1. M

    Modified suspended page does not show up

    Hello, I modified suspended page, then suspend the account and unfortunatelly i see the old page. I done it thru webtemplate editor, do not know why it shows old when preview show new.
  2. S

    AutoSSL stuck in pending

    Hi, In my AutoSSL log: Checking websites for “[username]” … 2:32:05 PM Analyzing “[username].com” … 2:32:05 PM ERROR TLS Status: Defective ERROR Defect: NO_SSL: No SSL certificate is installed. what can be the problem? in the pending queue stays now 6 hours after enabling...
  3. C

    Add AutoSSL to Email?

    Hi i have my domain with and ssl from comodo. This ssl does not provide a certificate for email. Only for the domain. I use this for my eshop. So the email is without ssl. Is possible to add a free ssl from cpanel only for the email or i have to buy it from comodo? Thanks
  4. S

    Changing AutoSSL provider

    Hi, I'm currently using Lets Encrypt as my AutoSSL provider. What are the ramifications of switching to Sectigo as the provider? Will it immediately try to replace all the existing LE certs? Are there any potential problems with doing this? Thanks!
  5. J

    Autossl does not work for addon domain root name but works with www

    The main domain and the addon DNS are managed externally, however, the A record resolves to a server IP. The autossl DCV works for all except the addon subdomain as it does not have A record in the external DNS zone record. Anyway, the issue is that the AutoSSL gets issued for addon is for CN =...
  6. W

    SOLVED Root sending mail to root - System Mail Preferences not applied

    My server frequently sends emails similar to the one in the attached image. They are from root@hostname to root@hostname and I am unsure what they represent. I have updated all the email settings in server configuration and system mail preferences to a valid address and restarted but the issue...
  7. G

    SOLVED Lost cPanel Login Details

    Hi Everybody! I opened a cPanel account 3 years ago with an old email address I'm not using anymore. I received an identification name and an auto-generated password that I kept. Now I try to connect to my account but the identification page asks for an email address (not anymore a...
  8. I

    The system failed to create the API token

    how to fix The system failed to create the API token: Invalid or unauthorized ACLs specified: allow-unlimited-bw-pkgs-1, frontpage, nameserver-config, res-cart, allow-unlimited-disk-pkgs-1, and disallow-shell
  9. B

    Remove cPanel Slug Login URL

    Dear All How to remove cPanel slug login URL from ? I try it via Cloudflare page rules and it works. But I just curious if I can implement it without Cloudflare? Maybe via htaccess or another method? Regards
  10. D

    SOLVED [CPANEL-28763] There was an error while loading the zone

    I have a similar problem when I create a new account it shows: The zone "" could not be parsed because of an error: There was an error while loading the zone for Please correct any errors in this zone manually and try again. The exact error from the parser was: expected...
  11. J

    Force Two Factor/2FA Enrollment?

    Is there a way to force all user to enroll in 2FA? I get it wont catch a boatload of users, ftp users, mysql/maridb users etc, but for CPANEL and WHM access is there a setting that would require it and force that workflow at next login? Thanks.
  12. G

    The domain already exists in the userdata

    Hey all, I got a new install with 0 user accounts and 0 domains. I tried to create a new account but it hung and threw tons of errors because I messed up my user home directory permissions... BUT home directory permissions are all good now... but now when I try to recreate the user and domain...
  13. F

    Primary Domain (No Valid Certificate) Error

    In the latest release of cPanel WHM (82.0.6 ) I'm seeing Primary Domain (No Valid Certificate) when logging in to an account. I'm running under CloudFlare and are using their origin certificates that are valid, and sites are working fine. This appears to be a false flag since WHM / cPanel does...
  14. H

    Securing cPanel access

    I am in the process of setting up two cPanel servers in a small hosting environment. The websites we host are owned by individual companies and most companies employ their own external web designer/developer. We would like to lock down external cPanel access as much as possible and only provide...
  15. R

    WHM API: Updating PHP version/Adding database on single account

    I'm currently using WHM API and have successfully been able to use the createacct function to launch a new site on WHM. The only thing is, the default PHP version on our WHM account is PHP5.6 and I need these sites to be PHP7.2. I'd also like to be able to update the php.ini file per setup. And...
  16. J

    Does the cPanel API work with an expired license?

    Hello I need know please, does WHM/cPanel API works fine with expired cpanel license? Kind Regards
  17. C

    cP-Firewall-1-INPUT iptable chain

    Hi, We are trying to find out rules are automatically getting opened in this iptables chain: cP-Firewall-1-INPUT Can someone shed some light on this chain and if it is related to cphulkd? I found a related thread. But I'm uncertain if this addresses our questions adequately. SOLVED -...
  18. T

    SOLVED Can't access root (whm/ssh)

    Hello, I have one Linode server running on latest CloudLinux with latest cPanel. I was doing some regular checkup on the WHM as root. And at the same time, I tried to login as root via ssh, using putty. But putty said "Login incorrect". So, I thought I put the password wrong. Tried one more...
  19. M

    AutoSSL not auto renewing

    Hi, I'm new to Cpanel and investigating an AutoSSL renewal issue. If I manually run "Run AutoSSL" under SSL/TLS Status it run's correctly. The certificate just doesn't auto renew. I noticed there is no option in CPANEL to see the Managed AutoSSL that's mentioned in so many posts and...
  20. cetiner

    WHM Terminal Interface slowed down

    The terminal interface SSH is very slowly. The system have not a heavy load, the network isn't busy, no proxys. The resolver is using the resolver IPs from data center. If I type something into the terminal interface, it have a delayed time of some milliseconds. It is like in slow motion.