hardware firewall in front of my dedicated server running WHM. I manually edited all of the DNS records to use the public WAN ip and figured I can just edit any new account records at the time I set them up. Then I noticed the IP address was part of the spf and dkim TXT entries...
  12. S

    Missing configuration files in account backup

    Hello, Currently we have a strange problem in our cPanel backups. When we restore an users account backup, the configuration php files are missing in the users folders. For example, theire is no wp-config.php (WordPress) or configuration.php (Joomla) file, independent from the folder the...
  13. S

    Disable error_log & error_reporting on php configuration editor

    how do i disable error_log and error reporting on php configuration editor (whm)?. i didn't find option to on and off that on whm. thanks in advance :)
  14. A

    Backup Configuration settings - question

    Hello, I was set backup in "WHM Home » Backup » Backup Configuration" Backup Daily - Tuesday and Friday. Retain Daily backups. ( I don't know what is it, but I want auto deleting daily backup older more then 3 months) Anyway, In my backup folder I only have 5 folders with 3-5 backup...
  15. C

    Problem creating mysql users when options were change in the mysql configuration

    Good Day, We recently activated STRICT_TRANS_TABLES which is a global mysql setting. about 15 of our clients use this feature and require it on. Since we turned this account on we cannot create any mysql accounts . Se the attached file for the error. ran adminbin cpanel/cpmysql/Adduser...
  16. D

    Exim Configuration Manager is BLANK

    I ran into an SMTP issue on one of my websites, however the Exim Configuration Manager is a blank page.
  17. V

    Something missing in PHP Configuration Editor?

    After upgrading to WHM 11.38.2 (build 6) Stable and updating Apache via EasyApache v3.22.14 recently, I've found in PHP Configuration Editor there is no zlib.output_compression_level. Is it normal or not? Before the upgrade/updating, zlib.output_compression_level was listed in the PHP...
  18. K

    Web Site Configuration - does it have to be www.[domain name]?

    When I create a new account in WHM and assign a domain (eg ""), it will always create a web site which by default will be accessed on "". I cannot see anywhere in WHM/CPanel where is this is configured - it is always just is. I am using this primarily for web site...

    SNI configuration issue

    We have enabled SNI TLS for a few domains on server's main ip. Thereafter if visitor does visitor gets a cert error alert with an sni-ssl-domain instead of the cert alert with hostname-ssl-domain This has many a enduser up in arms... How can we fix this to show...
  20. S

    Backup configuration and Legacy backup configuration : what's the difference ?

    Hello ! :) When I click on "Back up configuration", I get a page where I can see that backup is disabled... When I click on "Legacy backup configuration", I get a page and I see it is enabled. It seems like my web site is backed up since I find a backup file on my ftp server. So, what...