1. S

    WHM API 1 - Basic Test failing 403

    Hello, I am doing a basic call to whm api 1 by following documentation I have created the api token from whm panel. And trying to do a get request via Postman to get an user account statistics. GET...
  2. louish

    Installing AutoSSL for .app and .dev HSTS domains

    I feel like I'm running into a 'Chicken or the Egg' issue with these HTTPS/HSTS required domains. AutoSSL wouldn't validate because it couldn't find the .well-known file over an HTTP connection. (The system queried for a temporary file at “http://*****.app/.well-known/pki-validation/83FE....)...
  3. S

    Disable LiteSpeed Advertising in WebHost Manager?

    Hi folks, just a quick question. We've bought cPanel for several servers, it being a paid product, I'm a bit baffled to see "ads". We are not interested in LiteSpeed server, nor will we ever be. So why is there always a big chunk of the screen being occupied telling us to go get LiteSpeed? We...
  4. Kent Brockman

    You must reboot the server to apply kernel updates warning not dismissing after reboot

    Hello everybody. I'm seing this issue happenning on several VPS servers. No matter if you do a Graceful Reboot or enter "reboot" command via console, the warning "You must reboot the server to apply kernel updates." won't dissappear. Common elements to those servers? cPanel version = 82...
  5. T

    CRON throwing errors due to email password change

    My WHM and cPanel was set up by someone more knowledgeable than myself so now I am breaking a few things that I need fixing like in the email client I am receiving CRON error every 5 minutes since CRON was set for 5 minut cycle. I was told if the email pass changes CRON will stop communicating...
  6. S

    Webalizer Stats Error 401 for SSL sites

    I have a hosted domain with an SSL certificate properly installed that won't show the Webalizer Stats. If I log into cPanel and click Webalizer, then select any of the SSL stats links, I get an error: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- HTTP...
  7. O

    AutoSSL with several domains

    I'vee got several AutoSSL errors in my server. Gone through earlier posts, mostly seeing "This can happen if your server's firewall is blocking access attempts from Comodo to validate the certificate". I have several domains running on AutoSSL (thanks to Cpanel making it easy) but some of them...
  8. J

    AutoSSL Unauthorized error

    Hello! I am getting errors on sites that use the Setigo AutoSSL feature. Log snippet: 2:07:35 PM ERROR AutoSSL failed to request an SSL certificate for “” because of an error: (XID zaydna) The cPanel Store returned an error (X::AuthenticationFailure) in response to the...
  9. S

    disable "DISKWARN blocks" warning email?

    I get a "[] DISKWARN blocks ⚠: Mount Point “/boot” ( 164.19 MB/496.67 MB - 33.057799%" warning email from cPanel all the time. Where do I disable this?
  10. A

    Change Main Domain Name?

    Hi, My name is Anson, I got one issue about my domain. Domain 1 (main domain) Domain 2 How to change the Domain 2 to become the main domain??
  11. D

    SOLVED [CPANEL-28948] WHM search Issue

    I believe I've found an issue with the WHM search bar, and it's about to drive me crazy. Since the dawn of my cPanel interactions I've typed 'lis' and clicked the first result to get to the 'List Accounts' area of WHM. Since an update or two ago, however, searching 'lis' makes the 'Service...
  12. C

    p0f Too many host entries, deleting

    Is the following output in our /var/log/messages log of any concern? 2019 Aug 16 22:41:27 (cpanel-6) ->/var/log/messages Aug 16 17:41:25 cpanel-6 p0f: [!] WARNING: Too many host entries, deleting 1001. Use -m to adjust. 2019 Aug 16 22:41:27 (cpanel-6) ->/var/log/messages Aug 16 17:41:26...
  13. N

    cpanel-letsencrypt-v2 broken dep chain

    Multiple servers running 82.0.10 are failing yum updates as such: Resolving Dependencies --> Running transaction check ---> Package cpanel-letsencrypt.noarch 0:2.25-2.1 will be obsoleted ---> Package cpanel-letsencrypt-v2.noarch 0:1.01-2.1 will be obsoleting --> Processing Dependency...
  14. E

    Adding validHTTPcodes to AWStats for a domain

    Hello, I have a redirection domain who redirect a lot of stuff like would redirect to with HTTP code 302. I want to log those in AWStats, but they appear as "HTTP Code" in the bottom. I've searched around and enabled the "awstats.conf.include"...
  15. D

    cpanellogd waiting for child to process logs for http

    Hi, It seems that Cpanellogd (or related services) are causing high load on the server that I'm managing. It seems that this service is launched every hour and spawns more than 30 processes, like so: root 19631 0.6 0.2 214456 18424 ? S 09:01 0:00 cpanellogd - waiting for...
  16. A

    Internal server error 500 cpsrvd error

    i have serious problem. I cannot find CSF file. The site is down and cannot login to WHM. It is giving me a funny error "Internal server error 500" cpsrvd server..... Please help
  17. S

    Can a dedicated cPanel license work on a VPS?

    Hi, Can a dedicated cpanel license work on vps ?
  18. K

    Renew SSL for WebHost Manager?

    Hello, I have an expiring SSL on WHM service SSL. Last year I received a free SSL at cPanel before it expires but now I won't? How to have a free ssl for my server? Thank in advance.
  19. S

    SSL Labs A+ Rating - Ideal settings

    Hi I am a newbie to ciphers and the like but I would like to score A+ on SSL Labs but the default settings of cPanel do not achieve this. I also want to make the other services really secure but I have not found a cheatsheet with them all on. Does anyone have an upto date/custom/official set...
  20. L

    AutoSSL log - errors on all domains using Google Suite

    I have several clients that use Google Suite. We have their DNS records at GoDaddy set there with an 'A' record pointed to the website hosting server and the MX / mail DNS records set for Google. However, AutoSSL is recording an error in it's logs Local HTTP DCV OK: www.DOMAIN-NAME.EXT WARN...