1. Z

    Domain Control Validation failed: does not resolve to any IP addresses

    I'm having trouble trying to buy an SSL certificate, in the SSL / TLS wizard in the "Add the domains that you want to secure with this certificate." palomeo the domain that I want to buy the certificate, which is "", begins to do the validation of the domain, it takes a while and ends...
  2. M

    SOLVED Querying the Eximstats database - file is encrypted or is not a database

    Hi, I'm trying to run some queries on the eximstats database. I've tried a number of things as follows: I have a development environment running on a Windows PC where I do my development work. After reviewing a large number of posts and websites relating to my issue I have been very aware of...
  3. S

    SOLVED [CPANEL-23030] cPanel fails to detect manually updated wordpress

    Running into a fairly ridiculous glitch in the "Scripts library"/"Site Software" component: every day, it sends me a "Software Security Notice - Script installs need upgrading" EMail for one account on that server where WordPress was installed using Site Software. It tells me that the install...
  4. S

    In Progress [CPANEL-25141] Force password change for users?

    Hi all, at some point I had enabled the feature that will force cpanel users to change their passwords after 6 months. Now I can not find where this feature is located, as I want to disable it - well at least temporarily. Also, when I will restore back this feature, is it possible to apply it...
  5. M

    SOLVED [UPS-57] SSL Pending Queue Error - cannot open file

    Hi, We have a couple of domains out of 100 which are generating an email error every few minutes, from what I can tell the AutoSSL is enabled for this sites and the file exists which it reports is not, ownership of the file is root:root /usr/local/cpanel/bin/process_ssl_pending_queue...
  6. N

    In Progress [CPANEL-23606] cPanel Security Advisor missing kernel information when kernelcare is installed

    cPanel Security Advisor no more showing about Kernel version info about update.
  7. M

    SOLVED [CPANEL-23030] Wordpress site software update notice displays wrong version

    Hi, I receive an email suggesting I need to update my WP install >> ============== In order to protect the security of your website, we recommend that you upgrade the following scripts that were installed via the "Scripts Library" in your cPanel interface: - WordPressX.0 v4.9.7 Location...
  8. V

    AutoSSL for many RewriteRules?

    Hello, I have many RewriteRule in my .htaccess file. According to the documentation, I have to add the following code before each RewriteRule: RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} !^/[A-F0-9]{32}\.txt$ RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} !^/\.well-known/pki-validation/[A-F0-9]{32}\.txt(?:\ Comodo\ DCV)?$ For me...
  9. knightmare

    Renewing Externally Signed Certificate Question

    Hello , I am using centos . I was installed WHM/cpanel on centos . I want to renew autossl certificate so tell me how to renew autossl certificate ?
  10. D

    Possible to install CSF via WHM GUI?

    I have a server where it seems that another admin has disabled or blocked port 22 and I am unable to ssh into it now (scanned with nmap to confirm this too). I have WHM browser/GUI access but there doesn't seem to be the CSF add-on installed. Is it possible to install this so that I can open...
  11. A

    AutoSSL forbids DCV HTTP redirection (subdomain)

    Hi, Autossl was working fine until it expired, now I get error: ERROR “cPanel (powered by Comodo)” forbids DCV HTTP redirections. Main domain is in another IP that uses cloudflare for DNS only: The domain “mydomain” resolved to an IP address “198.XXX.XX.XX” that does not exist on this server...
  12. E

    What will happen to the web server if I don't renew my cPanel license?

    Dear support team, I have brought up a new server with Cpanel installation script. For some reasons i don't want to buy cpanel license at this moment for this new server and also within the next 12 month and after that i need to but license for my IP My Question is that if i don't buy license...
  13. R

    AutoSSL failed to request SSL certificate Permission Denied

    Hello, I have two domains that are suddenly failing to renew their SSL certificates. The error message is something like this: ERROR AutoSSL failed to request an SSL certificate for “” because of an error: (XID ...) The cPanel Store returned an error (X::PermissionDenied) in response...
  14. 4

    In Progress [CPANEL-29524] Change Site IP overwrites externally pointed records in zone files

    It looks like there has been a change to the way the "Change Site's IP Address" works. This causes the IP's of domains to be changed when they have been previously set to an IP external to the server. This is completely illogical. What makes this worse is that the domains within an account that...
  15. vlee

    A very useful SSL Ciphers Guide

    I stumbled across this website called This website has very useful information I want to share here to those who maybe interested it. However, there are serious considerations around the use of “CBC” ciphers as documented in NIST 800-52, in...
  16. S

    working with whm api using

    We tried to create an api interface using winforms but failed to login due 403 error code is attached for debugging string url = "https://servername:2087/cpsess8074801816/xml-api/version"; WebRequest wreq = WebRequest.Create(url); CredentialCache MyCredential = new...