1. mlopez

    Unusually large amount of outbound email notification

    Hello, We've got a couple of costumers that periodically sends a 'relatively large' amount of email messages. Everything is configured according to this but I'd like to avoid receiving 'The system has detected an unusually large amount of outbound email' notifications for this accounts with the...
  2. C

    WebHost Manager notifications for multiple users?

    Hello Everyone, Is there a way to enable multiple users to get cpanel notifications? I am talking about the email account that is used when when initially creating a new hosting account (under 'create a new account') Thanks
  3. I

    SOLVED Contact Manager Bug?

    Is anyone else experiencing difficulty in Contact Manager > Notifications with the form submission erasing input? My notification preferences appear to have been wiped a few days back and I am currently not able to save any check boxes. Wondering if it's a cPanel bug or a local issue. I am...