1. G

    Convert addon domain to account fails

    Hi all, I'm trying to convert an addon domain to a regular account and I get the message "Invalid configuration for the parameter “domain”: The addon domain “****.tld” has an IPv6 address assigned." Regarding the DNS records of this domain, there are no IPv6 records (they were, but I removed...
  2. T

    How long does it take to convert an addon domain to its own account?

    With moving MySQL databases enabled. Is this a relatively quick thing that just changes some references to data or does it take a long time to copy data to a new location? The add-on domain with the database is about 50 GB.
  3. R

    splitting a single multi-domain account

    Hello. There's a single cPanel account with multi-domain, that's to say 3 different domains, each of them with related email services and related email addresses yet existing. Is it somehow possible, in WHM, to split it in three different account, one for each domain, and migrate related email...
  4. B

    Convert an cPanel Account to Addon Domain

    Hello! you can help me! Is possible Convert an cPanel Account to Addon Domain? I Have Cpanel account with domain "" And need that is a addon domain in main domain. Have the solution for convert and migrate? Thanks!
  5. D

    How to delete old mails safely after converting an addon to user?

    Hello, i had a cpanel user which has almost 50 addon domain, so i ve convert all addon domains into an a cpanel user. After that all sites has new usernames new databases etc all works good. My question is all web files and mails still in container cpanel user which had 50 account before. I've...
  6. L

    SOLVED Migrate individual add-on domains to dedicated cPanel accounts?

    Is there a tool for this or does this still need to be done manually? If manually, where can I find instructions? I know how to move the website and related databases. What I don't know how to do is move the email accounts, email account passwords, mail and forwarders.
  7. C

    Convert Addon Domain to Account faced a problem

    Hello, We have an hosting plan with unlimited disk space and two days before we move one account an limited hosting plan with low disk space. After moving it using the tool in WHM Convert Addon Domain to Account the account was moved but email account moving failed because of Disk quota...
  8. J

    Convert addon domain to account?

    hi friends I have a main hosting DOMINIO1.COM and this hosting has an add-domain DOMINIO2.COM now, I want to make the independent, so that it has its own Panel: 2082 How can I separate the add-domain hosting from the main hosting?
  9. postcd

    Invalid configuration for the parameter “domain”: Subdomains exist on the addon domain

    WHM »Transfers » Convert Addon Domain to Account When i execute it, it says: Invalid configuration for the parameter “domain”: Subdomains exist on the addon domain “”. What does it mean and how can i move that addon domain when it contains subdomains?
  10. 8

    Convert Addon to Account tool

    What would be the best approach to this? I have account with addon domain with subdomain The "Convert Addon Domain to Account" doesn't allow moving subdomains. I can backup AA account with WHM tool but not sure how to proceed from there. The subdomains have mysql. Would...